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Woodstock by Portugal. The Man Album Songs (10)

Number One (feat. Richie HavenPortugal. The Man 5:21USD 1.29
Easy TigerPortugal. The Man 3:37USD 1.29
Live in the MomentPortugal. The Man 4:06USD 1.29
Feel It StillPortugal. The Man 2:43USD 1.29
Rich FriendsPortugal. The Man 3:41USD 1.29
Keep OnPortugal. The Man 3:23USD 1.29
So YoungPortugal. The Man 4:06USD 1.29
Mr Lonely (feat. Fat Lip)Portugal. The Man 4:22USD 1.29
Tidal WavePortugal. The Man 3:31USD 1.29
Noise Pollution (feat. Mary ElPortugal. The Man 3:45USD 1.29

Woodstock Album Reviews

Quelf Munge Spaff

Very disappointed  Quelf Munge Spaff  3 star

The only good songs are Feel It Still, So Young, and Noise Pollution which all share a distinct sound. Everything else sounds like generic mainstream pop unfortunately.


Weak  V-UNIT12  2 star

I was so looking forward to this. Nice job alienating your old fans to pick up a bunch of new superficial ones that'll forget this album as soon as the next Bastille or Beiber come out.


More pop but still has that PTM sound  ashbro629  5 star

Definitely different from all their previous albums, however Evil Friends was a good precursor for this album. The beats are varied and John sounds amazing per usual. The songs are super catchy but there is still that underlying message in the lyrics. I absolutely love Rich Friends and Tidal Wave...actually I love almost every track on this album!


Great!  Bearteseniar  5 star

This is the first album of theirs that I have listened to and I love it! It's a very unique sound and very upbeat.


Yes, it's a pop album. Yes, it's still good.  CuddlyNips  5 star

It infuriates me to see that everyone hates it when a band changes their sound or switches genres for a new album. Let me go on record and state I have never been a fan of pop music. This however feels like a fresh take on the genre from one of the most creative bands making music right now. They have carefully pieced together a great new sound. This may not be an instant classic like the Evil Friends album, but give it a listen, maybe even two go-arounds.


Sounds Hot  JonTheArien  5 star

Seems like a great radio jam.


It's Not the Presence of Pop, It's the Absence of Rock  I,theGreat  2 star

No band is behold to any stylistic vision. Their only charge is to make the art that most appeals to them at any given point. In that spirit, Woodstock still proves a disappointment. Inasmuch as PTM might deserve applause for exploring new sonic territory, it's hard to find an argument for artistic integrity or stylistic bravery when that fresh territory happens to already be inhabited by lowest-common-denominator pop. For anyone partial to the strains of rock n' roll, it has been a consistent disappointment to see alternative charts seized by synth-pop inanity. Several of the songs on Woodstock seem precisely tailored to match those sensibilities, which looks less like pioneering boldness than commericial contrivance. The tunes have catchy hooks and melodic promise, but they've been stripped of their edge. Anything that might turn off the casual pop consumer has been carefully extracted, leaving an album that consistently rings of a shallow surrender to the tide. Which would be but a trivial aside, were it produced by someone other than one of the best alternative/indie rock bands operating today - after a prolongued absence, no less. It's not the presence of pop that undercuts Woodstocks, it's the absence of rock.


How many producers do you guys need?  norview  1 star

Gourlely, Hill, Danger Mouse, Taccone, Stint, Mike D, Rallier, Koenig.....yea I can see too many chefs there on an album that sounds as bad as the explosion on the cover. With the exception of Feel it Still (thanks Taccone), the rest is just a complete bore...thanks in part to boring Danger Mouse.


Long time fan, this album is good  WickedDragon  5 star

Different from any other album produced by PTM, but I know they wanted a fresh start - something new. I like bands that can take a risk, a chance without sacrificing what sounds good. PTM nailed it. I just saw them live for the first time, these guys are amazing, covering Pink Floyd, and Metallic. Good vibes.


Modern Masterpiece  boomboxed  5 star

Portugal. The Man really went for it on this album, and it definitely paid off. Very cohesive; feeling like ten chapters of a constantly engaging book. Next level sound, song-writing and production. It definitely makes you want to move. And I love the dichotomy of how it's sort of commercial, but not really. It's been on repeat for days, and I don't look to be turning it off anytime soon. One of their best, and one of THE BEST, period.


Different, but good  dfinley17  5 star

Don't know how people don't enjoy Noise Pollution and Feel It Still. They're different in sound (my first impression of PTM was Sleep Forever), but still pretty funky. To each their own, but I like it.


*sigh*  JD3rd  1 star

I've been a fan since Church Mouth. I know bands are supposed to evolve but this is just boring. I really want to like it because I love Portugal. The Man. They are the best band to see live. If you haven't make it a point to go. I'm sorry P.TM...I just can't get into these three songs. Perhaps the rest of the album I'll like and I can't wait for it to come out.


The Masters Return  Lepr1chaun  5 star

Words cannot describe how much and how long I have been waiting for this album, and now with just enough magnificence to whet my appetite revealed, the anticipation continues to intensify.


PTM  means...  5 star

A band with a great energy having fun making music. This album's bound to be the greatest one yet, a continual and experimental improvement with each release.


Hope it gets better  mattehanna  1 star

Not my favorite start to a band I love

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