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Brave Enough by Lindsey Stirling Album Songs (14)

Lost GirlsLindsey Stirling 4:35USD 1.29
Brave Enough (feat. Christina Lindsey Stirling 4:23USD 1.29
The ArenaLindsey Stirling 3:52USD 1.29
The PhoenixLindsey Stirling 4:04USD 1.29
Where Do We Go (feat. Carah FaLindsey Stirling 4:15USD 1.29
Those Days (feat. Dan + Shay)Lindsey Stirling 3:46USD 1.29
PrismLindsey Stirling 3:32USD 1.29
Hold My Heart (feat. ZZ Ward)Lindsey Stirling 3:29USD 1.29
Mirage (feat. Raja Kumari)Lindsey Stirling 4:22USD 1.29
Don't Let This Feeling Fade (fLindsey Stirling 3:36USD 1.29
First LightLindsey Stirling 3:23USD 1.29
Love's Just a Feeling (feat. RLindsey Stirling 3:49USD 1.29
Something Wild (feat. Andrew MLindsey Stirling 3:44USD 1.29
Gavi's SongLindsey Stirling 4:32USD 1.29

Brave Enough Album Reviews


Pretty good  Adudeouthere  4 star

I think that Lindsey is an amazing artist, yet the people that sing by her side sort of climb over her, and take over the song. in brave enough, she needs more songs that are just by her.

friendship games

amazing  friendship games  5 star

awesome !!


Breathtaking!  Frustrated_really  5 star

I've never heard a sound like hers before, & it's amazing what she can do with music to make you FEEL something without even saying a word! I love her old albums too!


Super!  Ljdiasjfbiadhfb  5 star

Amazing album! Lindsey will be brave forever! Everything is great! She is my favorite artist! Keep Spreading Lindsey Love!


In love  Itsmads  5 star

I am absolutely in love with this album. So talented and quirky, with some bomb music videos 👏💙


LOVE IT BUT....  😇ME😇  4 star

Lindsey is without a doubt the BEST VIOLINIST ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, she could literally make an album of her just playing nothing and I would buy it. But the singers in some of the songs like "Something Wild" messed it up. I LOVED all of ur other songs but the other musicians and vocalists in the peace kind of ruined it. PLZ MAKE MORE SONGS OF JUST YOU! The are AMAZING! But other wise great album. I LOVED "The Arena" and "The Phoenix".

Cort in Fullerton

LOVE LOVE LOVE  Cort in Fullerton  5 star

So talented!!! Obsessed! My 7 year old, 4 year old and all my 3rd grade students know my love for Lindsay Stirling! Perfect mix of classy talents with a little club mix! <3


Fantastic! great mix!  GrandmasterJim  5 star

I must say, I'm not a fan-bay. I don't geek out over things. I heard Lindsey was putting out a new album and then she released the Arena video and I was hooked again (I have her other two albums too). When I got the album, I was suprised, not at the amount of pieces that had lyrics and collaboration, but that the songs and instrumentals acutally moved me that way they did. Some made me want to get up and dance while others made me feel sadness. I did not understand why until I went to her concert in Clearwater and learned of her loss in her friend, Gavi (and understood Gavi's song so much more). To those who think she should get back to the instrumentals, I think you are wrong. The collaborative pieces work very well. There is a balance and a story there, if you listen. still, you have the right to your opinion and I would suggest voting with your dollars by buying only the instrumentals. if you do, though, I feel you would be missing out on something special.


fantastic  hayfashionista  5 star

Lindsey has so much talent; I love this album, but I wish there wasn't so much singing. I like to hear her instrumental solo pieces, and that is where she really stands out. Besides that, its amazing; I will always support her. Her music is a true out of body experience.

Doktor Sleepless

Excellent  Doktor Sleepless  5 star


Vitti a

Great  Vitti a  4 star

I love it but I wish there where less best singers and more Lindsey alone like Shatter me was. It's amazing but it could be extraordinary!

Huge Lindsey fan!

STUNNING!  Huge Lindsey fan!  5 star

I absolutely love this album and while there are songs with vocals, it just adds another layer of pure bliss! Lindsey has grown so much as an entertainer and musician. I just saw her in concert last month for my birthday and was blown away! Lindsey, keep up the great work!


👌  12345678901234567890ajoe  5 star



Eclectic, bold, but about those lyrics..  clifster  4 star

The Epcot of Stirling albums: an around the world mashup of hip-hop, electronic, Indian, and others, this album's an unapologetic departure from Stirling's traditonal string-laden foot stompers. Production quality is stunning. Collaborations bold, with a clear intent to broaden the scope and scale of Lindsey's harmonic horizon. For those willing understand the desire for any artist to expand those horizons, the only real challenge to be found is the continuation of grade school lyrics sung by artists following an all too predictable mainstream formula. This makes otherwise memorable tracks like Where Do We Go, Love's Just a Feeling, or (don't shoot me), Something Wild feel far too canned and auto-tuned to stay with. That said, balanced against the tour de strength of Arena, Mirage, Gavi's Song, Hold My Heart, and others there is more than enough here for all but the most stalwart of fans and newcomers to brave. And if you have not seen this talented wonder woman in concert you're missing out: she is that amazing.


Beautiful!  cbc4  5 star

As always, Lindsey Stirling's music is stunning. Yes, there are more vocals on this album, but they do not overshadow her amazing talent on the violin. Love this album!!


Wow, Lindsey does it again  Tyman7  5 star

I was afraid that this album would sound similar to her previous work, but I am glad that I was wrong. There are a few more guest singers than I would have liked, but that doesn't mean that those are bad songs, I just prefer the pure EDM/violin combinations without any vocals. Pheonix and The Arena are my favorite tracks.

Cats are awesomeness!!!

The Phoenix!!!  Cats are awesomeness!!!  5 star

I loooove the song "the pheonix"!!! It's awesome! I love imagining stories to go along with the music! 🐉🐲🐉🐲🐉🐲🐉


WOW just WOW  Michaelramos91  5 star

Just found out about this girl & I gotta say this album is awesome! Love the violin mixes with dubstep & pop.


Great as always  Southernmedic  5 star

I love her sound and style. She is truly talented.

Moon 67

More Lindsey and less vocals!  Moon 67  3 star

I have followed Lindsey since the beginning and I would say this is my least fav of her albums. I LOVE to hear Lindsey play and I love to move to her music. It truly allows me to relax my emotions and just be me. The vocals have taken away too much from that for me. I will always be a fan, album purchased, but I will still have Crystallize, Transcendence, Shadows and Elements as personal forever favorites. With vocals, rating 3, and without vocals, forever 5

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