All the Light Above It Too

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All the Light Above It Too by Jack Johnson Album Songs (10)

No Title Artist Time
Subplots Jack Johnson 4:29 USD 1.29
You Can’t Control It Jack Johnson 4:09 USD 1.29
Sunsets For Somebody Else Jack Johnson 3:30 USD 1.29
My Mind Is For Sale Jack Johnson 3:59 USD 1.29
Daybreaks Jack Johnson 4:00 USD 1.29
Big Sur Jack Johnson 2:52 USD 1.29
Love Song #16 Jack Johnson 3:01 USD 1.29
Is One Moon Enough? Jack Johnson 4:10 USD 1.29
Gather Jack Johnson 4:15 USD 1.29
Fragments Jack Johnson 3:41 USD 1.29

All the Light Above It Too Album Reviews


Torn  8ninety  2 star

Really? A Trump song?? I listen to Jack to escape and relax. I hate that I have hear about Trump even when listening to my favorite artist besides everywhere else on TV and twitter! LOVE Jack, but hate he went this specific w/politics. I don't support Trump, but just don't want to hear about it within this music. What's next, does he make his concerts about political agendas now too? Hope the rest of the album is non political so I can just delete this one and continue to use Jack to relax.

love jack❣️❣️

ALL his music❣️  love jack❣️❣️  5 star

Soo happy that an artist knows what's important in life, writes in a way I haven't heard it said before and sings it in a way that's comforting & peaceful.


Thank you....AGAIN :)  E=MC2•  5 star

Trueness. Love it!


Stoked!  JohnOlson  5 star

You have stayed true to yourself throughout your entire career and I am so proud of what you have accomplished. This album is gonna be a breath of fresh air in today's music industry. We need artists like it Jack. Keep pumping out the good vibes!

Magnet Marketing Services

Jack never disappoints!  Magnet Marketing Services  5 star

This isn't the first time Jack has used his lyrical genius, mellow nature and simple wisdom to comment on the world around him and the current climate we live in. Music is a reflection of the soul. I applaud Jack for always being true to that reflection.

Noah Brohand

Awesome  Noah Brohand  5 star

Jack is da chit


Good  Johnce95  5 star

This guy looks very country but somehow is very good at rock. Strange how things work these days. Good Song 👍🏼👌🏼


Yaassss  lifeshardthenyoudie  5 star

I hate i keep seeing political views in these ratings.... i honestly never listen to the lyrics...Jack has the best music to just put on shuffle and enjoy the day listening to positive vibes!


Absolutely wonderful  Quegg  5 star

I heard this song live and was so excited to see it on iTunes a day later. His lyrics never stop to amaze me. I can't wait for this album.

Chandler Deerman

He Did It Again!!!!  Chandler Deerman  5 star

Been a Jack Johnson fan for years. His music is beautiful and speaks volume. Put the political thoughts of this album aside and let's just listen to good music. Jack Johnson is one of the most talented singer-songwriters in the world today. This album has not let me down. Good stuff!!

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