Evolve (stylized as ƎVOLVE) is the third studio album by American rock band Imagine Dragons, released on June 23, 2017 through KIDinaKORNER and Interscope Records. The album is the band's new material follow-up to their second studio album, Smoke + Mirrors. After the release of Smoke + Mirrors and its respective world tour, a self-imposed hiatus for 2016 and cryptic messages from the band through their social media gained anticipation for their third album.

Evolve by Imagine Dragons Album Songs (11)

No Title Artist Time
I Don't Know Why Imagine Dragons 3:10 USD 1.29
Whatever It Takes Imagine Dragons 3:21 USD 1.29
Believer Imagine Dragons 3:24 USD 1.29
Walking The Wire Imagine Dragons 3:52 USD 1.29
Rise Up Imagine Dragons 3:51 USD 1.29
I'll Make It Up To You Imagine Dragons 4:22 USD 1.29
Yesterday Imagine Dragons 3:25 USD 1.29
Mouth Of The River Imagine Dragons 3:41 USD 1.29
Thunder Imagine Dragons 3:07 USD 1.29
Start Over Imagine Dragons 3:06 USD 1.29
Dancing in the Dark Imagine Dragons 3:53 USD 1.29

Evolve Album Reviews


Awsome  morgiemooloo  5 star

Thunder and Believer are the most popular songs in my school it is a really awesome band!!!!!

Bad gwamar 4 a nacknerm

About to see it in concert!  Bad gwamar 4 a nacknerm  5 star

I will come back and say my experience later. This is my first concert.


Oh  tjhihs  1 star

My! Thunder .... YES! The rest... arrrgh


MY GO TO TRACK. FIRE.  stefuhneee  5 star

This track is fire as is the album cover. Genius, bottom lineeeeee.


Best album yet  ItsMyT1me  5 star

Loved night visions. Smoke and mirrors, not so much. This is my favorite Dragons album to date and one of my top 3 of all 2017 releases.


THUNDER!!!!  owen-OMG  5 star

Is awesome


Garbage  MusicPiano  1 star

I really can't stand their latest singles. Believer is so annoying to hear on the radio. Thunder is just an irritant with terrible repetitive, "Thunder, feel the thunder, thunder". I liked Night Visions, but I hate this album and I've only heard these two songs and will not need to hear more.


No  ILIKETURTLES2103  1 star

Hate the album. Every song sounds the same.


Bad song 🖕🏿  A.Toom  1 star

Just baaddd


Oh  Kjv0502  2 star

I've been waiting for their music but don't understand why this one Was a hit


allebasi;;BTS at AMAs exidictionary 3 star

@thxy_z: ouçam bastille ouçam the neighbourhood ouçam foster the people ouçam imagine dragons ouçam twenty one pilots vistam mt preto se…


Naty nateixonn 3 star

@forumpandlr: Imagine Dragons. #AMAs


HƎllEN. idragonsevolve 3 star

@idupdatesbra: Ícones aclamados pelo #Amas !! Ansiosos pela performance de Imagine Dragons e Khalid daqui a pouco? Lembrando que esta se…

Zak F

Ehhh  Zak F  1 star

Nothing special

Mommy's Sissy

Best band in the past 10 years  Mommy's Sissy  5 star

Just listen you'll think so


Yesterday is lit  MR BOB!  5 star

Yesterday is the best one in this album I listen to it all the freaking time so great job on that! Also it would be awesome if you did a remix of shots that’s songs great to oh who am I kidding there all good.


Total believer  pfolk24  5 star

I absolutely love Believer! It is the best!😁


:)  Haikyuu!!iscool  5 star

Really good


Every single one  EWBest08  5 star

I love every song on the album


The best songs yet  Anakin116  5 star

I love 10 of these I just don't like yesterday but there all good

unspeakableTNTNuK3MaN 16

It is good  unspeakableTNTNuK3MaN 16  5 star

I love rise up and thunder and belever

Music is in my soul46

The best album I've ever listened to  Music is in my soul46  5 star

I love this album! It gives hope for the broken and great music to listen to!


😍 of course! It awesome!  222tn  5 star

You guys are great! Love: 1. Thunder 2. Believer 3. Whatever it takes Keep it up guys+ people with negative comments need some milk!

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