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'One More Light' is the 7th studio album by American rock band Linkin Park and the last one featuring Chester Bennington. Recorded through September 2015 to February 2017, 'One More Light' was produced by Brad Delson and Mike Shinoda, and released on May 19th, 2017 through Warner Bros. Records (and Machine Shop). 'Heavy', the first single released from the album, is a duet featuring Kiiara, marking it the first time that Linkin Park has ever featured a female vocalist on an original song for a studio album.

One More Light by LINKIN PARK Album Songs (10)

Nobody Can Save MeLINKIN PARK 3:45USD 1.29
Good Goodbye (feat. Pusha T & LINKIN PARK 3:31USD 1.29
Talking to MyselfLINKIN PARK 3:51USD 1.29
Battle SymphonyLINKIN PARK 3:36USD 1.29
InvisibleLINKIN PARK 3:34USD 1.29
Heavy (feat. Kiiara)LINKIN PARK 2:49USD 1.29
Sorry for NowLINKIN PARK 3:23USD 1.29
Halfway RightLINKIN PARK 3:37USD 1.29
One More LightLINKIN PARK 4:15USD 1.29
Sharp EdgesLINKIN PARK 2:58USD 1.29

One More Light Album Reviews


I love it  Lilly78209  5 star

It’s definitely different than their past music but I like a band that can evolve and still stay true to themselves. I love all of Linkin Park’s album and I am constantly impressed on how they switch styles between them and it still sounds good! The more I listen to it, the more I love it.

The real reviewer27

Amazing  The real reviewer27  5 star

Give it a chance-they can’t sing the same stuff forever. They grow and their music evolves.


Beautifully put together  E4552  5 star

The lyrics of this album are amazing!

RJ 555

RIP Chester ❤️  RJ 555  5 star

This is an amazing album, its hard to listen knowing chester is no longer with us 💔


The end of a Legacy  Tmanbeef28030492  5 star

I love the way that genres and music in general are beginning to change. I understand and respect that music and trends change as time moves forward. This album is amazing in the sense that it is evolving with the ever changing tides of society. It brings about classical Linkin Park, while incorporating new sounds, beats and melodies. Linkin Park has been a part of my entire life, from Hybrid Theory to this ominously foreshadowing last album of One More Light. May you rest in peace Chester, you and your band did more than anyone else could ever imagine doing, and touched more lives than you coud possibly hope to touch. Thank you for all the head bangs, the air guitar solos and the emotional connections. Linkin Park will always be held in high esteem, and close to my heart. Thank you for all the wonderful memories.


One More Light  babyboy14622  5 star

What An Amazing Song Of "One More Light".


❤️It  Iselamedina  5 star

❤️it can’t get enough of this Album best yet!!!!


New direction  lpnumberonefan  5 star

I hate how many low ratings this album has gotten. Linkin Park takes a new taste in music and I am eating it up! Keep on feeding me guys! In love with the album. I have been since it came out. I love this new live version as well. Missing Chester so incredibly much and hearing yalls voices take me into a new world. Thank you for always supporting me without knowing it. Love you all.

Andrew Begancourt

For you Chester  Andrew Begancourt  5 star

I got this album for the fact that it's Chester's last album. I love it. Rest in peace Chester


Total Sellout  IbanezJFS  1 star

While there's nothing wrong with making a pop album it still has to be good and this album isnt good. Both Chester and Mike needed so much pitch correction. The drums have been reduced to a drum machine and other than the country track I don't think there was a single chord played from Brad. I don't use this word litely but here I am justified. This record is a total SELLOUT album. I'ts tragic that Chester is gone but thats no excuse to suddenly say this album is good.


Shel🐝lalalatina__3 star

@Rt_YourFavBands: Linkin Park "One step closer "


Bedroom wolfLaqweefaJ3 star

Here’s a song for you… Crawling by Linkin Park


Sayyid Badiuzzamanbxdiuzzxmxn3 star

What was left when that fire was gone? So, I'm picking up the pieces now, where to begin. The hardest part of endin…


Nah man!  Nkknowsalot  1 star

I couldn't have cared less from this album. This album had two songs that I truly enjoyed, but the rest of this album left the true Linkin Park void in my soul empty.


Love this Album  imkai  5 star

I love the style progression of this group. Always fresh. Always amazing. Such talent!


The Finale Album?  signpatch  5 star

My heart still aches when hearing Chester’s voice and realizing that he’s no longer with us. This album is a beautiful indicator of the group’s growth since their Hybrid Theory days. Each track shows maturity and risk-taking while staying true to what made them the musical group that literally saved my life when I fought suicidal thoughts. As an adult now, I have a reason to love LP again. This is a great project. We miss you Chester.


Stop "'c'rapping" and sing!  mrmacdnyc  4 star

Enough of this ridiculous white boy rap. Turn up the rock 'n' roll and make yourself memorable.


Beautiful  Levi167  5 star

Linkin Park has always made great albums with AMAZING music. This one is definetely no exception. It brings a new style of music to this band which is great. I hope they keep making great music. R.I.P. Chester. We will always keep you in our hearts


Different Style, Still Amazing Music  KenleighLeonard  5 star

Linkin Park may have made a major change to their music style, but their music remains to be still just as amazing. This album especially does a great job with the message that Linkin Park is trying to show...


Growing  JamieLG80  5 star

I really think this is their best album. I've been listening to LP since I was 19 and now I'm 36 and I've really enjoyed seeing them grow with each new album. RIP Chester, you'll be missed!


Why did they raise the price!  Crazylegz305  5 star

I won’t buy this cd unless it’s $7.99 I don’t understand why they raised the price


Inspirational  SoloD85  5 star

LPs music may not be the same as before but they still know how to drop hits...especially one more light...this song is so deep and a perfect way to connect to those who have lost someone in their lives especially Chester...there will never be someone like him


RIP Chester  Raptorking18  5 star

When I first listened to the record, I gave it around a 5-6/10 since it did have a good sound (production wise) but it didn't feel like a Linkin Park record when I first listened to it when it just came out. It sounded too mainstream pop so I was a bit let down by the album. But after this tragic event took place, I picked up this album again and had another listen to it, and now I'll give it a 7.5/10. Still doesn't feel like the old school Linkin Park records that we're used to (the album sounds like anyone could've made this album). But the lyrics in the songs is what gives this album another positive since it sounded like he was crying for help and that there wasn't many people around to save him. I miss him a lot. RIP Chester. #ChesterForever #LPForever!

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