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AggressiveBeartooth 4:08USD 1.29
HatedBeartooth 3:31USD 1.29
LoserBeartooth 3:59USD 1.29
Fair Weather FriendBeartooth 3:24USD 1.29
BurnoutBeartooth 3:04USD 1.29
Sick of MeBeartooth 3:15USD 1.29
CensoredBeartooth 3:36USD 1.29
Always DeadBeartooth 2:18USD 1.29
However You Want It SaidBeartooth 3:17USD 1.29
Find a WayBeartooth 3:28USD 1.29
Rock Is DeadBeartooth 3:44USD 1.29
King of AnythingBeartooth 2:11USD 1.29

Aggressive Album Reviews


AMAZING  wolfpac684  5 star

I was highly awaiting this album and I am glad that the wait was worth it. This might be an album of the year nominee...Great job Caleb and company


Awesome!  alexeybever74  5 star

Just hearing little bits of each song, and in my opinion. This album is great! I was a little nervous if they didnt change there sound a bit because thats what most fans really want. They listen to the first album and think, wow awesome, but now what. Then when the next album comes out they expect the same sound. Beartooth did a great job changing it up a bit! BTW i hate to change to another topic, but all of those critics in the reviews, they just sound like they dont know what there talking about. They all have the same review with that it sounds poppy and the lyrics are a shame and BLAH BLAH BLAH! I really dont like giving them attention but they need to really understand that its music, just enjoy it!

Drunk dragon

Amazing album  Drunk dragon  5 star

I don't get why some people dislike this!! It's supposed to be different from the last one to keep me interested and wanting more Beartooth. Good job guys


Great album  TinyRick00  5 star

Only album where i genuinely enjoy each song


Perfection.  MemeMaster15  5 star

Honestly i didnt know music could be this good. Beartooth have created an album for everyone, not just heavy music lovers. Tell your friends, Toof are taking over the world.


Same old same old  Stack503  1 star

Been a fan since attack attack. The sound of Beartooth is good if this is your first encounter. Been following since day one and ALL of their songs sound the same. It's the same formula. The same guitar pattern over the same vocal style. It's GREAT! But it's like watching the same movie over and over again.

Thunder Tummy

Resurrected  Thunder Tummy  4 star

TOOTH has risen from what seems to be a prehistoric era since their last album. I'm torn on this album. There is no complexity but it's so simple that it's good. Every song blends and there isn't much variety IMO. But the breakdowns make me want to punch someone in the face! 🀘🏼 still love tooth regardless


Beartooth keep dropping amazing music  Ericarides  5 star

This album will not disappoint

Steven C. G.

Better than sick and disgusting!  Steven C. G.  5 star

Beartooth came out strong with their first full length "Sick and Disgusting" but did even better with "Agressive"!


Great Second Album  davidpratt27  5 star

Beartooth manages to keep their heavy roots while progressing stylistically as a band. Great second album!


Lexi πŸ₯΅beartooth_trash3 star

@kidinero mf said no straight shitπŸ’€


Bea Corrine the Unicornbea_corrine3 star

@rocksound @BEAOOTHband I freaking love Disease! One of my favorite Beartooth songs for sure!


𝘭𝘒𝘢𝘳π˜ͺ𝘦polygraphruby3 star

just when i thought he couldn't get more attractive this mf listens to beartooth


Aggressive  Maddieomam  5 star

This is such a great album so far and all the songs are amazing live. Beartooth brought it for this album and I can't wait for the rest


About time! 😁  Isaactorres  5 star

Love beartooth's work and this album doesn't disappoint!


SOOOOOO HYPE  Metalhead167  5 star



Amazing!!  IvanTheAlmighty  5 star

The lyrics are absolute favorite 😍😍

Melanie's itunes

YES  Melanie's itunes  5 star

I can't believe I just learned that they're coming out with a new album! so far it sounds amazing. CANT WAIT


Good songs, bad mix.  Dp052651733373889  2 star

What is up with the mix? You can barley hear the instruments, all you hear is the vocalist. Shame, because the songs are good thus far. But because of the mixing of the album I can't find myself to purchase it :/

Forest Kirkland

YES YES YES  Forest Kirkland  5 star

Beartooth is still one of the strongest and best bands of this generation! This record will be nothings more than pure GOLD!

dj. hypeman

Awesome!!!  dj. hypeman  5 star

I found Beartooth months ago when I first got into screamo and metal and they were really the band that got me into hardcore. The band and their music has helped me through tough times and I love love love them. Great work and Aggressive sounds heavenly😍😍

The cut fi

wow  The cut fi  5 star

There isn't one thing bad I can say about Beartooth. I am so excited for the new album, I'be been waiting for this album for a long time.


I <3 beartooth  Bricks564  5 star

This album has officially given me hope in music

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