Nobody But Me (Deluxe Version) Album Download

Nobody But Me (Deluxe Version) by Michael Bublé Album Info

Direct download Nobody But Me (Deluxe Version) by Michael Bublé albums file at 320kbps audio quality. Nobody But Me (Deluxe Version) album file uploaded on October 21st, 2016. Michael Bublé - Nobody But Me (Deluxe Version) album info will be updated!

Nobody But Me (Deluxe Version) full album Nobody But Me (Deluxe Version) - Michael Bublé listen Nobody But Me (Deluxe Version) download Nobody But Me (Deluxe Version) mp3 #nobody-but-me-deluxe-version

Nobody But Me (Deluxe Version) [Michael Bublé] Full Album MP3s List

NoMP3 TitleMP3 Time
1.I Believe In You MP3 3:21
2.My Kind Of Girl MP3 4:06
3.Nobody But Me MP3 2:59
4.On An Evening In Roma (Sott’er Ce... MP3 2:42
5.Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow MP3 3:24
6.The Very Thought Of You MP3 3:31
7.I Wanna Be Around MP3 3:42
8.Someday (feat. Meghan Trainor) MP3 3:23
9.My Baby Just Cares For Me MP3 3:15
10.This Love Of Mine (Bonus Track) MP3 4:19
11.Nobody But Me (Alternate W/ Trumpet... MP3 3:01
12.Take You Away (Bonus Track) MP3 2:53
13.God Only Knows MP3 4:15

Nobody But Me (Deluxe Version) [Michael Bublé] Album Comments & Reviews

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GooseForever - Amazing!

Just can't stop listening!

Jeannieob - Great Album Michael!

You can't please everyone all the time! What is wrong with having some pop songs people? He is a great entertainer and singer no matter if he sings pop or classics. If you don't like the pop songs buy the classic ones but you don't have to be mean about his choosing to do pop songs. I liked the pop songs especially Nobody but me and I love the way he sings the classics. Good job Michael Buble!

HwinBoy - Classic change... Not Good!!!

I am a huge Buble fan but he is not a Pop artist. Harry Connick, Jr. did the same thing and realized it was a FLOP. Stick to what you are known for and don't try to be someone that you are not. Very Disappointed, Michael.

SMHall13 - Best yet!

Michael has finally given us his crooner covers and his own style. Best album to date.

h_diepp - Always a classic

Michael has done it again! Bublé has once again proven himself legendary through this album. 10/10!!!

Marissa Greene - So excited ❤️

Michael you did amazing job even the rap! I love it, it's very different but I 😍 sometimes you need to mix it up. Don't listen to anyone else who said they don't like or are disappointed 😂 i can't wait for the whole album cause I know you are still you🙏🏽 ❤️

Skyliner25 original - Y'all don't know what you talking about

This album is Fire 🔥🔥🔥You can't judge a whole album by one song,I mean have you heard the rest of the album? It's gold. I think it's great that he is branching out and trying new things. Michael even said he wanted to push himself to get out of his comfort zone and I think that's awesome! Maybe the rest of you should do the same.

KatyFlopPop - It's sad

That many of Gaga's haters trying to stream this album. Sorry Michael.

MyShell Sweets - Nobody but me

Mr. Bublé I se some people saying it pop and it's not good! Well let me say I've been a huge follower of your music for years and this is by far the Best!!! I Love Nobody but me! Absolutely BRILLIANT ❤️ I can't wait for the TOUR!!!

All For The Truth - Made 6 stars again!

Keep it coming MB! God bless you and your family.

Italy33 - Love this song !

Michael Buble's new song Baby let's go is the the ever!!!

hellodarlin74 - Buble' does it again!

I love this song! It is upbeat and happy, which makes me happy! 😊❤️🎙🎶

Pumadolce14 - He's on fire!

As far as I'm concerned he can sing the phone book and it will sound good. I've been a longtime Bublé fan and I'm very happy with what I hear before full album release, love all the tracks. He's one of the few artists out there that can sing not only naturally on an album but live as well. 👍🏻

jpmaze23 - what is this garbage??

so far the the tracks made available are awful. I've seen MB perform live and think he's one of the best singers of this generation, but the selection of these pop songs is a disaster and an insult to his talent. I hope people don't support this album so he gets the hint that this is not his arena and he needs to get back to what him stand out. MB common man!! why would you release this pop garbage?

MikeYu07 - My type of music

One of the very few singers that can actually sing. Beautiful music.

Trailmeister - Yes!!!

This album will be amazing and i know he has a few great jazz covers in this album as well. He always has to put that upbeat pop song as his front and I love it!

Mikeytaylorswiftfan7070 - Pretty good so far

I fricking love I believe in you and the other 2 are pretty good I just don't want the rest to be fillers I have high hopes

jessie723 - Amazing!!

I love this new album! I listen to it all the time. Thank you Michael for these amazing songs!

nannamunna - trash

this is total trash

Pōöh - New Direction

Doesn't look like many "so-called" fans doing their homework about Bublé's new record. In one documentary, he said that he wants to get out from his comfort zone, hence why we're hearing this different sounding compare to his old work. I believe it is temporary as he wants this album comes out as how he always wanted it to be; something more personal and what he enjoys doing if you may. The following are songs I'd recommend for you to give them some listen; "Nobody But Me" "On an Evening in Roma (Sotter Celo de Roma)" "Someday" (featuring Meghan Trainor) "Take You Away"

Daniel_ZX - Early Christmas

Can’t listen to him without thinking of christmas. LOL

amortega85 - What language is he speaking?

Is he speaking English? I can barely make out what he's saying. It's like he has an allergic reaction to his tongue and he's trying to say something. :-(

Some people change - Great songs so far!

I can't wait to hear the rest of the album! I think MB released these three specific songs to show that, while he's trying new sounds, he's also staying true to his roots with My Kind of Girl. People need to remember that the only way that they're guaranteed to have the same sound in a genre is to listen to the genre and not a specific artist. From T Swift to Timberlake, Sinatra to Elvis, all singers experience shifts in the music that moves them, and their passion for their music is what attracts others. Changing is better than feeling locked in a style and losing passion for your art form.

katehul - 🌟

The entire album is fantastic, from pop feel good songs to crooner romantic feels. Worth the wait.

A M Yang - Nobody But Me

Been listening to this song endlessly. I am so in love with it! Can't wait for the new album to be released! 😘

Exploding Person - Wow! His Voice Is AMAZING!

So my sister just told me about Michael and I already love his music. I recommend getting his music!

Mfluder42 - Best Album Yet

Michael has been changing his sound for a few albums now, slowly migrating away from standards and showcasing his ability to write pop hits. He did a FANTASTIC job with this album. I have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this. "Take You Away" is one of my new favorites and I hope they make a single out of it.

Metal Moe - Meh...

Buble is a great singer. I have no problem with an artist doing what they feel is right and best for them but personally I'm not a fan of his continued move into the "pop" space. Ssound like a few decent cuts on this disc but I'll probaby pass.

WinchesterColt - Buble

Evening In Roma is spectacular! So is Michael!!!!!!!

Bill Carney - Nobody but me

Please do not rap in any more songs. This is really bad. I usually like everthing he does but I am rethinking buying this album now.



madprofessor99 - Pop!

Look, I like his music, but this pop crap needs to go away. He could have been the next Frank, but he crossed over to pop and blew it!

Jayson.ttm - Yes!!!

He's the best!!!✨

K*Swiss - ❤️

This guy is amazing. He can't make a bad song!!

alsoncole - Nobody But Him

Mixing the old with the new while making both sound familiar yet fresh has always been Michael Bublé's calling card. It's what he does. It's his gift. And nobody does it better than he does--not even the incredible Harry Connick, Jr. Nobody But Me finds Michael in particularly great voice--and in a great mood, apparently. He says in the liner notes that he never had more fun recording than he did when working on this album, and it shows. Bouncy new tunes like the title track, "I Believe In You," "Someday," and "Today Is Yesterday's Tomorrow" prove that Michael isn't just the new Sinatra; he's his own man, his own singer, and a clever songwriter. And yet, classics like "On an Evening in Roma" and "My Kind of Girl," originally sung so well by the likes of Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra, respectively, serve as reminders of how masterful Michael is as a vocal stylist and how he deserves a spot on the list of the best crooners ever. I never understand his bonus tracks, though--that is, I never understand WHY they're bonus tracks because they fit so well with the rest of the regular album and are just as good as any of those other tracks. Case in point, here, Michael's cover of The Beach Boys' "God Only Knows" is, to me, the brightest gem in this whole set. While I loved the layered harmonies of the Beach Boys' original, Michael's version uses only a piano, rather minimal orchestration, and one of the finest instruments anywhere--his voice. I'm not sure if he picked this song and was thinking of his GORGEOUS wife and kids while he was in the recording booth singing it, but this recording sounds particualry heartfelt. It comes across as organic, almost as if it was a live track. It's so sweet and beautiful. And, "God Only Knows" is the only classic pop song on the album. Whereas his previous albums ventured into late 60s & 70s pop, rock, and even R&B songs by The Beatles, The Eagles, Van Morrison, The Jackson 5, and The Bee Gees, to mention a few, Nobody But Me basically sticks with either new songs or those from the American standards songbook. But there's no reason to feel disappointed. This is a great collection of songs, and it shows how Michael is moving upward while holding onto his roots. This album is also available on vinyl, which I highly recommend. Vinyl makes these songs sound even warmer and cozier. I had the opportunity to see Michael at Madison Square Garden during his Crazy Love tour. He was such a ham, such a showoff. And yet, he was incredibly humble and kept thanking the audience for using their hard-earned money to pay to come and see him. And he somehow managed to make the MSG arena feel like a small, intimate club. He gave everyone their money's worth and came across as genuinely appreciative. I hope to get to hear him on his next tour because these songs are going to sound incredible live. This is one of those rare albums that you can just put on and play through its entirety.

xixixiizzi - bad

i dont like it at all

PNWASH - Michael

You can pick any song from any album, it's amazing.

Jenn(z) - Unbelievable, as expected.

Michael Buble has the most amazing voice in the world and this album is another hit. His voice speaks right to my soul and I cannot put into words how his music has changed my life. Can't wait to buy tickets to his next tour. Love this man. So much. Nobody But Me and I Believe In You are both destined to be hit. You can't be sad when his voice is playing!

nothing is impossible - His best work yet

I am a fan of Mr Bublé and have loved his style for years. However, it has been a long while since he has written potential chart toppers. Well the wait is over. The album brings his trademark romance songs, including some excellent big band hits, but the two tunes I think will explode on the Top 40 are Today is Yesterday's Tomorrow and Nobody But Me. Well done Michael!

a_byrd34 - 😍😍😍

Never fails to make an amazing album

Dvtdsh - Classic Michael

Such a brilliant balance of big band and pop with mixes between. I just really appreciate his love for the classics and the risks he takes in his more popular pieces. A seriously stellar example of the best of Bublé. Evening in Roma is becoming one of my all-time favorites. I could go on for pages but will leave with nothing but good things.

Ben riggle - Meh


Joescanlon - Worth it

Best combination of classics and originals he's ever mixed to date!!!!

Rome Rauter - Amazing

Fantastic album. Extremely talented artist.

Djsusnenxks - He's the BEST! LOVE the songs already!


Squiggle9000 - Not liking the more modern spin

I started listening to him because he has the old style crooner sound which I like a lot. So far only 1 of the 4 released songs have that sound. Kinda disappointed. Hopefully more songs like that come out.

KathleenDeKat - You Go Michael!!!!!!!!!!

You Just Go Michael,SUPER,Love Love Love

MuZiK40 - Album is subpar

I enjoy the song My Kind of Girl because that is pure Michael Buble. The other songs are too pop and have to much going on that drowns his voice or makes him sound like Mickey Mouse. Keep to the swing-jazz Michael that is what makes the music beautiful. We just need to hear your voice.

Mr. George McFly - Masterpiece.

This album is just incredible. I have listened to it twice already today. It's a wonderful mix of pop and old school big band jazz. He creativity spins old standards to fit his style along with some catchy new tracks. I highly recommend it to you and your friends.

Wreck it Ralph fan - Nate Ploof

Not a fan of any of the pop music he puts in this album, since he's supposed to be a jazz singer, but the Jazz songs he does put in this album are pretty good

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