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Problem  Finnjake10  5 star

I pre ordered the album but it didn't say I did any help?


Despacito & Shape of You  77pokeman  3 star

As much as I hate the ladder, how is it missing, like Despacito? Those are two of the biggest (if not the absolute biggest) songs of the year so far, where Crying in the Club (love the song btw) and Swish Swish are on here? Really eye opening that a lot of these compilations are money paid by labels more than actual top 20 hit compilations


Where  shawns_stars  3 star

Where is Shawn mendes 🤔🤔🤔 oh well


Ehh  LegendBTV  2 star

A few good tunes ( slide, I'm The One, Slow Hands ) but the whole thing isn't worth your money


Not bad! 🙂/😕  LMlover101  4 star

It's not the greatest album, but it's. It the worst! The only thing I'm upset about is, where's "Despacito?" 😢🤔


Well  Jake120502  4 star

Not bad but Bad Liar, Slide, Humble, and Congratulations are trash.


Timothy Ryan’s Review  1234512345678912345123  4 star

So glad Stay, Bad Liar, Swish Swish, Crying In The Club and Swalla are on. Those are my huge favorites. I’m also really glad Slide’s on because there wasn’t a clean version and I also really like the song. I also really like I’m The One and Congratulations too. Something Just Like This, Say You Won’t Let Go, Believer, Slow Hands and Malibu are also good too. I don’t really like Castle on the Hill and Humble. though. I never really heard that much of Heavy to say anything about. I do wish Now or Never and The Cure were on though. I give it a 4 out of 5 for getting some of my favorites on.


Hmm  xeldomx2  3 star

They need to have it where you can buy individual songs. Some of the NOW's are the only places you can find clean versions of certain songsm but then you have to buy the whole thing


You guys don't understand...  🎱Anonymous🎱  5 star

Look, I am also mad "Despacito" isn't on this album, but there is a reason for that. First of all, these albums have copyrighted songs, and some artists don't want their music on this album. Second, the creators of this album take forever to get permission. It usually takes 2 months. So stop complaining and create a playlist with your favorite music. I personally like the music on this album, and personally think "NOW That's What I Call Music!" is beginning to put more hip-hop music on these albums more. I did not expect "Humble.", or "Congratulations". So this is by far my favorite NOW. Great job!


Now 63!  Eugenius444  5 star

Strong tracklist! A few missing hits like "Despacito" or "Shape of you". However, is an excellent mix of pop songs. Maybe the first three tracks are the strongest of the album, specially the songs of Zedd and The Chainsmokers. Another good one is "Slide" by Calvin Harris. A good selection of tracks. If you don't want to waste your money in the full entire albums of your favorite artists this is the album for you.

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