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Welcome Home by Zac Brown Band Album Songs (10)

No Title Artist Time
Roots Zac Brown Band 3:51 USD 1.29
Real Thing Zac Brown Band 3:50 USD 1.29
Long Haul Zac Brown Band 3:32 USD 1.29
2 Places at 1 Time Zac Brown Band 3:40 USD 1.29
Family Table Zac Brown Band 3:31 USD 1.29
My Old Man Zac Brown Band 3:46 USD 1.29
Start Over Zac Brown Band 4:13 USD 1.29
Your Majesty Zac Brown Band 3:42 USD 1.29
Trying to Drive Zac Brown Band 4:26 USD 1.29
All the Best Zac Brown Band 4:11 USD 1.29

Welcome Home Album Reviews


Fresh Air  kicknazz  5 star

A fan since the beginning. Glad to hear the guys get back to their roots! Album feels like I'm sitting around a camp fire with Zac and the band. Fresh air!


Back to form  Bajapete  5 star

I sort of lost interest in ZBB last couple of albums, but this release has brought back into the fold. Superb!


Heart and Soul Will fill you up  cduub132  5 star

This Album is pretty amazing... The song writting is unreal.. Every song stikes a different cord that reverberates long after. Starting with the first song... Going to back to their Roots... and take you though a poient and Bitter sweet parts of life.. Then All the best... I mean who dose not have some one in their past that it will ring true for. My Only Complaint, and if I could have take a half star away I would have.. Was there was only one Island... Buffett-esk song and I have become a custom to Two at least... But that is so minor in the sceam of an otherwise Awesome album.

Ja sto man

Welcome home  Ja sto man  5 star

This is taking zac brown band back to the good ol days It sounds crisp and recreates their classic sound


Great Album  dchipgh  5 star

Great songs from beginning to end. Entire album is good.


Miss ZBB  Dez181  2 star

This is such a let down, thier first two albums were awesome and every song was great. This is a manufactured mess. I think J & H was marginally better than this.

Emmz ;)

Awesome!  Emmz ;)  5 star

Welcome back Zac and the boys! Great album. Have been listening to ZBB since I saw them live 2008 at a small festival in my hometown. Best album since Foundation.


"Clichés"  OldClassicSteve  1 star

That's what the title of this record should be. Disappointing doesn't adequately cover this album. It's cheap, feels like it was quickly thrown together. Musicianship and vocals are strong as always, the songwriting is what kills this record. Pass on it.


ZBB Does it Again  SusaninVa  5 star

ZBB never disappoints. This new album is one that comes from the heart, right down to their roots! Excellent album.. I'm sure the songs are even better when you see them performed live! Great job, ZBB!!!!

Robbie da fish

Feels Good-  Robbie da fish  5 star

Listened to it already 3 times this morning- feels good n hearty! Nice Job ZBB.


•FACE•POKER• PokerFuckinFace 3 star

She clearly has the upcoming concert this Friday yet Wrigley Field only wants to list Green Day's even on the 24 & the Zac Brown Band the 26


jmk54dmb jmk54dmb 3 star

@JamBase: Zac Brown Band honored LeRoi Moore and dusted off a cover of Pearl Jam's "Black" at The Gorge on Saturday …


Kamry Volkmer kamrytoyota 3 star

@KATCountry: #TwitterTuesday this tweet for your chance to win tickets to see Zac Brown Band in #STL this Sunday! …


Back to their roots  PGASWING  5 star

Been waiting for ZBB to get back to where it all started. If this first single is any indication....nailed it! Looking forward to wearing out the new album all summer.


They're back in the country!  Ashleyrocks2150  5 star

Welcome Home, ZBB. We've been waiting for ya.


Zach Brown!!!  Ms.Gbda  5 star

Your music makes me cry, I love it sooo much! Hits the soul! ❤️


They're back?  COTDAMNITELIZABETH  4 star

Sounds very promising so far.

Idk and Idc are u ready

Mac DeMarco ...  Idk and Idc are u ready  1 star

Mac's My old dog is better


MY OLD MAN  ZAMILYMAN 2017  5 star

Saw it live first time they played in public, down at castaway, eyes were sweating all around me,ZBB knowa how to touch your heart, can't wait until full release of the Welcome Home


Always loved zbb  Strader5767  5 star

But I wasnt happy with Jekyll and Hyde, please let this be a return to form!


My mom's dad passed away two years ago  thatreviewerdude  5 star

I've cried listening to this.

Your favorite Jen

Never ceases to amaze me  Your favorite Jen  5 star

ZBB, you never cease to amaze me! Those melodies and harmonies. Amazing!

Music Lover2456

Perfect song  Music Lover2456  5 star

Zac Brown kills it in this new tribute to fathers. The writing is extraordinary and vocals are off the chart. Destin to be one of his best ever !!

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