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That's Christmas to Me (Deluxe Edition) Album Reviews


Sooooo good!  Pede3  5 star

Feeling bah hum buggish!? Play this and all that will go away. LOVE this whole album!! 👌🏼


Amazing  Hayitsemilyy  5 star

Could listen to this all year round


Pentatonix  Aquamentise645  5 star

I love all of their music and this album is totally worth buying and listing to. Not just during Christmas time, but the whole year!!!!! Buy this album and listen to the songs.


AMAZING!!!!  Porkipinerocks14  5 star

This album features the best Christmas songs, with the best Artists! Penatonix, this is your best album yet! So much better than the original songs


Amazing  Ddghhfbjjh  5 star

This amazing how they sing


It is the best  Chlobear22  5 star

It is my favorite Christmas album and I love jamming out to it non-stop. I listen to it all of the time and never get tired of the album. Their talents are amazing. I have loved Pentatonix from the start and they are my favorite a cappella group, sorry Barden Bella's.


🛤💚  ItsJustKristina  5 star

Yup! 😊💚


AMAZEBALLS 😍  Che-nay-nay  5 star

I love this so much I listen to it every day every night 24/7 all year round I normally hate Christmas music but I love theirs can wait for another Christmas album or just another album no matter what 😘😘😍😍


Amazing!!!  ethurber  5 star

In love with this album. One of the best Christmas albums I've ever heard.



This is the best Christmas album ever!! There is FINALLY an album that doesn't feature the same 10 Christmas songs! Their rendition of "Mary did you know?" with the string mob gave me chills! Great album guys!! 💗💕👍🏽


😍 😍 😘 😘  kkkkkkaaaaiiittttllyyynn  5 star

pentatonix will make this album #1 this Christmas guaranteed. 👌 that's Christmas to me was the best Christmas album last year and now a deluxe version this year is just so AMAZING!!!! 😍 😘


PTX Christmas!!  Katnatmom  5 star

It's The Most Wonderful Time of The Year any time Pentatonix releases new music!!! Excellent...but they always are!


#soon  VekaCooper  5 star

Thank you for not making us wait too long, dear Pentatonix. Love EVERYTHING you do! Sing the phone book and I’ll buy it. xoxoxo


Yeeeess!  JobiNick1310  5 star

Their Christmas songs songs are well-arranged, intricately designed, and full of Christmas cheer, even two months before Christmas.


Love it  AOBmaster77  5 star

You know a Christmas album is good when you listen to it in August.


Yay more PTXMas  FlareTheVulpix  5 star

Omg I love it whenever they release Christmas music! I'm so excited for the new songs!


Yaaaaaaaaaas  JoshuaThompson  5 star

More PTX is good PTX.

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