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Lukas Graham is the self-titled debut album of the Danish band Lukas Graham, which was released on 26 March 2012 through Copenhagen Records. The album entered the Danish Albums Chart at number 1 and stayed on top of the chart for 15 weeks. It was eventually was certified six times Platinum. The album was reissued with two bonus tracks on 12 November 2012. Four singles were released from the album: "Ordinary Things", "Drunk in the Morning", "Criminal Mind" and "Better Than Yourself (Criminal Mind Pt 2)".

Lukas Graham by Lukas Graham Album Songs (11)

7 YearsLukas Graham 3:57USD 1.29
Take the World By StormLukas Graham 3:11USD 1.29
Mama SaidLukas Graham 3:26USD 1.29
Happy HomeLukas Graham 3:38USD 1.29
Drunk In the MorningLukas Graham 3:23USD 1.29
Better Than Yourself (CriminalLukas Graham 4:26USD 1.29
Don't You Worry 'Bout MeLukas Graham 3:10USD 1.29
What Happened To PerfectLukas Graham 3:56USD 1.29
Strip No MoreLukas Graham 3:26USD 1.29
You're Not ThereLukas Graham 3:22USD 1.29
FuneralLukas Graham 4:04USD 1.29

Lukas Graham Album Reviews


Uh... Not Very... Good...  Yuri_Toast  1 star

This feels like Ed Sheeran and Billie Joe Armstrong had a baby who hit his head repeatedly for 7 years.


Happiness  tiffaniewhipple  5 star

I don't even know the lyrics to the song "7 years" but I heard 20 seconds of it and I just felt so happy!! The voice, the instruments, and the beat all came together to calm my anger and rid me of sadness!! Love love love.


I LOVE IT!  AZguy29  5 star

Good music!!!!


Lukas Graham  Musicfan//  5 star

I know everyone loves "7 years" (and I do too), but "Happy Home" could be the best song ever written.


It's just great!!!! 👍🏻  NoahSoCool  5 star

Once I heard all of the songs, I downloaded the album. Good job


can't take it seriously  charlie’d  1 star

the production is good but the lyrical content is in the gutter. Strip No More? yikes


⚡️ELECTRIC⚡️  Peanut47585746  5 star

This song is just breath taking. It shows how life can go by so fast. And honestly I love this song. I am listening to it right now!😂 I have listened to it all day and all night💎 that's when you know you have a great song.


Beautiful  Psychopantherr521  5 star

Amazing work he needs to be heard by the world


Love it  angιe  5 star

Really good lyrics and tunes.


They're terrible....  MidnightAnon  1 star

Unoriginal, and completely grating to my nerves like nails on a chalkboard. As irritating as the band already is, iTunes made it worse by comparing their songwriting skills and charm to that of The Fray. I'm not a huge fan of The Fray, but I can definitely tell you they have more talent in their pinkie fingers than this mashed-up mess of a "band" (and I use that term loosely) has on its entire album. Not funky, not fresh, not original, and not worth your money.


𝑀𝒶𝓇í𝒶 𝒟. 𝑅.🌹🌻🎨MissRojitas3 star

Love someone - Lukas Graham ♥️🎶


Hannah S. ♉hannahchan20103 star

I like comparing singers' lyrics to their placements. Like for instance, did you know Lukas Graham (singer of "7 Ye…


Jetzt bei 1LIVEnowplayingserv3 star

Jetzt bei 1LIVE: Lukas Graham - Love Someone

Milltown soccer

😻😻😻  Milltown soccer  5 star

AMAZING ALBUM! Luv "Mama said" and "7 years"

Mr. Sieger

Stop Hating  Mr. Sieger  4 star

People if you don't like the album, stop wasting your time writing hate comments on the reviews.

Poppyseed Larry Burrito Fan

Its a hard knock life  Poppyseed Larry Burrito Fan  1 star

Mama said copy of hard knock life anyone??


Pretty good I guess  SartoriusHater  3 star

I like 7 years but Mama Said just sounds like Hard Knock Life from Annie

Frank Joseph

Great  Frank Joseph  5 star

These guys got a "dynamite" sound. Its refreshing to hear this day in age.


Bad  MinewizFTW  1 star

Not good


Positive  CassxCass09  5 star

This music is positive it makes my day


Mama says  DaChampJr  5 star

As a mom to two young men I am glad they have singers like this to look up to! Oh and the music is amazing!


Lukas graham  screamolover23134  5 star

best album ever got this year he can sing


Horrible!😷  SickelsB  1 star

This album is horrible don't waste your money.

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