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Dear Evan Hansen (Original Broadway Cast Recording) by Various Artists Album Songs (14)

Anybody Have a Map?Rachel Bay Jones & Jennifer Laura Thompson 2:26USD 1.29
Waving Through a WindowBen Platt & Original Broadway Cast of Dear Evan Hansen 3:56USD 1.29
For ForeverBen Platt 5:01USD 1.29
Sincerely, MeMike Faist, Ben Platt & Will Roland 3:42USD 1.29
RequiemLaura Dreyfuss, Michael Park & Jennifer Laura Thompson 4:19USD 1.29
If I Could Tell HerBen Platt & Laura Dreyfuss 4:08USD 1.29
DisappearMike Faist, Ben Platt, Kristolyn Lloyd, Will Roland, Jennifer Laura Thompson & Original Broadway Cast of Dear Evan Hansen 4:35USD 1.29
You Will Be FoundBen Platt, Kristolyn Lloyd, Will Roland, Laura Dreyfuss & Original Broadway Cast of Dear Evan Hansen 6:00USD 1.29
To Break in a GloveMichael Park & Ben Platt 3:50USD 1.29
Only UsLaura Dreyfuss & Ben Platt 3:47USD 1.29
Good for YouRachel Bay Jones, Kristolyn Lloyd, Will Roland & Ben Platt 3:05USD 1.29
Words FailBen Platt 5:51USD 1.29
So Big / So SmallRachel Bay Jones 4:12USD 1.29
FinaleBen Platt & Original Broadway Cast of Dear Evan Hansen 1:35USD 1.29

Dear Evan Hansen (Original Broadway Cast Recording) Album Reviews


Incredibly Moving and Touching  TapDogz  5 star

This cast recording is simply astounding. I haven't even seen the show and just by listening to these amazing words i can grasp some of the plot points. these songs are so emotional and have impacted my psyche. Thank you to the writers and composers. amazing.


Beautiful  music_1605  5 star

It's really uplifting and inspiring. It's also really good music. Can't wait to see the show!


Most amazing musical  spasticchf  5 star

I'm not huge into musicals but this just touches everybody! Who hasn't felt down and in the dumps?! We all think of giving up but this music tackles what most won't talk about. Such inspiration!


Absolutely amazing!!!  juliaammonn  5 star

"Dear Evan Hansen" is truly inspiring and beautiful. It tells a story of dealing with anxiety (which I can relate to) as well bringing people together...all through a gorgeous soundtrack and fantastic acting. I love this musical so much! :)


Amazing  frozencrazy  5 star

This musical is everything


UNBELIEVABLE  jess_312  5 star

This music; this show! I have no words๐Ÿ˜ Great job Pasek and Paul๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘โค๏ธโค๏ธ


LOVE LOVE LOVE  AnnaButterfly  5 star

It is so amazing and I love every single song and I love every single actor/actress in the show!! JUST AMAZING!!


Oh my gosh I love this musical so much  Carlson23  5 star

Ok, to start I am a HUGE musical theatre person. Most of the time I listen to traditional musical theatre from a while back. So when I heard that a pop/musical theatre album was being released, I was like "oh no don't mix them please." But when I heard it I WAS BLOWN AWAY! I can't get over how much I love this musical, plot line, cast, creative team, etc. I love it so much that I bought tickets to see it in less than a week! They deserved all the Tonys they got!!


compelling story, amazing score  AmazingTurtle  5 star

the message in Dear Evan Hansen is beautiful. wonderful orchestrations by Alex Lacamoire combined with the brilliance of Pasek and Paul's score tell a compelling story about heartbreak and acceptance. 10/10, a must have for everyone.

clique bait

Fantastic  clique bait  5 star

I was lucky enough to see it live and it changed my life. Never pass up an opportunity to see this show.


Just....Wow  Jhon100002  5 star

I've never heard of a musical like this. It's so well crafted and well thought out. I wish I can see it.


YES!!  Bling04  5 star

this music is the shiz


For anyone who's ever felt alone. You still matterโค๏ธ  Kat82356  5 star

This show is so beautiful and deserves so much recognition for the wonderful work it's doing. The cast and crew are spectacular and the album is absolutely beautiful! โค๏ธโค๏ธ

Jaydaaaaaaaaaaaaa ๐Ÿ˜›

amazing  Jaydaaaaaaaaaaaaa ๐Ÿ˜›  5 star

do yourself a favor and listen to this masterpiece. just make sure you have your tissues ready

Shirley Sulca

Amazing  Shirley Sulca  5 star

I can't wait to see the show

Pinky 154

Oh my gosh. I love this.  Pinky 154  4 star

I haven't even seen the show, but listening to the music makes me want to see this show so bad. I love the messages the songs put out there.


Loca Theater Kid Shook As Always  Rjd1  5 star

I'm a total theater nerd, but I don't always listen to cast albums regularly because, as good as some shows are, the classic "musical theater" style isn't always what I'm in the mood for. I listen to this album ALL. THE. TIME. Pasek and Paul are MAGIC. Ben Platt and Laura Dreyfus' voices literally bring me to tears. I get chills listening to this OBCR. As for the musical itself, while I haven't seen it, it's such an important topic. Focusing on teens with anxiety, suicide, and the power of social media are such relevant things right now in this day and age and removing the stigma around mental health issues and talking about mental health is an incredibly important issue. Hats off to Dear Evan Hansen to taking it on and doing it extremely well. I saw Hamilton in February, and it has my whole heart, but watch out, Alexander, because Evan Hansen is coming to steal your spotlight. LOVE IT.


so good  csz0614  5 star

Just saw this show on Broadway. I have been hooked on the songs, but after seeing the show, they mean even more to me now. Absolutely cried during So Big/So Small. If you can get the chance to see the show, do so.... it is so worth it!

Paris Punk

Wow!! ๐Ÿ˜๐ŸŽถ  Paris Punk  5 star

This music is pure talent and just amazing ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜ I can't stop listening!!


WOW  Jack272538  5 star

I absolutely love this musical!

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