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The Click is the second album by indie pop band AJR, released on 9 June 2017 by AJR Productions.

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It’s decent...  RickBoi4689  4 star

I think this group has potential but it some songs are just... why?! Like No Grass Today and Netflix Trip...also, for a Jon Bellion Fan, I think that they still have a different sound from him. But yeah...


NEW TWENTY ONE PILOTS???????  brennacorcoran  5 star


RMJ 65555

11/10  RMJ 65555  5 star

Most amazing album ever. Never gets old, I can listen to it for days. So glad I found them and can't wait for new music. My daughter plays it in the car whenever she gets the chance. Great for the whole family, they're even better in concert.


Danngggggg  RedFacedFox  5 star

Ok so I was just looking for new music. And I was not expecting to find this! I LOVE THEIR MUSIC ALREADY!!!


Cool  maria_rod99  5 star

Idk I️ thought this was twenty one pilots the first song heard when listening to Pandora did you guys hear that ??


I’m 39.  muumuumama  5 star

Pretty positive i’m not your demographic, ha! ...but heard Sober Up yesterday on Alt Nation while driving my two little ones around and i’m hooked! (Coming from a mama), you guys are ADORABLE! How lucky your parents are to see you collaborate so creatively. Love your story, your vibe, your music, your talent, your authenticity. As another reviewer said, you’re totes about to be HUGE so hang onto those roots that clearly serve you well. Cheers + come back to Portland, OR!


Amazing  Analena75  5 star

Fun & amazing cd. Everyone in our family and extended family love these guys!!! Must get album. All songs are amazing!!! Can't wait to see them again in concert


Amazing  Hmygrant  5 star

I heard Weak on the radio in maybe December 2016(?) and I’ve loved them since. Awesome


I love thissssssssssssss  MeowMeow5000  5 star

Best album for teens and tweens, hands down!


I loved it was the best  nick;64(6  5 star



Jaime Guerrajguerragza3 star

@visionliberal: #H0001VL @lawyerestrada1 @Dritli @rochiyito @MaTere_Mendoza @artur_ibarra @MrRamnR @josefina_gue @Dealladelcerro @Prince…


Jaime Guerrajguerragza3 star

@visionliberal: #H0001VL @lawyerestrada1 @Dritli @rochiyito @MaTere_Mendoza @artur_ibarra @MrRamnR @josefina_gue @Dealladelcerro @Prince…


GABBYPITTS ✧∘°: ✰ . ∗ ° ∘ ✧gabsttip204353 star

@StrifeMagazine AJR


AMAZING!!!  BlackCatNo.13  5 star

This album is so freaking great. It's an absolute must!!


So fricking good relatable perfect for me  theundertaleclik  5 star

I love weak my favorite song of all time there all good but weak is the best because im weak


Amazing!  Sad...  5 star

These guys make music that is so fresh and inventive. Their vibes are so catchy and fun while the lyrics are raw and relatable. These guys remind me of TOP in many ways. Love that they are brothers making their own path.


Best albumb ever  Marshmello23  5 star

Weak is my favorite all the other songs are my favorite also


Listening right now  Benn.Yang65  5 star

Weak is 🔥🔥🔥. These guys deserve a listen from everyone.

evan 🤑

😱😱😎😎GOOD 😎😎😱😱  evan 🤑  5 star

🤑So good I love it so much 😱and its getting my $ good


Surprised and Impressed  HispanicDudeofAwesome  5 star

I heard Weak, thought it was great. Later heard Drama, thought the same thing. Checked out the album and I love all of these songs! Hope you keep on going AJR, glad I found you.


WOW!  #kingshaunjadin  5 star

I'd never heard of AJR before last year. it motivates me because their music is good, they're upcoming artists, and I make music as well. Thanks!

Shameless Nay

Pure optimistic awesomeness!  Shameless Nay  5 star

These songs are each incredible and amazing in their own way. It's a super original album and I love it! This album makes me feel genuinely happy (which is something I don't always feel) so this is a miracle album!!


Creative  Baker8613  5 star

Just stumbled upon this album having never heard these guys before. Listened to the whole album. I was pleasantly surprised. They sound incredibly creative with their beats and sounds. Almost reminds me of a Jon Bellion type of style. This is a great album! Love it

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