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Welcome Home by Zac Brown Band Album Songs (10)

No Title Artist Time
Roots Zac Brown Band 3:51 USD 1.29
Real Thing Zac Brown Band 3:50 USD 1.29
Long Haul Zac Brown Band 3:32 USD 1.29
2 Places at 1 Time Zac Brown Band 3:40 USD 1.29
Family Table Zac Brown Band 3:31 USD 1.29
My Old Man Zac Brown Band 3:46 USD 1.29
Start Over Zac Brown Band 4:13 USD 1.29
Your Majesty Zac Brown Band 3:42 USD 1.29
Trying to Drive Zac Brown Band 4:26 USD 1.29
All the Best Zac Brown Band 4:11 USD 1.29

Welcome Home Album Reviews

Emmz ;)

Awesome!  Emmz ;)  5 star

Welcome back Zac and the boys! Great album. Have been listening to ZBB since I saw them live 2008 at a small festival in my hometown. Best album since Foundation.


"Clichés"  OldClassicSteve  1 star

That's what the title of this record should be. Disappointing doesn't adequately cover this album. It's cheap, feels like it was quickly thrown together. Musicianship and vocals are strong as always, the songwriting is what kills this record. Pass on it.


ZBB Does it Again  SusaninVa  5 star

ZBB never disappoints. This new album is one that comes from the heart, right down to their roots! Excellent album.. I'm sure the songs are even better when you see them performed live! Great job, ZBB!!!!

Robbie da fish

Feels Good-  Robbie da fish  5 star

Listened to it already 3 times this morning- feels good n hearty! Nice Job ZBB.


Amazing  Mitchelobelite  5 star

Not one song on this album is bad. I literally like every single one! My only wish is that there was even more songs!


Another Disappointment  Prozak417  1 star

One or two decent songs, the rest is just mediocre at best. Another flop, The Foundation and Pass the Jar were amazing but since then it's just been sad.


Truly Amazing!  Punker<33  5 star

I just started listening to ZBB when I watched Sonic Highways from Foo Fighters. They recorded a song in Nashville with ZBB and was impressed with his interview. Listened to the Foundation and jumped into Jekyll + Hyde. And haven't stopped. Love everything they have put out. They have no classification and that is what I love about them. They can play ANYTHING. This latest release does not disappoint. Listened to the whole album and just left me feeling so good inside! Love the song '2 Places at 1 Time'. Can't wait to seem them perform in concert. They are a GREAT live band too!

Wow just amazing

Real country is back  Wow just amazing  5 star

Absolutely love this album, back with great song and a great vibe.

Hate this app👹

OMG!!!  Hate this app👹  5 star

I love love love ZBB!! Everything about htis album so far is perfection! I cant wait for it to be released. This is purley amazing!


xgd😅  drjohn626  5 star

D g Dg DD gdz


Sarai😇 lopez13sarai 3 star

@ACountryWord: Life’s too easy to be so damn complicated. -Zac Brown Band


Katie Palmer katiepalmerrr 3 star

i'm forever disturbed by this moment at the zac brown band concert deadAss


La Cible Radio La_Cible_Radio 3 star

#laciblecountry #NowPlaying Zac Brown Band - Toes sur


Always loved zbb  Strader5767  5 star

But I wasnt happy with Jekyll and Hyde, please let this be a return to form!


My mom's dad passed away two years ago  thatreviewerdude  5 star

I've cried listening to this.

Your favorite Jen

Never ceases to amaze me  Your favorite Jen  5 star

ZBB, you never cease to amaze me! Those melodies and harmonies. Amazing!

Music Lover2456

Perfect song  Music Lover2456  5 star

Zac Brown kills it in this new tribute to fathers. The writing is extraordinary and vocals are off the chart. Destin to be one of his best ever !!

Bob bob bob12345

Back to their roots!!!  Bob bob bob12345  5 star

I'm so excited for this album!!


welcome home... the apology record  RNRPioneer  1 star

hey guys sorry for telling you to go kick rocks on our previous album and horrible side projects! heres an album we're dumping right away to prove we still have country cred yo! ha. not falling for it. welcome home zbb.

Honest Carolina man

Can't wait  Honest Carolina man  5 star

Like it so far

Electric Sky Dog

Great Country Song!!  Electric Sky Dog  5 star

What a beautiful song from top to bottom! Zac Brown Band have created a masterpiece of a song, one you can listen to over & over. Congrats


ZBB does it again!  Skinssss  5 star

Another SOLID track from one of the greatest country bands out there. Looking fwd to hearing the rest of this one when it is released in May.


THIS IS WHAT COUNTRY MUSIC NEEDS  truecountry96  5 star

Thank you Zac Brown Band. You've always been one of my favorites and I cannot wait to hear the whole album.

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