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The Click is the second album by indie pop band AJR, released on 9 June 2017 by AJR Productions.

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Amazing  Hmygrant  5 star

I heard Weak on the radio in maybe December 2016(?) and I’ve loved them since. Awesome


I love thissssssssssssss  MeowMeow5000  5 star

Best album for teens and tweens, hands down!


I loved it was the best  nick;64(6  5 star



Disbelief  Soph325  5 star

They get better and better...utterly amazingπŸ‘πŸŽ‰πŸ™Œ


Omg YES!  Gtuijfd  5 star

I heard weak on slacker radio and fell in love! I love all these songs so much.


Electropop  xeldomx2  4 star

Everythings is good except, the order of the songs and NO GRASS TODAY. I mean seriosly. That song dosnt even need to exist.


Yasssss  Wolfstriker16  5 star

Best album from ajr yet


love it  GamerGirl2424  5 star

surprised they're not more renown

shawn mendes' sorta relative

I pity you  shawn mendes' sorta relative  5 star

5 star out of pity


Wow  AJRLover  5 star

Amazing songs with a low price! You know it gonna be lit!


WOW!  #kingshaunjadin  5 star

I'd never heard of AJR before last year. it motivates me because their music is good, they're upcoming artists, and I make music as well. Thanks!

Shameless Nay

Pure optimistic awesomeness!  Shameless Nay  5 star

These songs are each incredible and amazing in their own way. It's a super original album and I love it! This album makes me feel genuinely happy (which is something I don't always feel) so this is a miracle album!!


Creative  Baker8613  5 star

Just stumbled upon this album having never heard these guys before. Listened to the whole album. I was pleasantly surprised. They sound incredibly creative with their beats and sounds. Almost reminds me of a Jon Bellion type of style. This is a great album! Love it

Nolan Moore

THIS ALBUM IS NOT "WEAK" AT ALL!  Nolan Moore  5 star

A masterpiece! Weak and I'm not famous are amazing! My 9 year old sister's favorite song right now is weak!


Not exactly what you'd expect  emilyday137  5 star

I remember when "I'm Ready" came out several years ago, so I'm really glad to see AJR back with BOMB album! "Weak" and "Sober Up" are my personal favorites and the only ones I'm downloading, but I can see how teenage-Me would've loved "Turning Out" and "Drama" as well. "Bud Like You" is probably the most adorable song I've ever heard.

Jersh Merns

This album is absolutely amazing.  Jersh Merns  5 star

10 out of 10. 5 stars. Highly recommend. I've been listening to this album on repeat since it has come out, and I absolutely love it. Thank you AJR.


Human???  Spokey1  1 star

I like these guys but they straight ripped the beat and everything from Jon Bellions Human. Netflix Trip is a straight copy. And it doesn't sound that great for that reason


Great album  F7Mitch  5 star

Love the diversity and happy to see that they proved their own song I'm not famous wrong!


AJR continues to be amazing  SuperUser101  5 star

I've been a fan of AJR since I'm Ready, and ever since then their music keeps getting better and better and this album is not an exception. It's great to see all the new people now finding out about this great band.


Why are you reading this?..  tonygreen91  5 star

... instead of just download all of their albums right f* now! I'm serious β€” AJR are the best.

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