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This Could Be Heartbreak by The Amity Affliction Album Songs (11)

I Bring the Weather With MeThe Amity Affliction 4:36USD 1.29
This Could Be HeartbreakThe Amity Affliction 3:53USD 1.29
NightmareThe Amity Affliction 3:47USD 1.29
Tearing Me ApartThe Amity Affliction 3:47USD 1.29
O.M.G.I.M.Y.The Amity Affliction 4:51USD 1.29
All Fucked UpThe Amity Affliction 3:49USD 1.29
Fight My RegretThe Amity Affliction 3:37USD 1.29
Some FriendsThe Amity Affliction 3:34USD 1.29
WishboneThe Amity Affliction 3:45USD 1.29
Note To SelfThe Amity Affliction 3:53USD 1.29
Blood In My MouthThe Amity Affliction 5:15USD 1.29

This Could Be Heartbreak Album Reviews


πŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌπŸ‘ŒπŸΌ  #NewYorkGiants  5 star

These guys rock man!


😍😍😍  TheNewt3112  5 star

Sooooo goooood


It might grow on me but it's all the same song  Celestri4l  3 star

I've been a fan for years, however I'm not crazy about this album so far. I'm gonna keep listening to it, but to be honest it's a major let down. All the songs just remind me of let the ocean take me but just re-done with new lyrics and slightly different beat. Kinda repetitive. And almost all the songs remind me of "never alone" which is kinda ruining it. So far only song I really like is "note to self"


Great band! Great tracks! Great overall! Highly recommended!  Dan29687  5 star

Best album to date! Do yourself a favor and buy the whole album cause you will just keep coming back for more!


Very pleased  Markypro  5 star

Was worried that they were going to be like AA in that the first album was brutal and amazing the. The second one blows, but that's not the case for amity! They killed it honestly very happy.


Amazing album  Stlconnection11  5 star

Amazing band. They always know how to step it up a notch every album.


First comment  Trey4737  4 star

Ha I'm the first to comment after the initial release. I love the album but a lot of the songs are kinda slow


Classic Amity  Tanner1675  5 star

This album is by far the most catchy album so far!


I love this band!!!  Amh82385  5 star

I'm so excited today is release day!!! I know this album is going to exceed my expectations, you haven't let me down yet and every album just gets better and better!!! Hopefully you won't ever try and change your sound because it's perfect. I love this band!! <3

AILD fan123

Classic Amity  AILD fan123  5 star

All the songs follow TAA's formula and aren't much different than anything else they have released...but I happen to love TAA's song formula so this is awesome. If you have liked anything else they have done then you will like this too.


tylerty_beeeezy3 star

@BandChoice Chasing Ghosts - The Amity Affliction


Dascha 🍷THEMlDNlGHTKlDS3 star

soooo i will (probably) be able to go and see the amity affliction with hanna next week iβ€˜m so happy 😭


π•”π•’π•šπ•₯ πŸ‘½escapemadess3 star

🎧 Don't Lean On Me by @amityaffliction on @PandoraMusic

Raydog is awesome

Awesome!!!  Raydog is awesome  5 star

Wat better than Jon Bellion and always will be. The Amity Affliction Rocks!!! 🀘😝🀘


Excellent✨🌾  Oriaz666  5 star

I,.... Yes I. Love the fact that they keep the (almost!) the same rhythm in their music. Unique band. Awesome🎢SOUND!!!🎢


Metal?  O3dc5NA  2 star

Don't know how this single can be metal. I am for the most part a fan of the last album but I don't think I'll be buying this one. I've always thought they're music was unnecessarily busy at times and this song more so solidifies that than not.


LOVE IT  ed-doe  5 star

AMAZING SONG! and to that fool Alex Ramen thats trying to compare them to Jon bellion, you're an idiot.


Another Great Song (I Bring the Weather with Me)  metal12  5 star

The Amity Affliction have done it again with "I Bring the Weather with Me" which turned out to be a great song with tons of emotion written into it. Can't wait for the rest of the album in August.


Pure Brilliance  Meowbri  5 star

The Amity Affliction never disappoints. The band continues to progress. Ahren and Joel are absolutey brilliant, in all aspects. Super stoked to hear the rest of the album. 😍

Parkway Drive fan

Keep em Coming  Parkway Drive fan  5 star

Fun Fact: Will Putney mixed Chasing Ghosts and then full on produced LTOTM, so Amity wanted Will back to produce this album as well so its kind of like another LTOTM but at the same time its different. Doesn't matter, this is fantastic. real excited to listen to the full album. Amity is one of the bands that still knows how to make music.


So far so good  BlindDestiny2156  5 star

I was so excited when the announced this and listened to I Bring The Weather With Me immediately and I have to say Let The Ocean Take Me was the album that helped them break out and this first single makes me positive that they can make this album bigger than the pervious one. Good luck with this one boys! Can’t wait for you to come back to the states and hopefully to Utah


So stoked !  Sally_Stitch  5 star

Haven't preordered an album since That's the Spirit from bring me the horizon . If I bring the weather is an indication for this album it's gonna be amazing . I have my preorder do you have yours ? Let the count down begin !

Bach Doin His Thang

Can't Wait  Bach Doin His Thang  5 star

Honestly Amity has always been the band I go to when I'm feeling down or troubled and need my spirit lifted, all of their music from previous albums are so awesome! They have never let me down, looking forward to this new album!

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