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Home of the Strange by Young the Giant Album Songs (11)

AmerikaYoung the Giant 4:00USD 1.29
Something to Believe InYoung the Giant 3:48USD 1.29
ElsewhereYoung the Giant 3:44USD 1.29
Mr. Know-It-AllYoung the Giant 3:11USD 1.29
Jungle YouthYoung the Giant 3:40USD 1.29
Titus Was BornYoung the Giant 4:02USD 1.29
RepeatYoung the Giant 3:05USD 1.29
SilvertongueYoung the Giant 3:17USD 1.29
Art ExhibitYoung the Giant 4:03USD 1.29
Nothing's OverYoung the Giant 4:24USD 1.29
Home of the StrangeYoung the Giant 2:36USD 1.29

Home of the Strange Album Reviews

Ryan wave

ALBUM FINALLY OUT  Ryan wave  5 star

I've been waiting for something new to drop, I've only listened to one song and I can already tell that they still deliver that same vibe/feeling. I'm excited for this one


Favorite Band, Amazing Album!  Brycerodgers  5 star

I love when bands evolve and have a different sound on each album. This album is amazing start to finish. Sound quality alone is out of this world, just listen to Titus Was Born on good equipment. So catchy, saying important things, I can't heap enough praise on Home of the Strange!


This Album is Amazing.  SenpaiLizzy🖖🏼  5 star

I've always been a fan of YTG, but I wouldn't call myself their biggest fan or anything. But this-this is absolutely amazing. I love this album and it deserves a lot more attention. Buy it.


Hell yes  M21F  5 star

Obsessed. One of their bests yet!


Pleasant find  Gilbertg2016  5 star

I was just on iTunes looking for new music and stumbled on this album coincidently like an hour after it was released. Interesting stuff.

I mean sure

Their best work yet!!  I mean sure  5 star

Honestly this album is so good, and has a slight melancholy feel to it, but it works and doesn't feel heavy or sad. art exhibit is by far the best song on this album, and titus was born is also amazing


Still growing and still amazing  Wtf14  5 star

If any word can describe this album, it's diverse. No song sounds exactly the same and it truly makes this album stand out. Young the Giant have grown since the beginning with their last album being spectacular, but they continue to grow with this strange, yet amazing work. An alternative masterpiece for their third album.


Young the GOAT  Kgrau93  5 star

They can do no wrong. They evolve, grow, and have a distinctly different sound each album. No one else sounds like them and you have to applaud that fact in this day and age.


Incredible, Fresh, Catchy  Dkichona  5 star

The sound here is so them but at the same time it's the latest and greatest: brand new. This album has songs that get stuck in your head really easily, so be prepared! Honestly everything you would expect from Young the Giant and SO MUCH MORE! I've been listening to it on repeat, especially the song "Repeat" haha.



This album s beatifully versatile!! Young the Giant knows how to explore and venture with its own sound without losing the core essence we all love! AMAZING


Gummi U.S.O.GummieAlien3 star

@Endore050: When I was young, I saw a giant black wasp, and it was swinging its stinger around like crazy. I think it was about 2 feet b…


✒Endoreエンドア✒Endore0503 star

When I was young, I saw a giant black wasp, and it was swinging its stinger around like crazy. I think it was about…


ZAANfaizaaaaan3 star

apartment by young the giant


Watch them live  Jmarquez_  5 star

Saw them live playing Amerika, and Titus was born, honestly they killed it. This is going to be a great album. Seriously if you haven't seen them live, you have to add this to your bucket list.


Amazing  Kimmy01995  5 star

I've always loved Young the Giant's work. Cannot wait for the rest of the album to be released!



Listening to Titus Was Born on a super revealing high-end stereo and it's undeniably one of the best recordings I have ever heard. A beautiful song recorded at the highest levels of music engineering. Warm crisp vocals fill the center of the room and the sounds of rain appear to float about the room in such high fidelity it is beyond words. I've listened to just about every song considered best produced, most dynamic range, literally the best all-around recordings of all-time and this is song is up there. Maybe one of the best recordings ever.


Brilliant As Always  RussDrums123  5 star

Young the Giant never ceases to impress me. Their songwriting just gets better every album and I can't wait for the release of their upcoming album!


Love them😻😻  Chrissy29392  5 star

I will forever be a young the giant fan! Love love love every piece of music ever made💕🙌🏽😭


Another hit!  Jayhill522  5 star

Amerika is insanely good. My new favorite from them! Can't wait to see them live again in October!


Some type of feeling  Casshefty98  5 star

These guys are amazing. I've been listening to them for years and they always deliver a different and intricate sound. This makes their music a lot more fun to listen to because they sound like no one else. I hope they keep blessing us with their amazing musical abilities. Home of the strange is going to be epic and I definitely recommend it. Keep rocking YTG!

Dj 10 year old

THEY NEVER FAIL  Dj 10 year old  5 star

YTG is the band that makes you excited and mellow at the same time. Happy happy happy that this album is coming out soon.


👌🏼👌🏼  AbbyyLeeee  5 star

Love it so much!!!


proud to see them grow  Siena.moshh  5 star

it's great that they're growing into their own sound

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