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All the Light Above It Too by Jack Johnson Album Songs (10)

SubplotsJack Johnson 4:29USD 1.29
You Can’t Control ItJack Johnson 4:09USD 1.29
Sunsets For Somebody ElseJack Johnson 3:30USD 1.29
My Mind Is For SaleJack Johnson 3:59USD 1.29
DaybreaksJack Johnson 4:00USD 1.29
Big SurJack Johnson 2:52USD 1.29
Love Song #16Jack Johnson 3:01USD 1.29
Is One Moon Enough?Jack Johnson 4:10USD 1.29
GatherJack Johnson 4:15USD 1.29
FragmentsJack Johnson 3:41USD 1.29

All the Light Above It Too Album Reviews

DJ shreds

I'm embarrassed to listen to the rest.  DJ shreds  1 star

Why the need to write a snowflake anthem? Are you really that desperate? Come on jack, you're better than that.


Political crap  Schepp13  1 star

I use music and movies to escape all the liberal political crap. Near impossible anymore to be entertained without the artist trying to brainwash you. So annoying.


Love Jack  Ajohnson120m  5 star

All of his albums are phenomenal. This one is no different.❤️💗 it!


Love it!  meganturle  5 star

With just the few songs able to hear , I'm in love i don't understand how some people don't like jack


Eh...  swaggy619  1 star

I grew up listening to his music and was so excited to see there was a new album coming out. But the singles are political so i wont be checking it out anymore. Liberals are losing their minds i swear...


Torn  8ninety  2 star

Really? A Trump song?? I listen to Jack to escape and relax. I hate that I have hear about Trump even when listening to my favorite artist besides everywhere else on TV and twitter! LOVE Jack, but hate he went this specific w/politics. I don't support Trump, but just don't want to hear about it within this music. What's next, does he make his concerts about political agendas now too? Hope the rest of the album is non political so I can just delete this one and continue to use Jack to relax.

love jack❣️❣️

ALL his music❣️  love jack❣️❣️  5 star

Soo happy that an artist knows what's important in life, writes in a way I haven't heard it said before and sings it in a way that's comforting & peaceful.


Thank you....AGAIN :)  E=MC2•  5 star

Trueness. Love it!


Stoked!  JohnOlson  5 star

You have stayed true to yourself throughout your entire career and I am so proud of what you have accomplished. This album is gonna be a breath of fresh air in today's music industry. We need artists like it Jack. Keep pumping out the good vibes!

Magnet Marketing Services

Jack never disappoints!  Magnet Marketing Services  5 star

This isn't the first time Jack has used his lyrical genius, mellow nature and simple wisdom to comment on the world around him and the current climate we live in. Music is a reflection of the soul. I applaud Jack for always being true to that reflection.

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