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I Don't Believe We've Met by Danielle Bradbery Album Songs (10)

SwayDanielle Bradbery 3:32USD 0.69
PotentialDanielle Bradbery 3:37USD 1.29
What Are We DoingDanielle Bradbery 3:20USD 1.29
Worth ItDanielle Bradbery 3:28USD 1.29
Can't Stay MadDanielle Bradbery 3:28USD 1.29
MessyDanielle Bradbery 3:25USD 1.29
Red Wine + White CouchDanielle Bradbery 3:11USD 1.29
Hello SummerDanielle Bradbery 3:00USD 1.29
Human DiaryDanielle Bradbery 3:46USD 1.29
Laying LowDanielle Bradbery 2:50USD 1.29

I Don't Believe We've Met Album Reviews


Love!  sbmoore4  5 star

Such a great album!!


I don’t believe we’ve met  jajmel  5 star



New Music  Kim0234  3 star

Love her music but thinking she's starting to drift away from country music into the pop scene..come back to country Danielle!!


Alanl.  Seniormomenthuh  5 star

Danielle shares some her heart with us on this album. Her heart felt stories surrounded in that beautiful voice are a can’t lose combo. As they say “you’ve come a long way baby”!


Worth it!  ChiSox1  5 star

Not one bad song. Danielle has come into her own and matured. The songs are beautifully written by Danielle and her co writers. I have had this album on repeat all morning! It is soooo good! So proud of what she’s done. The emotion she poured into it. Amazing amazing amazing! #2 on the country charts, behind Chris Stapleton and #5 overall! Well done! Amazing and “worth it”

Bradbery Fan from day 1

Awesome Voice  Bradbery Fan from day 1  5 star

Love all the songs, well worth the wait

Boot Scootin 24

The Swift Sound of Music  Boot Scootin 24  3 star

Underrated? There is simply no way Ms. Bradbery is underrated at 21 years of age as the 'most helpful' review on this feed claims. This is Ms. Bradbery's second album with a big label company and her voice is still yet to mature into likely what it will be moving forward. From what I have listened to thus far between this album and the last, her future is very bright in large part because her vocals are oustanding and she uses that voice (not the background music/sounds like many artists today) to bring the music alive . The song from her last album 'I'll never forget you' in my opinion is her best thus far and shows the above to be true. However, when rating this particular album, I am going to be somewhat critical. Though Ms. Bradbery shows flashes of what she is capable of in 'Worth It' and 'Laying Low,' even those songs do not come close to the range, effort and emotion shown in 'I'll never forget you.' The rest of the album to me has little to no emotional bravado or fortitude, something which spurns me with disapointment after 4 years of waiting from 1 album to the next. In the end what I am saying is this, I'm no music expert or musician period, but when I listen to music I want to feel the singer's raw emotion coming thru my headphones or speakers. In this particular album from Ms. Bradbery, I did not feel it.


So worth the wait!  GIGGLES26  5 star

This album is everything and more! Love it!! ❤️ Danielle is so talented!!


This record is 🔥  Shawnmermaid  5 star

I’ve been waiting years for this album and I’m Not disappointed. This album is amazing!

Fashionista from Albany my

Amazing!!!  Fashionista from Albany my  5 star

Beautiful voice!!!! Love all her songs!!!!


So happy she's back!  tj09parker  5 star

She's back and better than ever! She's grown so much as an artist with this second album


Danielle Bradbury has found herself...  RDHZ  5 star

Danielle was a very talented young woman when she appeared on The Voice. With this album, she has grown into an artist to be reckoned with, within the industry. Her lilting voice and touching lyrics will soon be evident within the country music family. I cannot wait to purchase her newest music endeavor.


What a beautiful voice  dick9346  5 star

Human Diary is a great song for a movie soundtrack !!


Amazing but slightly disappointed  TrayTray97  5 star

I seriouslyy cannot wait but slightly disappointed that her songs Off My Chest, Matching Scars, and Room for Two are not on this album. Buying it regardless cause she's great no matter what.


Amazing  Jamie_DBfan18  5 star

Love sway and human diary! I know the whole album is going to be amazing!


Human Diary  DanniLynne  5 star

On replay ❤️😪

BradBae Erin

Watch out for my girl  BradBae Erin  5 star

Danielle is truly going to make waves in country music. These songs are all so beautifully written and she has put her heart and soul into this album. I am so so so proud of her. The wait was WORTH IT girl.


Can't Wait!!  JFyffe12  5 star

I love Danielle Bradbery so much, can't wait for the new album to drop!


love ittttt  the123454321  5 star

so exciting and HTOWN repppp 🙌🤘

Country ain't country

Amazing Songwriter and Vocalist  Country ain't country  5 star

Danielle is one of the most underrated country singers of our time. Her voice is flawless and this record shows off her vocals perfectly. She's such a gifted songwriter and this record shows her honest and amazing story! Big things headed her way!!!

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