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Purgatory by Tyler Childers Album Songs (10)

I Swear (To God)Tyler Childers 3:20USD 1.29
Feathered IndiansTyler Childers 3:44USD 1.29
TattoosTyler Childers 3:23USD 1.29
Born AgainTyler Childers 3:28USD 1.29
Whitehouse RoadTyler Childers 4:40USD 1.29
Banded ClovisTyler Childers 4:19USD 1.29
PurgatoryTyler Childers 2:46USD 1.29
Honky Tonk FlameTyler Childers 4:57USD 1.29
Universal SoundTyler Childers 3:41USD 1.29
Lady MayTyler Childers 3:03USD 1.29

Purgatory Album Reviews


True Americana  Surefireification  5 star

This is what country music is all about.

Ethan PW

Country music is back!  Ethan PW  5 star

Easily one of the best country albums of 2017, maybe the last decade.


The Next Great  Ccraw033  5 star

Purgatory takes a handful of Tyler's soulful, Eastern Kentucky tunes and turns them into mastered production pieces. The album takes his stories from the dive bars to the big screen.


Big Timmy style  wade1623  5 star

Don't be surprised when you're listening to this album 20 years from now.


The real Appalachian deal  annaMoonchild  5 star

Tyler Childers sound and lyrics are the stuff of legends. He's the best of Appalachia encompassed in one record. I pretty much want to get married tomorrow so "Lady May" can be my wedding song. And the first time listening to "Universal Sound" my jaw dropped when I heard the first line. As a West Virginian native Tyler's love for my state is refreshing and endearing ! I had been listening to the 3 track preview for a week now, and stayed up late to listen to it complete when it dropped and it just got better !!!

Ebeth Rocks

Pure voice  Ebeth Rocks  5 star

I've always loved anyone who can sing alone with a guitar and sound as good as they do with a full band. Tyler is one of those people. His voice is pure and sounds like home.


Finally  Kyfreemason  5 star

This man is going to set the music world on fire. He is even better live. This is true music and songwriting


GENUINE SONGS BY A GENUINE MAN  Borninblood3  5 star

It's nice to see the rest of the world find out what Eastern Kentucky, West Virginia and Southern Ohio have known for years.... Tyler Childers is as real as it gets


Amazing  1LCK  5 star

Great album and amazing performer!


Amazing!  neysamae  5 star

The best part is he is just as good, or better, live! So excited to finally have this album. It will be on repeat for weeks!


skyler brownsky13relaine3 star

@taylormpatla: If you can’t jam Tyler Childers i can’t be friends with you


candace brandenburg #1caanndii_3 star

@MckenzieLawson6: Introduced my parents to Tyler Childers today. They think I’m depressed


Brooks Parsonsbrooksparsons_53 star

@endpopcountry: For everybody fighting digging out snow all week like us.. Tyler Childers 22nd Winter

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