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New to me and amazing

Amazing  New to me and amazing  5 star

I love this group and i always look forward to new songs because I know they are going to do a fantastic job. Cant wait for more great music ahead from them...such amazing talent❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


Shrek  Nathan13097  5 star

The shrek tho

vocal 2

Impressive!  vocal 2  5 star

I love this Christmas album and look forward to anything new that Pentatonix releases! As a singer myself who also sings in an a capella group, I am continually amazed at the consistenty of pitch and even vowel sounds. Until you've sung in such a setting you'll never fully appreciate how extraordinarily difficult it is to accomplish sounding so unified and polished. I have been a major fan of The Manhattan Transfer for decades and am so happy to see these young, talented people take the torch (and happy to see the collaboration on White Christmas!), even if it is a different style/approach from TMT. Keep up the excellent work!


Hallelujah  AK USA  5 star

Their version of this song is absolutely unbelievable and completely gorgeous.


LOVE THIS ALBUM!  RoseBuds269  5 star

Wait.... Mitch shaved his head?!?


Classic, Beautiful  ChristineWren  5 star

Classics Christmas songs tastefully reimagined and arranged with tight harmonies and a modern feel without being gimmicky. I'm a fan!

Well, wouldn't you like to know

"Hallelujah" passed "All I Want for Christmas Is You" on the holiday chart!  Well, wouldn't you like to know  5 star

How is that possible? "All I Want for Christmas Is You" is ALWYAS #1. Amazing!

New watt pad user

SO GOOD!!!! love it  New watt pad user  5 star

they're first christmas album was a little better but this one has some REALLY good ones!!!!!! get it!!!


GOOSE BUMPS  PrayLuvLaff  5 star

I have all their Christmas albums but this one I must say I LOVE the most! My fave song is O Come All Ye Faithful I just LOVE their amazing take on this song it gives me goose bumps....POWERFUL BOLD AND BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL! Thank you Pentatonix I enjoyed every second from your concert in Texas and sounds just as beautiful and pure! Please continue to be AMAZING and AUTHENTIC :-)

Jacqs mom

Cool-ish  Jacqs mom  4 star

Okay guys, look. I honestly thought they could do better you know? Like something as amazing as Mary did you know? Some songs like 'I will be home for Christmas, good to be bad' were needing some more variety of high and low notes. But they really did good on some solo parts and background effects. Thanks for reading this!!!!


凛@KotonohaSTARlin_2183 star

[Official Video] Love Again - Pentatonix @YouTubeさんから


Ratu Dwi JanuariskyratuDrisky3 star

Havana by Pentatonix —


ᴺᴷBri | Love Lies💕bribricutie33 star

@f___thehaters: Retweet if you're a part of any of these fandoms/ love the following! Pentatonix Superfruit Harry Potter/Fantastic Bea…


I LOVE THIS ALBUM  Qwaszxerdfcvtyghbnjkuioplmvf  5 star

I think that Pentatonix has outdone themselves once again and just keeps getting better. I love all the arrangements, and can't seem to get enough. Every time I hear one of these songs, it makes me want to sing as loud as I can. Overall a fantastic album and I can't wait for the next one!


Eh.  Saysuh  1 star

I feel like they were bored and took every song too far. Not a fan, wish I could return the CD and only buy the Hallelujah song.

Tevah Ness

Love it so much  Tevah Ness  5 star

Their music always makes me happy


Pleasse Get This Song!!!!!  CatCatz345  5 star

this song is perfect for any christmas occasion!!!!! I would reccomend it to anyone!!!


Christmas Music is Great  wvductman  5 star

A very good selection of Christmas songs and Beautiful Voices. It has been a long time since I purchased a Christmas Album and this is more than I expected.


incredible...as always❤️❤️  Lillil123  5 star

absolutely beautiful. makes my heart so warm. this is a work of art.😍❤️

Austin arditti

Beautiful  Austin arditti  5 star

Beautiful work good job love it.


Lousy  BobintheCloud  1 star

I would rather have emergency dental surgery without anesthesia than listen to this crap.

Phantom Drummer

Did not like  Phantom Drummer  1 star

Pentatonix is an extremely talented group and I have always loved them. This album was a large disappointment as I thought it was "too much". The Xmas album from last time was much better flat out. Do not recommend.


Pentonix Christmas Album  Chaty4  5 star

Just love there new album. I have purchased all of their releases and all are five stars.

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