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From A Room, Volume 1 by Chris Stapleton Album Songs (9)

Broken HalosChris Stapleton 3:00USD 1.29
Last Thing I Needed, First ThiChris Stapleton 4:15USD 1.29
Second One to KnowChris Stapleton 2:56USD 1.29
Up to No Good Livin'Chris Stapleton 4:05USD 1.29
Either WayChris Stapleton 4:08USD 1.29
I Was WrongChris Stapleton 3:11USD 1.29
Without Your LoveChris Stapleton 3:51USD 1.29
Them StemsChris Stapleton 3:00USD 1.29
Death RowChris Stapleton 4:03USD 1.29

From A Room, Volume 1 Album Reviews


Respect  Lovnit2006  5 star

His music is right up at the top. The kind of artist that you feel. When he sings you pay attention and feel his music. Love this guy. Saving country music one song at a time.

The Kids Right

Great voice...  The Kids Right  5 star

We needed him in country music!


I didn't know  Simmy_19000  5 star

I was really only into hip hop and r&b, however, after hearing his voice, and hearing him sing so soulfully, I fell in love with his music! All of his songs are a must listen! Love this album and the past album!!❀️


Country & Blues  R8RON  5 star

A great mix of traditional County and Blues, this album will stand the test of time and if you don't buy it you are missing out

Dragonman 32

Real Sh*t  Dragonman 32  5 star

Country music for outlaws

Shark Fanatic

Mixed Emotions About this  Shark Fanatic  3 star

Ok, to start, there is not a bad song on this album. It's rock solid cover to cover. But I don't like the fact that there's only 9 songs. I also can't stand the production. I get that it's supposed to be sort of an acoustic sounding album, but I would love to be able to hear the lyrics more clearly. This is 2017. We have the technology to make songs sound crisper and cleaner than they ever have while keeping the acoustic sound. It's just too quiet. With the addition of another upbeat song to get the juices flowing and some clarity in the production, this would be an outstanding album. I don't blame Chris, and he remains a fantastic artist, but I certainly feel like the guys in the studio could've done a better job on this one.


Outstanding Music Man  TexanTena  5 star

Chris Stapleton has another hit album!!!!


Gifted  Dblitz  5 star

First heard of Chris on Howard Stern show. Gave a great interview, but when I heard his voice, his range and versatility I took a shot and bought his album. Truly amazing!


So Happy!!!!  Hoosiermom65  5 star

Love, love, love Chris Stapleton! Loved the first album, but this second one is even BETTER! Not one "skip-past" song on this album!!!


More Stars  MikeDUbz  5 star

This Album is what's up! Real talent


Lionel Bieber_justicebeavers3 star

This is my favorite take in music


Saint Luxesaint_luxe3 star

β€œThe best music coming out of Nashville is made by women”


SoutherndipperJamesRolfe543 star

@SXMTheHighway Chris Stapleton Fire way #request any interview call me 479-877-4551


Crazy....  Trooper9  5 star

The baddest voice in music is back. This album rules. "Either Way" and "I Was Wrong" are two of the nastiest vocals you'll hear. Incredible. Only thing better than this album is hearing him live.


Fantastic Contemporary View  Fzaw  5 star

Rock and Roll wishes they had a Stapleton, blues have Gary Clark Jr. This man's version of country helps outsiders like me see the genius in Hank Williams. I was blind and now I see. Thank you!

A confused user???

Horrible  A confused user???  1 star

I don't understand the hype


He's done it again!  Tkaltreider  5 star

Chris Stapleton has a voice and a talent for writing music that anyone can relate to! I'm so proud to be a country music fan with such talented singers as Chris and Morgane Stapleton leading the pack!


Hands down, the BEST!!  SelahWest  5 star

This guy has nailed it in every sense of the word. Even if you're not a country fan, I promise you this album will blow your mind! Soulful, sexy, bluesy, catchy, moving and absolutely incredible! Stapleton will go down in history as one of the best artists ever!!


THE BESTπŸ’—  Andrea.πŸ’‹  5 star



Fcfdrtmss  rsrRtdwrrdrdrdrd  5 star

Tryingr arsenal:

some fan (est. 2013)

was a big fan.... back in 2015  some fan (est. 2013)  1 star

now....very disappointed.


Awful  Jjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjuu  1 star

I'm a country fan, but this album was a major disappointment.


Genius  Julie0930  5 star

This man! Every lyric makes you either want to cry or laugh. This is music at it's very purest. Vocals are sharp (and harmonies perfect with Morgane). Please give us more Chris. I've been around for a long time and have new "favorites" from time to time in all genres, but this man is a pure genius.

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