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This One's for You by Luke Combs Album Songs (13)

Out ThereLuke Combs 3:22USD 1.29
Memories Are Made OfLuke Combs 3:36USD 1.29
Lonely OneLuke Combs 3:26USD 1.29
Beer CanLuke Combs 3:30USD 1.29
HurricaneLuke Combs 3:43USD 1.29
One Number AwayLuke Combs 3:42USD 1.29
Don't Tempt MeLuke Combs 3:31USD 1.29
When It Rains It PoursLuke Combs 4:02USD 1.29
This One's for YouLuke Combs 3:51USD 1.29
Be Careful What You Wish ForLuke Combs 2:55USD 1.29
I Got Away with YouLuke Combs 3:50USD 1.29
Honky Tonk HighwayLuke Combs 3:30USD 1.29

This One's for You Album Reviews


This is what you've been waiting for  nicolex3877  5 star

There's not a song on this album that won't speak to you.. just goes to show the difference between the pop country artists on the radio and the western NC country boy that writes his own stuff! Luke Combs live is a spiritual experience.. he is truly what country music has been waiting for!


🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟  Dede1822  5 star

love love love this entire album!!!


Yawn  vcolson  1 star

More chorus-heavy cliche lyrics for all the suburban moms in their outdated sparkle jeans to sing along to.


Just simply amazing  LMY0814  5 star

It's really nice to hear some good sounding country. Very nice

Yo girl star

Buy every single song  Yo girl star  5 star

Best artist with the most talent you won't regret the whole album

OG Stallone

Country Music's Eminem!  OG Stallone  5 star

Wow... it's been a LONG time since a newer country artist finally pulled away from the pack. This guy is SO legit. Every song on the album is superb. I dare call him the country music Eminem... Luke Combs is a true wordsmith. Can't wait for his next album!

Justin boots yeah

When it rains it pours  Justin boots yeah  5 star

My boy has been through this very situation. The video made him smile......


Great stuff  brock0913  5 star

He never let you down with his music!


Yet another mediocre Hillbilly Pop album  Johnnyrebeljr  2 star

Few tracks that could be considered real country. Mostly just another Pop album with overly Hillbilly lyrics. Basically if Maroon 5 sung about tractors and chewing tobacco.


COMBS  Cowboytcb75  5 star

Way to come back and save Country Music!! Awesome music sir


Perfect!  Countrymusicfan16  5 star

I just became a HUGE fan of his!!! I listened through the whole album yesterday and it was so perfect! I can't pick a favorite song!!! I was already a fan of his before this was released but I was debating about buying the album. However, after "one number away" came on Pandora and after hearing a few other songs I decided to listen; I'm so glad that I did!!! Awesome job Luke! Love the album!


Bill  Godaddy11  3 star

Saw him in concert and really like the energy. Other than having to buy songs I already owned from a previous EP release it is solid. I assumed with an album 3 years in the making all material would be new. Pretty bad to charge people twice for same songs.


Never disappointed with this guy !  Tthoma78  5 star

Been following him since he was on vine so glad to see him make it 😍❤️


Great music  JoshtheWelder  5 star

I can relate to every song! The lyrics are incredible! I can listen to the this album on repeat!


Real country music from a real person  Chiver365  5 star

This album is one to play from start to finish then start it again. Luke is a very talented singer and his songs are everything from funny, relatable, and party type feel. Best album I've ever bought

Pineville Pride

CountryMusicIsSaved  Pineville Pride  5 star

This album and the Stapleton album are the the only real country albums I've heard in a long time. Thanks Luke

Homoky 20101

Fantastic!  Homoky 20101  5 star

Such an amazing album, and an amazing person overall. Really down to Earth and loves his fans. Glad to have gotten the chance to meet him before he became huge. Love you, Luke!


Just as great live as the album  KMS!!!!!!!!!  5 star

This guy never fails to impress! What you hear on this track is exactly what you'll hear in concert! Amazing energy and amazing sound! Love you so much Luke ❤


Worth The Wait  WagSalley12  5 star

I've been following this guy ever since I first downloaded "Hurricane" back in 2014 before it started being played every hour on the radio. Luke and his music is the right deal. Awesome album 👌🏻👍🏻

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