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No Title Artist Time
Last of My Kind Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit 4:22 USD 1.29
Cumberland Gap Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit 3:24 USD 1.29
Tupelo Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit 4:01 USD 1.29
White Man's World Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit 3:56 USD 1.29
If We Were Vampires Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit 3:35 USD 0.69
Anxiety Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit 6:57 USD 1.29
Molotov Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit 3:46 USD 1.29
Chaos and Clothes Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit 3:34 USD 1.29
Hope the High Road Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit 3:03 USD 1.29
Something to Love Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit 3:39 USD 1.29

The Nashville Sound Album Reviews


White man  Kjejeosnenedddmdd  5 star

Although i am a white man and a republican voter the song is very touching and quite frankly if you cant accept the song and listen to it you have a promblem accepting someone elses believes is very important to do so and not accepting others beliefs is your problem!

Beer Drinker321

Still soaring above the clouds and weather!  Beer Drinker321  5 star

Southeastern was a rocket ship ride in the stratosphere! SMTF established that cruising altitude. The Nashville Sound continues to cruise along at that same level of greatness far above the regular world. It seems almost effortless at this point. These songs just get better with each listen. Easily over 10 times through the complete record and still making little discoveries that reaffirm how much I enjoy these artists!


Killin it!  ellabama86  5 star

Isbell and the Unit kill it yet AGAIN with this album! The songwriting is, again, once again, incomparable. Brilliant! I can't wait to hear these gems live when I see them this fall in Mobile and Nashville!

Riverbottom nightmare band

hard work pays off  Riverbottom nightmare band  5 star

no one is more deserving or hardworking than jason & his band. the narratives found on this album may not side with everyone's views, but the talent & uniqueness is undeniable. hard to find songwriters at this level today, bravo isbell!


Join the crowd  ZproductionZ  1 star

Looks like he's really not that far removed from the Truckers. Jason, you're way too much of an intellect to stoop to superficial political pandering. I have thoroughly appreciated your subtle political motivation in the past, but this is just too much. I didn't see you as the selfish type that calls attention to himself and his own politics, but apparently, I was wrong.


A worthy successor to Something More than Free  EzioAssassin14  5 star

I'm a huge Isbell fan; I won't hide that. But this album transcends fanbases and fandom. Isbell crafts an album that will make you "rock out" and that will make you cry just as hard. Tracks like Cumberland Gap and Anxiety lend to his roots in DBT but speak to his evolution as an artist. If We Were Vampires flips traditional love dog on it's head with a dose of reality. An exceptional album from an exceptional artist.


Another great album from Jason Isbell  DLLRUN  5 star

This guy is so good at what he does.


Better then the Nashville sound  OkieLane  5 star


Marlee barlee

Skilled Artist  Marlee barlee  5 star

Your music and sound are so fabulous! I'm excited about the new album. We love listening at home, & you put on a great show every time. Thank you for playing in Georgia!

A reasonable Alabamian

Gratitude for the tunes!  A reasonable Alabamian  5 star

Fellow Alabamian and longtime Isbell fan here- this album is great! All these rednecks attacking him with labels like "snowflake" and "Democrat" over 1 of 4 songs released so far are an impediment to the progress of society. I've been watching him since his days playing the Strutting Duck off Wire Road in Auburn, AL- he keeps getting better and better. Thanks for the tunes, Mr. Isbell.


First Track is Great  edwardm850  5 star

Looking forward to the release!


king of songwriter mountain  awatts472  5 star

great first song. Isbell is the best writer out there right now.

Scot I

One Stars....  Scot I  5 star

Don't pay attention to the one stars. These are the people that see nothing wrong with flying the Confederate flag. Feel sorry for them and don't let them keep you away from music with a meaning.


Great Artist  Canucklehead67  5 star

Love this guy. Can't wait for the rest.

mada9er 80

His music not yours  mada9er 80  5 star

This is what I've always enjoyed about him, it's in a different place every time. Last time I checked it's his music not yours. If you don't like it, more enjoyment for the rest of us! Already preordered through his website. Support good artists. Enjoy everybody.


🔥  JSandy83  5 star

Jason, you killed it, yet again. I have no doubt that the entire album will be incredible. Don't pay the idiotic rednecks any attention. See you in Charleston!

It's me...SCMF

Great song  It's me...SCMF  5 star

This is a very good song and nice to hear Jason getting back to some high energy music. Despite what one idiot reviewed, this is not about race. This is about discord with things that are happening in our country despite your political view. To call a guy from Muscle Shoal, Alabama a racist, especially when he is influenced and plays with the great black artists down there shows what a moron the person who said that is.


Outstanding...Again.  zerogonzo  5 star

The Countries best singer/songwriter is at it again...To the people complaining...get over your's music, shut up and need to be lil snowflakes.


Trash  Ishamjustin  1 star

First song is trash.. use to be a big fan of Jason. Oh well. People change.

EW  1 star


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