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'One More Light' is the 7th studio album by American rock band Linkin Park and the last one featuring Chester Bennington. Recorded through September 2015 to February 2017, 'One More Light' was produced by Brad Delson and Mike Shinoda, and released on May 19th, 2017 through Warner Bros. Records (and Machine Shop). 'Heavy', the first single released from the album, is a duet featuring Kiiara, marking it the first time that Linkin Park has ever featured a female vocalist on an original song for a studio album.

One More Light by LINKIN PARK Album Songs (10)

Nobody Can Save MeLINKIN PARK 3:45USD 1.29
Good Goodbye (feat. Pusha T & LINKIN PARK 3:31USD 1.29
Talking to MyselfLINKIN PARK 3:51USD 1.29
Battle SymphonyLINKIN PARK 3:36USD 1.29
InvisibleLINKIN PARK 3:34USD 1.29
Heavy (feat. Kiiara)LINKIN PARK 2:49USD 1.29
Sorry for NowLINKIN PARK 3:23USD 1.29
Halfway RightLINKIN PARK 3:37USD 1.29
One More LightLINKIN PARK 4:15USD 1.29
Sharp EdgesLINKIN PARK 2:58USD 1.29

One More Light Album Reviews


Amazing!!!!!!  SpeedyDash1  5 star

It's so beautiful!!!!!


Different, but amazing  kpru3  5 star

Lp has changed over the years, but this album is so heartfelt and emotional. I love their range as musicians


It takes a few listens  Sssfsssthdudythdyrsymrsmyr  5 star

I love heavy metal and barely listen to pop. I didn’t like this album much until a few weeks ago. It’s truly an amazing album. I recommend to everyone


Bad  K-motto  1 star

It was bad


Awesome  DrwcMichel  5 star

Great record. Love every song.

Apple Google usuk

Nice change in sound.  Apple Google usuk  5 star

Nice to have a different style than the usual from LP, good songs to mix it up a bit.


No clean version:(  Abdei88rocks123  1 star

Would it kill iTunes to have a clean radio version?


Quick, get me some disinfectant....  uni_man  1 star

I just puked all over my new shoes! This doesn't even deserve one star. Go away "Linkin' Pop". Once a band sells out to the audience of "The Voice", they are done. Too bad. Sayonara LP.


Amazing  Marcd81  5 star

Can never go wrong with Linkin Park.. All of their music is amaziing, no what direction they are going with their sound.. Keep on rocking. RIP Chester

Kunye vest

Thank you Chester  Kunye vest  5 star

Sad album but good


SerukiaSerukiaMusic3 star

@RockMetalCore: Linkin Park \\ Castle Of Glass


マンディ_647md3 star

@renampme Linkin Parkが一番大好き


Anikó DósaAnyda6663 star

@Kaciekkart: One of my coworkers has the craziest music taste ever. I mean you can listen to whatever but like, it varies so much. One m…

Leonard RVB

A little late but R.I.P Bennington  Leonard RVB  5 star

I've been a fan of LP for a couple of years now and their songs really connect. Sure this album wasn't like their other ones but all and all the messages were still connectable. Sad to admit it but this was Chester's final gift to the world and a suicide note.


MY LINKIN PARK RETURNS 😍  Annawolf222  5 star

I love that linkin park is never afraid to try new sounds. You win some, you loose some. True fans will never diss or leave them. keep it up guys! (: IM SO EXCITED FOR THEIR CONCERT!! Already got my tickets 😊😊😊😊 love you linkin park!! ..... I miss you chester ):


Amazingly Heartfelt Album  finchgrey  5 star

In the light of Chester's death, this album carries so much more weight than we thought. The lyrics don't need a hard, angry sound behind them in order to be meaningful, and honestly, if more people - different people - listen to the more pop-like sound, why not change it up? Why not change it up if the songs that you are writing to chase the demons away aren't working? Wouldn't you try and find something else to drown them out? Overall, I love this album. Rest in peace Chester Bennington


Change with the times  AnnieOakley87  5 star

Yes, this album isn’t as intense as their older music that we grew up with but that doesn’t take away from the lyrics or Chester’s scratchy voice that we all fell in love with. He blew his vocal chords like other artists and had to adapt so he could still produce music. Get a grip and roll with the times, they’re still a great band :)


Chester’s best  Sharkflyt  5 star

Sadly this was Chester Benningtons final album but a masterpiece. Unfortunately the band never read into his pain and this album clearly said exactly what was going on with him personally. I wish his last interview with KIIS fm was a wake up call to that DJ but even he never saw this coming. Twenty One Pilots also has a song called “Migraine” that displays exactly what Chester said in his interview and was shocking to discover. I wonder if Tyler suffered the same at some point. YouTube his final interview and you will see ....

A RizzeL

Bravo, Bravo.  A RizzeL  5 star

Very insightful. Love it.


Disappointing  DylansDream2009  1 star

I’ve loved every album Linkin Park has released and assumed this one would be the same so I didn’t even bother sampling the songs or reading the reviews before purchasing it. What happened? This sounds more like a 90’s boy band than the group I love.


Loved it  cnb2014  5 star

Loved this album, I think people need to realize that music evolves and changes over the years and so do the bands. With everything that has happened I don't think we could've asked for a more personal album. Love their new music!


y'all.......  tick1788  5 star

why can't you guys just like...i dunno maybe let them do what they want? stop complaining about how "the old linkin park" was better and just let them be? if you like the old stuff better then just listen to that and don't listen to the new stuff! don't waste your time giving a great album 1 star reviews just because it's got a different sound than what you're used to!!!


Another great evolution  Weavedog84  5 star

Love the growth and changes throughout

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