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Feed the Machine by Nickelback Album Songs (11)

No Title Artist Time
Feed the Machine Nickelback 5:02 USD 1.29
Coin for the Ferryman Nickelback 4:50 USD 1.29
Song on Fire Nickelback 3:50 USD 1.29
Must Be Nice Nickelback 3:42 USD 1.29
After the Rain Nickelback 3:34 USD 1.29
For the River Nickelback 3:28 USD 1.29
Home Nickelback 3:52 USD 1.29
The Betrayal (Act III) Nickelback 4:20 USD 1.29
Silent Majority Nickelback 3:52 USD 1.29
Every Time We're Together Nickelback 3:52 USD 1.29
The Betrayal (Act I) Nickelback 2:42 USD 1.29

Feed the Machine Album Reviews


Great album!  paullinluvsdd  5 star

It's old and new. Love the album. Favorite song is Home.


Solid Return  Tunzz1065  4 star

This is a solid album and in step back into the format that made them so succussful on previous efforts not named No Fixed Address which was a big letdown


who's album is this?  jlar726  1 star

oh right, Dickelback


Nope  TheKlokMachine  1 star

Just no SMH


Nickelsuck  DrXtreme  1 star

I rather have a naked Roseanne covered in oil yelling at me with a megaphone instead of this horrid piece of vomit.


Song on Fire  Jfkbdo  5 star

LOVE this song!!! My new JAM!!!!!!


Boredom.  Scorpionsting97  1 star

Nickelback...always disappoints. It's all so generic and musically stale. Early retirement? It should be a consideration if every album they release is going to sound exactly alike the previous one. They truly are the LEAST versatile band of all time. Come on, guys, stop making music. I guess washed up singers are writing all of your songs, hahaha.


Than u for not disappointing me  VoellerMac  5 star

thanks for not disppointing me linkin parks cd for a disppointment not NB and Papa Roach


Oh Hell Yeah!!  The_biz_13  5 star

This album sounds amazing!! NickelBack is back!!!


Crap  Larsoya  1 star

Typical Garbage


Horrible  maggot36  1 star

One of the worst albums this year!!! Ticklesack is just a washed up joke! Buy the new stone sour album you won't be sick to your stomach that way ! It's sad the singer or who ever writes his jingles can't write a song with meaning.


What in tarnation  swaggy619  1 star

Its 2017 why does a nickelback have 4 and a half stars? They were rated worst band of all time


Wow  Bigholesinears  5 star

The second I put this cd on during a date I instantly got laid. Right there no questions asked. The next night the girl I went out on a date with hooked me up with her friend. Put this cd on and once again I instantly got laid...... enough said


Great  turtlepower22  4 star

Like NB but not a major fan. But I think this album is great. Don't understand all the hate they get though.


Nope  -jsx13-  1 star

Buckets of nope! How is this even considered music? Anyone calling this metal hates themselves.


Not bad  ccall  4 star

I've been a hating on these guys due to their last few albums being cheesy and not so great. After listening to this I'm pretty impressed with what they've done. Not perfect but it's wonderful compared to their most recent offerings. Check it out before deciding you hate it.

Little Wolf26

R  Little Wolf26  5 star


Lisa-Big Fan

Love the preview  Lisa-Big Fan  4 star

To the person who criticized them for not being "heavy metal". Who puts NB in that bucket? If you must critize at least make it relevant . In a quick preview of their songs it sounds like clasic Nickelback to me. I am not a die hard fan like some but I appreciate their unique sound. There is no mistaking them when you hear them and I think that is a big plus in music these days. I like all the songs on a quick preview.. enough to definatley buy the CD. Going to play it while I clean the house... hope neighbors don't mind loud music!


Another great album  Jackie0930  5 star

I can't believe there are people out there who think Nickelback is a sucky band. I love everything they put out there. Favorite songs on the album is coin for the ferryman, song on fire, after the rain, home, and silent majority. Great album. There isn't one song on this album I have to skip cause I don't like it. Great job nickelback. Keep it up. Would love to see these guys live.


Never disappoints  Jessiefierce  5 star

Nickelback is one of the rare few bands where I like several songs on the album, if not all. What makes nickelback more special is that their passion and drive for music is shown by simply the fact they WRITE their OWN songs. Tired of the negative comments "trend" stemmed from a columnist started by the hate against nickelback stemmed by their own dislike of the band and using their position through media to influence and preying on weak minded people who are susceptible to their influence. The reason we have issues in our society today is because of people like that.

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