Vol. 2 Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

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Vol. 2 Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Various Artists Album Songs (14)

Mr. Blue SkyElectric Light Orchestra 5:03USD Album Only
Fox On the RunThe Sweet 3:25USD Album Only
Lake Shore DriveAliotta Haynes Jeremiah 3:49USD Album Only
The ChainFleetwood Mac 4:27USD Album Only
Bring It On Home to MeSam Cooke 2:43USD Album Only
Southern NightsGlen Campbell 2:57USD Album Only
My Sweet LordGeorge Harrison 4:37USD Album Only
Brandy (You're a Fine Girl)Looking Glass 3:03USD Album Only
Come a Little Bit CloserJay & The Americans 2:46USD Album Only
Wham Bam Shang-A-LangSilver 3:32USD Album Only
SurrenderCheap Trick 4:14USD Album Only
Father and SonCat Stevens 3:39USD Album Only
Flash LightParliament 4:28USD Album Only
Guardians Inferno (feat. DavidThe Sneepers 3:16USD 0.99

Vol. 2 Guardians of the Galaxy: Awesome Mix Vol. 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Album Reviews

Duck guy 82

Not as good as the first but still amazing  Duck guy 82  5 star

Loved everything about it


I Love this album  JackInfinity203  5 star

Vol.2 Album for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 is awesome. I loved listening to all these songs. I can't resist not listening to them. My personal favorites are Surrender, Fox on the Run, The Chain, Mr.Blue Sky, Lake Shore Drive, Southern Nights, Wham Bam Shang A Lang, and Guardians Inferno. I recommend you buy this and the Awesome Mix #1 from Guardians of the Galaxy. Now I have an epic playlist of Guardians of the Galaxy Songs. Thank you James Gunn!


This is great  cavsboy9  5 star

All of the songs are awesome


Great Remastering of Originals  Jhay-9  5 star

Plus I smile thinking about baby Groot dancing on Mr. Blue Sky.

Malefic, Rakdos Mercenary

Highly Recommended  Malefic, Rakdos Mercenary  5 star

Although, I grew up listening to these types of songs, I am biased for it. But these songs have a great beat. Classic songs that didn't disappoint. Although, some people may not like all of them, it's a personal choice. I enjoy this soundtrack a lot and, from what I can tell, I'm not the only one who does. Play the previews of the songs and see if you'll like it. Every time I listen to these songs, I see the scenes play in my head. It's a great soundtrack, in my opinion. Well worth the money!


When music was music  GaryUSC1995  5 star

The Guardians (1 and 2) soundtrack brought back some wonderful memories of my youth. Over the years I played for my 10-year old son most of the songs on this (1 and 2) soundtrack, and the look on his face--at the theater--when these songs were playing was priceless! On a side note, later this summer I'm taking my son to the Santa Barbara Bowl to see Depeche Mode. I'm hoping Zed Zep will reunite (with Jason Bonham), so my son can witness Rock royalty!


Remastered! Love hearing the background vocals  JJP5977  5 star

Never noticed the background vocals on vinyls way back when. Thanks for remastering these hits and giving me a "new" way to enjoy these songs. Haven't stopped dancing to the tunes

belle racoon22

Awsome  belle racoon22  5 star

I love that movie and the music


AMAZING  D_av0  5 star

Song selection is amazing well done marvel


Awesome  Menito44  5 star

Awesome mix vol. 2 is awesome!


BollywoodBio MusicBollyBio_Music3 star

#NowPlaying @ BollywoodBio Music: NAKABANDI by Various Artists (VA-001)


ぽんず😎ponZy_3 star

@TOWER_Kashihara: 【フラゲ日ランキング】 第5位:Various Artists/Summer Paradise 2017 第4位:TWICE/Summer Nights: 2nd Special Album 第3位:UVERworld/ALL TIM…


Club Lougarou RadioClubLougarou3 star

Now Playing Live: VARIOUS AISTS - Track 6 -#IamSoLougarou #BalKonpaLive24Sou24

iJuke Box

MORE CLASSICS!!  iJuke Box  5 star

Saw the movie on its debut night and that only means one thing compared to the first movie...MORE CLASSICS!! I'll say it again, I love the classics!


Great, but not as great as Vol 1.  Fashbinder  3 star

Some great tracks here but not the wall-to-wall hits of vol 1.


Good songs  erhwars  5 star

Nice songs

A mad mom2

GREAT  A mad mom2  4 star

Overall I really enjoy this soundtrack, although the vol 1 was much better. I still 100% recommend it. My personal favorite is "Mr. Blue Sky".


Worst collection of songs  Cjbj17  1 star

The movie was good but the music was terrible. I guess it may be because I was born in 85. All these songs are super slow and old. The only two I know of is Cat Stevens and Fleetwood Mac but not the best songs from those artists. All in all not the best music for a futuristic movie such as Guardians of the Galaxy. Volume 1 was pretty good. Hopefully Volume 3 will be better.


HELP  Snsksjsv  5 star

I need a gift Please

Awesome wolf 2

Great for guardians  Awesome wolf 2  5 star

The music for this soundtrack is purely amazing. I will forever listen to this and can't wait for the guardians 3 soundtrack


Awesome!!!  Xjfivx24fiil  5 star

Takes u back, all these great songs!


Even better  Tepig2006  5 star

I just saw the movie and the music still in my head and I love all the songs

Quirky Lib

Better Tunes for Volume 2  Quirky Lib  5 star

Honestly, I really enjoyed the Awesome Mix Vol. 1, but there were a couple of duds in that selection that I just couldn't get into. This second volume is just... it's great. I'm a big fan of a wide range of music, and I found the selections and their uses in the film to be spot-on. For me, the music resonated in this film even more than it had in the initial Guardians of the Galaxy. They did a much better job of making the mix a more integral part of the ENTIRE story, and not just what belonged to the Starlord anymore. So for me, this mix, although his.... resonates more with ALL of the characters and with that wide-range of selections... it adds more to the quality of the film. I find it amusing, though, that my reaction is the opposite of most reviews. Many people on iTunes don't seem impressed by the second film's soundtrack because they loved the first film's soundtrack that much more. While I... who am a big fan of 70's and 80's music found the volume 1 selections to be songs I'd heard quite a bit of and felt were a bit... overplayed/ safe. While in the second volume's soundtrack, I found the titles to be intriguing (quite a few are overplayed on classic rock stations, but I loved how they were incorporated uniquely within the story); but as I listen to the soundtrack in its entirety and reflect on how each piece was used in the film... I adore this second soundtrack that much better than I had the first volume. So take the reviews with a grain of salt. Enjoy the music as it speaks to you. And I'm sorry... I am a HUGE fan of ELO- and now I have the added benefit of the mental visual of Baby Groot dancing away during a fight scene as the beginning of the film. Who wouldn't want a smile and some pep to their day when listening to that song now?

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