How Did We Get So Dark?

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How Did We Get So Dark? by Royal Blood Album Songs (11)

How Did We Get So Dark?Royal Blood 3:17USD 1.29
Lights OutRoyal Blood 3:56USD 1.29
I Only Lie When I Love YouRoyal Blood 2:49USD 1.29
She's CreepingRoyal Blood 3:23USD 1.29
Look Like You KnowRoyal Blood 3:05USD 1.29
Where Are You Now?Royal Blood 2:46USD 1.29
Don't TellRoyal Blood 3:38USD 1.29
Hook, Line & SinkerRoyal Blood 3:27USD 1.29
Hole in Your HeartRoyal Blood 3:46USD 1.29
SleepRoyal Blood 4:16USD 1.29

How Did We Get So Dark? Album Reviews

thunder 2016

royal blood  thunder 2016  5 star

love it

Rap is breaking my heart

YESSS!!!  Rap is breaking my heart  5 star

I remember the first time I heard Royal Blood. "Out of the Black" was a free download on iTunes about 4 years ago. Haven't stopped listening to them since then. Their new single does not disappoint, picking up right where they left off from their first album. It's amazing the sound these guys produce, and it's just two of them!


Very promising  BusterFoley  5 star

From the two tracks released so far off this album I have bery very high hopes. Sounds even better than the debut!


Royal Blood did it again  B_Ludlam  5 star

It's rare an album comes out and I like every song instantly. Heard royal blood on the radio about 1.5 years ago. Downloaded the song. Loved it. Went on iTunes. Sampled more. Bought every one. Second album. First single was fire. Bought the album immediately. Going to see them for the first time in a few months. Can't wait!!!


Hope for Hard Rock YET!  DrDemon6661  5 star

Never been too much into the regular radio fair, but after a friend spun this in the car on a trip from St. Louis to Chicago.... I now believe there is hope for Hard Rock!!!! Great writing, excellent execution, Power, Feeling, and a Little self-loathing... BUY THIS AND CRANK IT! Coming from a 'Death-head', You won't be sorry!


Sounds nice for the sneak peak song-  MCD001  5 star

One of the extremely few 'newer rock' bands to last more than one timer bands that flood the music market that we've been left to pick through. So here's to hoping that this band's future isn't on it's last work listed on the rock n roll genre page!

Emo McParland

Awesome  Emo McParland  5 star

I Love the new track; I can't wait for the rest of album to drop😎


Single is alright  DonnieIV  3 star

Hopefully the rest of the album will be good. The single isn't bad but it doesn't really stand out like any of the songs from their previous release. Still excited to hear more though.

The Paranormal Man

Already Repeating  The Paranormal Man  2 star

This new song sounds exactly like the others. No originality here. They are already making songs that sound like other songs. That means they have no more to give which is why I gave 2 stars.


Yes  mrhangen  5 star

The new single released leads to me think that his album is gonna be awesome


PhoenixWriting_Phoenix3 star

Phoenix Writing: THEOBROMA Child of Fire and Blood (Ch. 3) #myth #TT #royal The Lost Prince returns! Have a drink.


Phoenixbennuwright3 star

Phoenix Writing: THEOBROMA Child of Fire and Blood (Ch. 3) #myth #TT #royal The Lost Prince returns! Have a drink.


투펫too__pet3 star

@sunba_useless: 18.03.21 선바 스트리밍 오프닝 곡 Royal Blood - Come On Over

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