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Stranger Things, Vol. 1 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack) by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein Album Songs (36)

Stranger ThingsKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:07USD 1.29
KidsKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 2:38USD 1.29
Nancy and BarbKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:05USD 1.29
This Isn't YouKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 2:23USD 1.29
Lay-Z-BoyKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:34USD 1.29
FriendshipKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:12USD 1.29
ElevenKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 3:14USD 1.29
A KissKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:25USD 1.29
Castle ByersKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 2:47USD 1.29
HawkinsKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 5:00USD 1.29
The Upside DownKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 5:07USD 1.29
After SarahKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:25USD 1.29
One Blink for YesKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:46USD 1.29
Photos in the WoodsKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 4:32USD 1.29
Fresh BloodKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:16USD 1.29
LampsKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:15USD 1.29
HallucinationsKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:36USD 1.29
Hanging LightsKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:33USD 1.29
Biking to SchoolKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 0:44USD 1.29
Are You Sure?Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein 2:26USD 1.29
AgentsKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 0:50USD 1.29
PapaKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:27USD 1.29
Cops Are Good at FindingKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:08USD 1.29
No WeaponsKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 3:24USD 1.29
Walking Through the Upside DowKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:19USD 1.29
She'll Kill YouKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 2:05USD 1.29
Run AwayKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:47USD 1.29
No AutopsyKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:03USD 1.29
DispatchKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 0:41USD 1.29
Joyce and Lonnie FightingKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:02USD 1.29
Lights OutKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:04USD 1.29
Hazmat SuitsKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:43USD 1.29
TheoreticallyKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:33USD 1.29
You Can Talk to MeKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 0:53USD 1.29
What Else Is There to Do?Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein 1:59USD 1.29
Hawkins LabKyle Dixon & Michael Stein 2:37USD 1.29

Stranger Things, Vol. 1 (A Netflix Original Series Soundtrack) Album Reviews


Great Tangerine Dream inspired music  adewolf  4 star

While there is John Carpenter influences no one mentions that Tangerine Dream was the main influnce of John Carpenter's synth sequncer driven soundtracks. Don't get me wrong I love John Carpenter's music and movies, but I think that it's criminal that Tangerine Dream does not get any mention.


Great show! Great soundtrack!  bojangus  5 star

You definitely can hear the John Carpenter in this soundtrack! Reminds me so much of Big trouble in little China's synthy soundtrack! Excellent!


Not on Spotify?  TranceAddict22  5 star

I was born in '88 so you know, I can feel a connection between this score but, not on Spotify? C'mon.


She'll Kill You  cmorgannorris  5 star

Just came here to express my love for the track titled She'll Kill You. Such a great song and it was played at an amazing moment in the show.


Love the soundtrack!  OLEEP  5 star

Love the show!


The best series yet from Netflix a reminder of Erie Indiana  SnakeEyes45  5 star

Something that our HDTV is missing today, a show about the glory days of the 1980's only this time the early 80's a creepy SC-FI series the OST is fantastic!βœŒπŸ»οΈπŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ˜Ž I hope they make many more episodes! Because I like this series a lot!πŸ‘πŸ»


Fantastic  vlux  5 star

I'm so glad this was released. I love when contemporary directors embrace dark wave synth; along the lines of Drive, The Guest and It Follows.


Stunning  Bster99  5 star

This was absolutely beautiful!! I passed away when I heard it for the first time while I was watching the show. Each synth note is a stab to my 80s loving heart. Kids is by far one of the best!


πŸ™ƒπŸŒƒ  1daw1  5 star

Stranger Things has definitely been a powerhouse of originality. Sure, a lot of the elements that make this show a whole can be nitpicked to the point where it seems like this concept comes along too often. Although I can nitpick it down and relate it to something close, there's nothing like Stranger Things. I know I'm here to say that the soundtrack is phenomenal and that it hooked me at the first scene but I've got to say more than that. I've laughed and cried while watching the show. The characters seem so real so the suspense felt real, too. With the characters being so relatable I could fill myself in their shoes to a certain extent. The soundtrack definitely left a huge mark on my impressions for this show. The composers took their time and studied the emotion of each scene and they KILLED it. I have my favorites from both vol. 1 and 2 but really both of the soundtracks are so admirable as a whole. Still, some are a little more emotional. Like Kids, Biking To School, One Blink for Yes and DEFINITELY Eleven. Obviously she gets the most tear jerking track. That poor girl. Oh and you can't forget the Upside Down. It's the Monsters theme song to me. I'm so happy that everyone is so in love with the show as well. This show was obviously well fleshed out by the directors and producers. I really cannot wait for what else they have to offer the world of videography whether it be season 2 or beyond. This show is a complete product of what happens when one puts their heart and patience into something they're passionate for. Thank you so much for the opportunity to buy these wonderful soundtracks! I will definitely be buying the physical copies as well. I expect my money will be well spent in support of these wonderful people. :)πŸ’•


#Aesthetics  Kedium  5 star

Someone took my soul & made it into a show with an amazing score.


LounsberryPedalsLPedals3 star

If you're one of the fans of the hit Stranger Things, you'll love this story from our friends over at Synthtopia.


KyleKyleDarden23 star

@Klichtenstein12 It absolutely does you are correct Kyle Lichtenstein. Rocky did lose his last fight against mason…


Antonio Montagno87Reartu3 star

Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein - Kids (Kapka remix) [Stranger Things Soundtr... via @YouTube


Best series of this year!  THEBryanChevere  5 star

It's a pretty good soundtrack for such an amazing series!


The 80's ❀️  Chrisrodas  5 star

Freaking amazing !!


Perfect  ITGuy1138  5 star

This is the perfect Soundtrack score to the best Tv Show/Movie I have seen in a long time. When you create something which has over 1.4 million likes on Facebook in a little over a month on word of mouth and very little advertising when Star Wars has around 14 Million likes I can't think of a word to convey it, impressive doesn't cover it. I can't wait for Volume 2 this friday and I cannot wait until Season 2 (come on Netflix just confirm it now).


Absolutely amazing!  DankHank  5 star

This soundtrack is spot on! I got goosebumps so many times during this 1st season of Stranger Things because of the atmosphere that was built by the music and visuals. Music can most definitely make or break a cinematic piece. This music made it alright. Can't wait for season 2!!


Absolutely incredible!  Jdmax121  5 star

Not only is Stranger Things one of the best shows out there, it has an incredible soundtrack! Get this!


This is Amazing  Yoedwardo  5 star

I love the show. Watch it. Listen to it. live it.


Magic of the show  Spencey13  5 star

The show is amazing, in part thanks to this amazing music.

I'll second this

This is just what we need  I'll second this  5 star

Thank you




Tyler Anne Snell

Magic!  Tyler Anne Snell  5 star

This is what I imagine pure magic sounds like. Just like the show, this soundtrack filled a hole in my heart I didn't even know I had.

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