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After Laughter is the fifth studio album by American rock band Paramore, released on May 12, 2017 through Fueled by Ramen as a follow-up to Paramore (2013). It is their first album since the return of drummer Zac Farro, who left the band with his brother Josh in 2010, and the departure of former bassist Jeremy Davis, who left the band in 2015. The album's lead single, "Hard Times" was released on April 19, 2017 along with the music video and a pre-order of the album.

After Laughter by Paramore Album Songs (12)

Hard TimesParamore 3:02USD 1.29
Rose-Colored BoyParamore 3:32USD 1.29
Told You SoParamore 3:08USD 1.29
ForgivenessParamore 3:39USD 1.29
Fake HappyParamore 3:55USD 1.29
26Paramore 3:41USD 1.29
PoolParamore 3:52USD 1.29
GrudgesParamore 3:07USD 1.29
Caught In the MiddleParamore 3:34USD 1.29
Idle WorshipParamore 3:18USD 1.29
No FriendParamore 3:23USD 1.29
Tell Me HowParamore 4:20USD 1.29

After Laughter Album Reviews


Different sound because the grew up  legsyy  5 star

They're not 16 year old kids anymore. Gone are the days of misplaced angst, and in its place, a humbled expression of what it means to be pushing 30 years old. I grew up with this band. When I was 15, so were they. At 15, I felt every lyric because they were going through it, too. Same thing at 17, 19, and 23 years old. Paramore is a band who's sound of ever evolving. They are a self described "genre neutral" band, and for good reason. People who listen to Riot or AWKIF exclusively may not like their new sound. But you know what- who cares? They've always been a band that makes music they can stand by, and this album is where they're at now. I'm proud of Paramore. I'm proud of Hayley, Taylor, and Zac. I can relate to AL so much and it feels good knowing that "growing up" with a band is more than just listening to them in your youth. This album proves that. We. Are. Paramore.


Brilliant  oldenuf2no  5 star

Amazing to see a band fight thru so much adversity and continue to produce great music. This group from day one has been a gathering of a special talents. When their generation gets old enough to look back on Paramore's catalog of music it will be much appreciated. I can appreciate fully this band, even at my age of 50.

Awesome App Critic Lady

Super Disappointed  Awesome App Critic Lady  1 star

This album would be satisfactory, but I can't listen to it without cringing because it sounds nothing like paramore. Each song sounds like the next, and besides the vocals it would be impossible to tell that it's even made by paramore. I would've been happy with just one song where a xylophone isn't overpowering a guitar. They also seem to be copying the misterwives's style, which seems like a shame because paramore had a good thing going before.

Jimpanzee 68

Logical Progression  Jimpanzee 68  5 star

I love the the way how Paramore as grown from their first album to now...we can't stay "pop punk" forever, thus a logical progression to "After Laughter". The technical expertise in playing and production is mind-blowing! From a musicians standpoint this is by far their best album...kudos for Paramore for hanging in there and giving us quality music 😊


Awful....  DemiLovato21  1 star

I love Paramore but this "new sound" is trash. This is literally what every pop song sounds like. They have so much more talent than this! Bring back the rock Paramore!!


Sick of rock bands going to pop  CodeMonkey6981  1 star

What is up with rock bands switching over to pop? Please stop.


Change  OfficialSalmaT  5 star

I grew up listening their music (as many others do) personally for me, I really liked how this album turned out. It just comes to show that they changed. I believe we should too. People shouldn't expect to hear the same sound from 12 years ago. They were teenagers at the time. They grew up and evolved. They matured. This is them, grown up. I definitely liked how the album turned out.


#blessed  RGUNNSHOW  5 star

Legit pop music. If your mind can't expand beyond their "pop punk" era, then you don't deserve Paramore at all. Expand your musical taste and stop being snobs. GROW PEOPLE! BTW Polyrhythms in "Forgiveness" =👍🏽


AMAZING  ccnjsjs  5 star



:)  johnichiwa  5 star



lisa.idkneon3 star

@miseryroute: paramore blessed us with “now” six years ago already and i’m still grateful for live performances like this one .…


Electrauglyarthoe3 star

shoutout to @paramore for having a song that LITERALLY describes exactly how im feeling rn


capocapowilly3 star

Oh so I didn’t give you a paramore shirt ??? 🤔🤔


Oooooh Hayley.....  bigdinla  5 star

Every time you sing I fall in love with you again. Andmoreagain......


...  HannahR.2013  1 star

Is this even the same band..??


Different doesn't equal bad.  Jadenomy  5 star

One of the things I've always loved about Paramore is that they're a band that makes music for themselves, that's why, despite sounding so different than their other releases, this still feels distinctly like a Paramore album. They don't waste time pandering, or trying to recreate a 10 year old album over and over. However, they haven't dove in to the area of being too poppy either, really. They still have things to to say, and the lyrics still hit deep. It's definitely still alternative, just not the same alternative they started at. The more I listen, the more I love it.


Forgiveness  NeneJPhilly  4 star

Listening to the lyrics of this song is eery! I relate so freaking much; it's like Hayley read my mind! I might not be as thrilled about their new sound but at least she still writes about my struggle & I will always be a fan of that.


Bummer  Hshabsosobfbckanmzlxnxj  1 star

Every artist ends up incorporating pop then sounds completely different. There is hardly any new rock or punk music anymore and I expected it from them. Really don't like this album. Just like every other artist nowadays.


Fantabulous!  Yoooiutrexhhvffdd  5 star

Interesting, complex music put together with meaningful lyrics and Hayley's amazing vocals make a great album!


SHOOK  thenewfgh8ud  4 star

as always


Amazing Development  KikiDee17  5 star

Lyrics, vocals, and instruments are amazing as always! 💗🏳️‍🌈 This album is a nice change and it's great to see how a band or artist can develop. People don't stay stagnant and neither do their styles. I love Paramore and always will because I'm a true fan. Keep it up!


Torn  Drummercounts4  5 star

At first I did not want to like this album but I simply cannot deny it! Absolutely love it


Their best album yet.  Timmay270  5 star

There is seriously not a single song on this album I dislike and I connect with each song's lyrics in their own way. I can only say that about one other album. I've had this album on repeat in my car nonstop since its release. It's that good.

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