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Raw and real songwriting  ToniCristine  5 star

This album is beautifully written. You can tell that these aren't just songs, they are stories and real processes. I'm also loving the fun and up beat vibe!


...Good Sound & Presence!  Garcsi  5 star

I've been listening to JC for a while and even though their music has changed their heart and the presence of the Lord is still present!

Dean Deguara

Heartfelt  Dean Deguara  5 star

Every song on this album is a heartfelt expression of true worship. Love the words of truth declared by people who have lived them out first. Thanks JC Band!


Well done  OMG!!!1!!!1!one!1  5 star

Love this album. Very impressive

God's Light

Yes, it was time!  God's Light  5 star

I love it, anointed by God. God has been talking about waves and rivers of heaven to me. This just lines up with what Father has been speaking. I'm blessed by there music!

LiL InFaMouS

Life Changing  LiL InFaMouS  5 star

Probably one of their best albums. It brings that 'wow' to worship experiences


Love  JodiKaykes  5 star

I love the honor Jesus Culture gives to Jesus! Love the hearts and voices and music. I gave 5 stars for those reasons. I will say, that for the last few albums it seems that the lead vocals aren’t captured well enough. There seems to be too much ‘noise’ to clearly hear the voices. That is a bit distracting for someone like me who really wants to hear the vocals raised a bit above the music… even tho’ it’s ‘live’ I know it could be a clearer sound. In spite of that, I say keep up the awesome Kingdom work!!


Anointed, oil overflow  andrwchw  5 star

this album creates a feeling longing for His presence, a deeper craving for revelations of Him, and an atmosphere of faith. fire.


The Good Good  Donlockwood21  5 star

One of the best worship albums in recent memory. Jesus Culture brings it on every track. Powerful and uplifting with every note. The atmosphere they capture in the live recording can be felt through out every word. Brilliant.

Pete Norris

Breathe on the coals of my heart!!  Pete Norris  5 star

This album is very natural, not forced but there is a power that moves anyone who will give it a listen. It flows like a great river, headed straight for the feet of our Saviour! That makes it more than just another project, with catchy phrases and awesome chords. This is how we worship the only Living God! #It'sWhatWorshippersDo!


RotislavTzuyulova3 star

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AM ODonnell 🌷AM_donnell3 star

Jesus Christ. Shivers listening to this. Shame on the Gardaí who think an apology is enough for this. Shocking but…


you're so moneyandyoudontevenk3 star

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