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Woodstock by Portugal. The Man Album Songs (10)

Number One (feat. Richie HavenPortugal. The Man 5:21USD 1.29
Easy TigerPortugal. The Man 3:37USD 1.29
Live in the MomentPortugal. The Man 4:06USD 1.29
Feel It StillPortugal. The Man 2:43USD 1.29
Rich FriendsPortugal. The Man 3:41USD 1.29
Keep OnPortugal. The Man 3:23USD 1.29
So YoungPortugal. The Man 4:06USD 1.29
Mr Lonely (feat. Fat Lip)Portugal. The Man 4:22USD 1.29
Tidal WavePortugal. The Man 3:31USD 1.29
Noise Pollution (feat. Mary ElPortugal. The Man 3:45USD 1.29

Woodstock Album Reviews


Album of the year  jc33  5 star

Genre defying. I listen to it nonstop. Catchy. Intense. Love it.


Ew  vltraviolence  1 star

Instead of listening to this trash watch dexter on netflix


Good songs  Iprochess  5 star

Good music

classier than u

Did they copy The Marvelettes  classier than u  1 star

The chorus of feel it still copies Hey Mr.Postman.


Love ❤️  Jnagra13  5 star

Deserve so much more recognition and attention. 💙 Did not disappoint.


Freaking awesome  Krusher1965  5 star

First time listener, consider me very impressed, and I don't impress easily.


LOVE IT!  dsl253  5 star

I have recently discovered this versatile band. Every song that I hear is just killer! Seems upbeat and I like that.


People need to take a chill pill!!! 💊  ĺ°–ĺ¤Šćœ‰ă’’  5 star

Appreciate what has been given to you instead of being a sour lemon. 🙄 I love this album 👌🏽😏😩


Blah....delete  JBizle  1 star

I have noticed a common theme with Danger Mouse and my favorite bands. He steps in and takes all the years of weirdness and awesomeness and turns out an amazing album (Black Keys Brothers, PTM Evil Friends). But then something weird happens. The bands next albums become these bland pop boring music. I literally will listen to any and every black keys/PTM song from all of their previous albums. But now we are at the point where with the exception of 2 or 3 songs...the rest of the album is a throw a way. I have tried multiple times to give these songs a chance and find something I can get into but I can't. They are so bad. At least PTM still rocks it out live. I hope they either never play these songs live or drastically change them so they somehow sound good.


Really cool vibe  Gpapaaa  5 star

In my opinion the first 4 tracks are amazing and the rest of the album varies for me ('Keep on' and 'so young' are also highs for me)...'feel it still' is a perfect marriage of lyrical depth and infectious groove, my only gripe is it's not longer

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