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The Eminem Show is the fourth studio album by Eminem, released in 2002. The Eminem Show was the best-selling album of 2002. At the Grammy Awards of 2003 it was nominated for Album of the Year and became Eminem's third straight LP to win the award for Best Rap Album. It has been certified 8x Platinum by the RIAA, has sold over 9.2 million copies in the U.S., and over 19 million albums worldwide. In 2003, the album was ranked number 317 on Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 500 greatest albums of all time.

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Stev oooo

Eminem is irrelevant.  Stev oooo  1 star

I used to like this album, not anymore.


What a show  MadDali💯⚜️🔝  5 star

This album is My favorite eminem album he killed this cd


THIS is hip hop  Swagreninja  5 star

After seeing these horrible newer rappers (lil uzi, yo gotti, 21savage and such) I had to back to the last awesome hip hop artist. If you listen to any songs on the album, the best are "without me", "'till I collapse", and "White America".


Dhdj  Dinosaurarms  5 star

Lit shahs


Young Thug is the rap god  Sakb000  5 star

Young Thug is the greatest musician alive. You could even say he's the Frank Zappa of our generation. He is not just another manufactured rap star, he is a complete artist. He is not someone that is being controlled by a record label. Thugger is singlehandedly one of the most innovative and unique rap artists of this decade. He is a melodic genius, his beats are experimental, innovative, unique, he isn't afraid to experiment, he is constantly evolving and changing his style. Young Thug, from the beginning, has always pushed boundaries and has continued to make progressive music that others could only hope to imitate. His voice is an instrument. He wants you to look beyond just the lyrics. They are there just to complement the music, they are an application of the voice as an instrument rather than a medium for verbal communication and storytelling. His voice and his sounds are something that no one else is doing. Young Thug obviously isn't a Kendrick/Drake type of rapper with outstanding rapping ability but he still manages to make better music than them. His mixtape, Barter 6, is an extremely introspective and personal record. It allows you to better understand the perspective and emotions of Jeffrey Lamar Williams. The mixtape has become a bridge for white youth to enjoy the art of the black inner city and empathize with the likes of Thugger and that is what is so wonderful about art. We are able to see who he really is and understand him. The introductory interview at The Fader Ford shows that he is a surprisingly soft-spoken young man and it gives you all the more reason to care about him. There was no Young Thug before Young Thug. He is not emulating anyone, he isn't trying to be anyone. Wayne inspired him to become someone great and unique & that's exactly what he's become. When Check came out of nowhere, everyone loved it because nothing sounded like it. He has accomplished so much at such a young age, can you imagine what his music is going to sound like in 5 years?


🔥  mbogens  5 star

Still bumping in 2017🔥🔥🔥

Zackary saddler

This is great  Zackary saddler  5 star

Great song, I have this original album on cd

Harold Papi

Current review.  Harold Papi  5 star

Still awesome. Also, some of these reviews say 11y ago. My god.


Best  Smokey602  5 star

Album out there


THE GOAT  Megachorro123  5 star



Gwyn-2ClicksAwayFromChaosncdiverwife3 star

@MrJonCryer I thought I was buying tickets to an Eminem concert. 😎 Now, if we can just cancel the entire Trump *pr…


Thais F.Santosthaisflorencio_3 star

Gostei de um vídeo @YouTube Your Head (Zombie) Eminem ft. Bad Wolves (Remix/Mashup)


JacquelineAdoreLM313 star

@lufallon: some of you don’t know all the words to ‘drop the world - lil wayne/eminem’ and it shows x

D-a-v-I-d h-u-d-s-on

un·doubt·ed·ly  D-a-v-I-d h-u-d-s-on  5 star

un·doubt·ed·ly the best time of my life when this cd came out, takes me back to the good dope days


This was his peak.  Nsjohn130  5 star

He will never write an album better than this one. White America, Square Dance, Soldier, When The Music Stops, Say Goodbye To Hollywood…these are the best songs on the album. If you were an Em fan since the beginning, you probably vibe with these songs more than the singles. My favorite song on is probably a tie between Soldier and Hollywood.


The Eminem show  Ripley3425  5 star

The best my favorite track is soldier and hailies song


One of the best  Cjmacjr  5 star

Eminem is the GOAT one of the best albums ever💯


Amazing  Rpuzzmusic  5 star

Em is the best ever

Dirt biker #11 kxf

Awesome!  Dirt biker #11 kxf  5 star

This is either Eminems best album or his second best album, you got Till I Collapse, Sing For the Moment, Cleanin' out my Closet, and Without Me.


💥👊🏻  MrCapYes  5 star

The True King 👌🏾


Amazing album  Afhrsvtdcrafhhdart  5 star

Must-have for rap fans


Ending the Trilogy  cool-X  4 star

This album marks the end of really great Eminem albums. The Slim Shady LP was over the top, insane, hilarious, and just fun to listen to. The Marshall Mathers LP was more personal and intelligent but with all of the impressive lyrics of the slim shady LP. This album is a great blend of serious and silly songs about his life, politics, and his place in the music industry. The last Eminem album that I would consider a must listen Fav tracks: White America, Buissness, Soldier, Sing for the Moment, Without Me, Till I Collapse Least fav track: drips

The adds!

I'm crying  The adds!  5 star

Steve Berman skit 11/10

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