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RootsZac Brown Band 3:51USD 1.29
Real ThingZac Brown Band 3:50USD 1.29
Long HaulZac Brown Band 3:32USD 1.29
2 Places at 1 TimeZac Brown Band 3:40USD 1.29
Family TableZac Brown Band 3:31USD 1.29
My Old ManZac Brown Band 3:46USD 1.29
Start OverZac Brown Band 4:13USD 1.29
Your MajestyZac Brown Band 3:42USD 1.29
Trying to DriveZac Brown Band 4:26USD 1.29
All the BestZac Brown Band 4:11USD 1.29

Welcome Home Album Reviews


Every album gets better!  ShePoncin  5 star

This album is phenomenal! Personal yet eclectic and the classic artistic expression only the Zac Brown Band can do! I'm in love!!!!


Welcome Home  LizardKing72  3 star

I don't feel the country in this come back to roots country album. This sounds way more fitting for light FM or a pop station. I used to love ZBB back in the day, but that was then and this is now, just not the same feel or sound, very weak CD, sorry but that is what it is. A lot of the riffs sound very similar also, uh oh.


Great EP?  jbebcb1987  5 star

Album is too short in my opinion, but has some of their best work to date. They never disappoint in terms of music and their songwriting, only the amount of songs on this one. Despite this, buy it. Love the feel and sound of this record.


Love this album!  Cate1928  5 star

It's rare that I like every song on an album, but that is the case here. Every song on this album is fantastic and I love the old-school country feel this album has. It's such a nice change from all the country pop on the radio (I do like the country pop/rock songs as well). It's also nice that ZBB has a duet with a new female artist (Madison Ryann) on the album.


Without a doubt the best Albumn ever made  JonK13  5 star

Without a doubt the best Albumn ever made


Amazing!  Ally0729  5 star

This album is amazing! Zac Brown Band is one of the few country singers/bands that keep true country alive. So many "country" singers have completely ruined the true legacies of people like Garth Brooks or Alan Jackson. Country today just isn't the same as it used to be but the Zac Brown Band has brought it back to their Roots (no pun intended). Keep it up guys, this album is awesome!


Fresh Air  kicknazz  5 star

A fan since the beginning. Glad to hear the guys get back to their roots! Album feels like I'm sitting around a camp fire with Zac and the band. Fresh air!


Back to form  Bajapete  5 star

I sort of lost interest in ZBB last couple of albums, but this release has brought back into the fold. Superb!


Heart and Soul Will fill you up  cduub132  5 star

This Album is pretty amazing... The song writting is unreal.. Every song stikes a different cord that reverberates long after. Starting with the first song... Going to back to their Roots... and take you though a poient and Bitter sweet parts of life.. Then All the best... I mean who dose not have some one in their past that it will ring true for. My Only Complaint, and if I could have take a half star away I would have.. Was there was only one Island... Buffett-esk song and I have become a custom to Two at least... But that is so minor in the sceam of an otherwise Awesome album.

Ja sto man

Welcome home  Ja sto man  5 star

This is taking zac brown band back to the good ol days It sounds crisp and recreates their classic sound

Red eye II

Sac brown @ HLSR  Red eye II  5 star

Just saw Zac Brown @ HLSR and heard a few songs coming out on new album. CANT WAIT

Justin Black*

Test. Test out.  Justin Black*  3 star

Test. Test out.


My Old Man  ornreone  5 star

They are back! The sounds awesome, voices strong. Songs that bring back memories, soulful, beautiful lyrics. As in years past. Let the good times roll.


They Keep It Going  CassaOfficial  5 star

Zac Brown Band continues to write the most amazing heartfelt songs in country music today!


Awesome Country!  Mrr100878  5 star

First album was outstanding, second album great. Everything they put out is true country. Cant wait for the whole album.


INCREDIBLE  Jawwsomenessd  5 star

Their last album was good, but was a little on the pop country side. This album is right down the middle, meaningful, real country music! Ain't nothin like the real thing! Amazing work ZBB!


Back to their roots  PGASWING  5 star

Been waiting for ZBB to get back to where it all started. If this first single is any indication....nailed it! Looking forward to wearing out the new album all summer.


They're back in the country!  Ashleyrocks2150  5 star

Welcome Home, ZBB. We've been waiting for ya.


Zach Brown!!!  Ms.Gbda  5 star

Your music makes me cry, I love it sooo much! Hits the soul! ❤️


They're back?  COTDAMNITELIZABETH  4 star

Sounds very promising so far.

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