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Dear Evan Hansen (Original Broadway Cast Recording) by Various Artists Album Songs (14)

Anybody Have a Map?Rachel Bay Jones & Jennifer Laura Thompson 2:26USD 1.29
Waving Through a WindowBen Platt & Original Broadway Cast of Dear Evan Hansen 3:56USD 1.29
For ForeverBen Platt 5:01USD 1.29
Sincerely, MeMike Faist, Ben Platt & Will Roland 3:42USD 1.29
RequiemLaura Dreyfuss, Michael Park & Jennifer Laura Thompson 4:19USD 1.29
If I Could Tell HerBen Platt & Laura Dreyfuss 4:08USD 1.29
DisappearMike Faist, Ben Platt, Kristolyn Lloyd, Will Roland, Jennifer Laura Thompson & Original Broadway Cast of Dear Evan Hansen 4:35USD 1.29
You Will Be FoundBen Platt, Kristolyn Lloyd, Will Roland, Laura Dreyfuss & Original Broadway Cast of Dear Evan Hansen 6:00USD 1.29
To Break in a GloveMichael Park & Ben Platt 3:50USD 1.29
Only UsLaura Dreyfuss & Ben Platt 3:47USD 1.29
Good for YouRachel Bay Jones, Kristolyn Lloyd, Will Roland & Ben Platt 3:05USD 1.29
Words FailBen Platt 5:51USD 1.29
So Big / So SmallRachel Bay Jones 4:12USD 1.29
FinaleBen Platt & Original Broadway Cast of Dear Evan Hansen 1:35USD 1.29

Dear Evan Hansen (Original Broadway Cast Recording) Album Reviews


amazing.  briannaashlee  5 star

this is such an amazing soundtrack. everyone needs to hear it. ben platt is gold.


Incredible.  ⚜️⚜️⚜️  5 star

Absolutely amazing and only 101.5% heartbreaking


ONE OF THE BEST MUSICALS  Keely3425  5 star

Omg this and the other new musical, Hamilton are literally the best musicals ever! I recommend this to literally anyone!!!


Incredible  Ponyluvr12345678910  5 star

I wish I was able to see the show because the lyrics to all of the songs are so honest (in any way that a musical about a teen who creates a lie that gets out of control can be) and relatable to anyone who has ever struggled with the idea of fitting in... So, basically everyone. It's refreshing to see a musical that deals with social anxiety and other mental health disorders in such an open way. Also, Ben Platt is a blessing and an amazingly talented perfomer (and so is the rest of the cast), so there's that too. As if DEH wasn't amazing enough.


Ahh  AndPeg  5 star

Ahhh This is. So good there are so many extremely important messages in this show and I think I might get to see it but even if I don't the music is just so wonderful that I feel like I have. Every song is so so wonderful, you won't regret listening to / buying it!!!!!!! Ahh!!!!


INCREDIBLE  Dontluvittomuch  5 star

This is on constant replay at my house with Hamilton. So excited to see this!!! Definitely recommend getting some background to understand it though, it's not one of those albums where you can listen to the whole thing and understand the plot- but the music is incredible!

Heather Stanley

Incredible 5 stars for Ben Platt and DEH  Heather Stanley  5 star

Dear Even Hansen has quickly become one of my very favorite musicals. It's incredibly thoughtful, and relatable. The music and lyrics are just wonderful, and Ben Platt sings them with so much conviction, all without sacrificing the beauty of the music. I highly recommend this album and musical to anyone and everyone. It won a Tony for good reason, DEH absolutely earned it. Incredible. On repeat.

demon phannie

If you want to cry, this is the soundtrack for you!  demon phannie  5 star

The Dear Evan Hansen OBC soundtrack is full of pure, raw, deep emotions that will make you cry just by listening to them! If I could afford to see the actual show, I would.


Fantastic  FluffBook  5 star

Every time I listen, I belt out the songs. Just fabulous. Simply amazing. Truly creative music.


so good.  mspaintadventures  5 star

this show is amazing. it changed my life. all of the actors are so talented. would recommend.


AWESOME  Writer919  5 star

Such a powerful message to many and the music is great too.

Madison et al

♥️👍  Madison et al  4 star

I love all the music in this show, but where is Requiem in this album?


Amazing !  destinykalena  5 star



Amazing!  Catnan14  5 star

It is amazing- the plot is a little confusing but if you google it, it will make more sense. (Note: it does have the word h*ll 3 times, multiple drug references, and a sexual reference) However, considering the album is almost an hour long, it is not very dense.


no regrets  destinasia  5 star

my friend recommended this to me and i listened to it and i love it so much now. much love for ben platt.

Musical Nerd Penelope

Astonishing  Musical Nerd Penelope  5 star

Simply amazing and a must-see! If you have the ability to see it, YOU SHOULD! It's so meaningful and original. The songs are great and it is an emotional roller coaster. ❤️


Perfection  ilikeinstrumentals  5 star

Absolute beauty and genius. Stunning music and lyricism with such heart I haven't felt so deeply in my soul since Hamilton. What a time for a show like this. Thank you for giving us this gift!


Not my favourite  CarleySparkles  2 star

If I'm being honest, I don't understand why everyone loves this show so much. Maybe it's incredible live. Maybe it has a few catchy songs. But overall, it sounds like every song you hear in the radio. I admit there are a few songs that I enjoyed listening to. If this show helped anyone, then congratulations. I am truly happy you've made it through a hard part of your life. I was diagnosed with anxiety, ADHD, and depression all at age seven, and I know it's difficult. I'm still struggling with this eight years later. But this music doesn't help me the way it seems to help others.


No words  laneyv566  5 star

this is pure gold that will touch you some place special. this musical holds a special place in my heart and I am hoping to see it on broadway as soon as I can :) brilliant work and something that needs to be heard by all of the world. I would say that this is the best of broadway for sure!


Simply incredible.  Bluecat227  5 star

I saw this show on Broadway in March, and I was blown away. The music, story, and performances are simply amazing. Ben Platt is especially superb, he is insanely talented as both an actor and singer. This soundtrack is a must-have for any theater-goer, outsider, or anyone who wants to be found.

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