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From A Room: Volume 1 by Chris Stapleton Album Songs (9)

Broken HalosChris Stapleton 3:00USD 1.29
Last Thing I Needed, First ThiChris Stapleton 4:15USD 1.29
Second One to KnowChris Stapleton 2:56USD 1.29
Up to No Good Livin'Chris Stapleton 4:05USD 1.29
Either WayChris Stapleton 4:08USD 1.29
I Was WrongChris Stapleton 3:11USD 1.29
Without Your LoveChris Stapleton 3:51USD 1.29
Them StemsChris Stapleton 3:00USD 1.29
Death RowChris Stapleton 4:03USD 1.29

From A Room: Volume 1 Album Reviews


From A Room  Golfe  5 star

Fantastic collection of songs with blue grass roots and blues. The harmonies just gives chills to listeners spines!! Can't wait for Volume II!!


Amazing Album From Top to Bottom  Davet556  5 star

Some amazing songs, some really good songs.... that's my album description.


Real Country  ImAmasian574  5 star

Not even a fan of country music but this guy is a beast!


Boshit  Dudegetrekt  1 star

Country music is bullshit๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿพ


AMAZING album!!... He has brought the "soul" back!  Boccisgirl  5 star

The haunting voices, heart wrenching lyrics, just amazing. โค๏ธ๐Ÿ˜


Not like the rest.........  specialkdm8  5 star

Unlike a lot of country artists, this guy can actually SING!!!!! His voice is as smooth as butter and as pure as anything I've heard since growing up in TN. Today's artists take note.....this country has SOUL. Imitators step aside.


My go to artist  AmandaLayne  5 star

Speaks to my soul in any mood or weather. Love love love Chris.


Great!  YeyeH82  5 star

Loved it from beginning to end!!!! On replay, cannot stop listening!!


STELLAR  notengodinero  5 star

From the first guitar riff of "Broken Halos," this album grabbed my attention. This is what "modern" country and western should be, not that pop stuff. No fizz out on this follow-up. Thank you Mr. Stapleton.


Chris has done it again!  Uhmanduh927  5 star

Just like Traveller I wore this album out! Such soul in his voice, just amazing! If you get a chance to see him in concert, DO IT!


Marvelous!  Ugggggggggggh  5 star

What beautiful music!!!


Nope  PinkYti  1 star



Chris Stapleton  Jaxx1978  5 star

Hell yes! This mans voice is so smooth, and sultry, and real and honest. I can't stop listening to everything he does. My new favorite artist.

NJ Giantfan

Howard Stern  NJ Giantfan  5 star

Don't like country music. I heard him on Howard Stern and I thought he sounded great so I picked up cd. Love it

Dan Deel

Stapleton always delivers.  Dan Deel  5 star

Whether it's on the stage or in the studio, Chris Stapleton always delivers. From A Room Vol. 1 is nine tracks picked from his vast songbag that all flow so well together and leave you wanting more. Buy this album, you won't regret it.


A LEGEND  searcycircus  5 star

Everything that is Chris Stapleton is grounded and has it's place. Each song hits you with such soul and passion. What a refreshing album compared to the masses! I'm a big fan of old country and some new, and his music is the best of it all. The legends would be proud to hear this album and would probably ask for it on repeat. This album grows on me more and more everyday, so much that I had to leave this review. It just gets better and better! Ahhh, music heaven!


Great  Kkellsz  5 star

Love this guys style


Simply Awesome  Alendars  5 star

Not sure how anyone could rate this less than 5 stars, unless their just being as_holes. This is a must have CD!


Broke halos  Amia718  3 star

Broken halos made this album for me.


True country music!  Anl328  5 star

Love this album and it's great to hear real country music!!! Story telling, the feeling and emotion behind each song is great! Love it!

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