The Sin and the Sentence Album Download

The Sin and the Sentence by Trivium Album Info

"The Sin and the Sentence" is the eighth full-length studio album by the American metal band Trivium. It is the first to feature new drummer Alex Bent (Brain Drill, Dragonlord), and also marks the return of vocalist Matt Heafy's harsh vocals which were notably absent on band's previous album. The album was recorded, produced and mixed by John Wilbur at Hybrid Studios in California, US.

The Sin and the Sentence full album The Sin and the Sentence - Trivium listen The Sin and the Sentence download The Sin and the Sentence mp3 #the-sin-and-the-sentence

The Sin and the Sentence [Trivium] Full Album MP3s List

NoMP3 TitleMP3 Time
1.The Sin And The Sentence MP3 5:49
2.Beyond Oblivion MP3 5:16
3.Other Worlds MP3 4:49
4.The Heart From Your Hate MP3 4:03
5.Betrayer MP3 5:27
6.The Wretchedness Inside MP3 5:31
7.Endless Night MP3 3:38
8.Sever The Hand MP3 5:25
9.Beauty In The Sorrow MP3 4:31
10.The Revanchist MP3 7:17
11.Thrown Into The Fire MP3 5:29

The Sin and the Sentence [Trivium] Album Comments & Reviews

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Mick Kruger - Frickin Outstanding

Die hard fan since day one...they continue to impress!!

fontanajuggalo - Amazing!!!

Very happy with the whole album. Glad I bought this album!

Alan Joestar - Fan since 2004

This album is truly amazing, Trivium have changed it up on all 7 of their past records, but this one has something for everyone- a perfect culmination of their career. I'll leave it at that, I want the music to do the talking. You won't regret this purchase.

faqfaraan - Great album

Up there with shogun, the revanchist is my favorite on this album


Enough said.

Lorenzo_Von_Matterhorn - Sever The MUTHA F@&$ING Hand!!!!

I’ve liked everything Trivium has ever put out. They’re an amazing band who continue to set themselves apart from the American metalcore pack. The Sin and the Sentence is without a doubt their magnus opus. It’s what ties all the albums before it together. Matt’s screams are back, his singing voice is stronger than ever, the guitar work by both Matt and Corey are spot on as always, Paola’s bass work is stellar, and the new drummer (pleeeeeease keep this one) is a beast. He can clearly play anything from their entire catalogue. This album is a masterpiece from start to finish. No need to trim the fat here.

xMETALLICAx7595 - Amazing!

These guys put out one hell of an album!!

Aries Omega - Best work in a while

I really hate how they allow people to review an album before it’s fully released. The singles by themselves are good, but you’re missing the rest of the amazing tracks on here. That being said, this album f’ing rocks! Every track is solid. Hard to choose a favorite, but at the time it’s The Revanchist, which is like the new Shogun song.

valianteffort - Huh?

How can you, in August, post a bad review for an album that wasn’t released in its entirety until four days ago? This is a great album. All of this narrow mindedness is perplexing. I’ve been a fan since ‘04. When I want to listen to Shogun, I go listen to Shogun. There are some gems on this album that are deserving of the time it takes to appreciate them before writing off the collection in its entirety. Seriously?

Sirpiccolo - This album is nuts

Best stuff they’ve put out in a long time. Surely metal album of the year

Anti-AngryElf - Anti-Angry Elf 2

Trivium's "Thrown into the Fire" is a relentlessly epic, skull-crushing metal anthem. Brutally delivered with awesome lyrics, "Forgive me father, lust knows no bounds, I service my needs on hallowed grounds"...are you frickin' kidding me? Props to Trivium for putting out a heavy song like this. After hearing this one song, I could honestly care less what the rest of the album sounds like. I have a new level of respect for the liquid hot magma these guys are pouring into their music. They should open and close shows with this song assuming Alex doesn't shatter his arms with the machinegun drumming. This song will simultaneously kick you in the pants while shredding your ear drums and melting your face. The only thing that would have made this song heavier and more metal is if they would have pulled a "Dethklok"and re-re-re-recorded it "inside the ocean, in the heaviest, deepest most brutal part: The Mariana Trench" (like the Metalocalypse reference Metalheads? You're welcome!).

KevinDunlap - Phenomenal

Incredible Album on par with Shogun and Ascendancy

Cenacena1 - Thank Dio we got some good stuff

This is all good with me, the flow of the album and all the songs check out so far as I’ve listened to all of it in one shot. We will see how each one grows on me. Alex is such a good addition to the band, as he brings a new definition and energy to the band, and Corey’s playing on this album is so good, and not to mention these are some of the best Trivium vocals in a lil while. My only concern is how these will translate to their live shows but I’m thinking it should be okay. Solid album guys, keep Bent around.

acann1 - Amazing!

They outdid themselves with this one. The album has an energy that I havnt truly felt since Shogun. The new drummer really kicks things up a notch with the speed. Guitars are as good as expected. Bass guitar is noticable and awesome. Vocals are fantastic. 10/10

Stealthybacon100 - Great

Love the singles!

AnonPixels - Quality stuff

I love this album! It’s got the good ole Trivium sound with SitS vocals, and it makes for some enjoyable listening. Do yourself a favor and at least check out “The Revanchist”

Abax1989 - Yep!


Exo_Ninja - 5 out of 5

This entire album is entertaining. Every song has its own uniqueness to it. This album is worth every penny.

player14 - THERE BACK!!

I feel sorry for the people who got into Trivium due to their mainstream sound that was over their past 2-3 albums. This knocks those albums out of the park and puts them through a garabage disposal. Easily their best album since Shogun. If you don't beleive me listen to Thrown Into The Fire, The Wretchedness Inside, Sever The Hand, Beyond Oblivion, Betrayer and well to be honest the only songs I really don't like are Endless Night and The Heart From Your Hate. This is a GREAT album!

JamesHam96 - Amazing

The three songs that they released are great!! Lots of diversity. Just the perfect amount of melody, catchiness and heaviness. I cannot wait for this release to drop!

Lolitaboy32 - Trivium has done it again

This album not only surpasses silence in the snow, but has made it felt like silence in the snow part 2 and that is good :D. Trivium never dissapoints ever. 100/10 gurenteed top 10 album of the year

Bulkman89 - Love it!

I’m in love with this album!! So great love them and all the progress that is being made and the directions that they are taking. Way to go!

TheJakeMan7 - Surprisingly amazing!

I liked their last record, but....this one just really brings back that old school Trivium sound for me. I’m freakin loving it!!!!!

Jermiller - WHAT AN ALBUM

You wanted the SCREAMING back and all the BRUTALITY... Trivium has responded. INSANE ALBUM!

leonidas1221 - Garbage

All the bands nowadays record good music only at the beginning First couple of albums are usually great and then it's all downhill Trivium is no different

Imsooooocoolbruh - God-like

Trivium is inarguably one of THE best modern metal bands in the world today. In fact, as a true metalhead myself that has heard just about everything, I’d say they’re one of the best METAL bands ever. Shogun was one of the best, most epic albums I’ve ever heard from any musical artist, and even though they’ve experimented with different sounds and styles over the years, one thing that has never faltered is their ability to make great, metal music with real soul and emotion. Each of their albums is a masterpiece within itself, and this one is no different in that aspect. The guitar and bass leads combine impressive technicality with true creativity and a knack for melody and soul that would bands like Iron Maiden, Metallica, Megadeth, etc. proud. The power of Matt’s singing voice never fails to amaze me, and his screams are sounding as great as ever. The new drummer is a beast too, and really adds a Death-metal-ish element to some of the heavier songs, such as the title track. All hail Trivium. \m/

Lord of the riffs - Masterpiece

This is the best album since shogun, it's very hard to choose one song over the other there isn't a bad or boring song on this album. Trivium really went all out with this album, the album is perfect and is what everyone has been wanting. I can't wait to see them live and hear these songs. I highly recommend getting the whole album.

Native Brandon - Jay bird Tpa Florida

Florida boys evolving next level

GirthBrooks84 - ????

How Alex left arkaik for this trash I'll never know!!!? I guess it's good for trivium, he's one of the sickest drummers in the genre.

Tim Simpkin - Amazing

The screams are back and so is trivium!

ShelbySarles - It's gonna be amazing

After hearing 'The Sin And The Sentence' and 'The Heart From Your Hate' I'm very optimistic that this'll be their best effort since Shogun. It's a tall order, but since their reintroduction of screaming, Alex's drumming, and Matt's incredible voice, it seems like it just might happen.

dgs32 - Could be better scream more

If u scream guy did have screaming in the album you would still have your original fan base but keep turning soft and lose all you fan base when you scream better than you sing their sing is great but I'm not here for that go listen to sleeping with sirens if I wanted to hear singing still a great album the one star is for the disappointment of the direction of the band Attila one step away from being my favorite band the next one better be all screaming I don't want to pay to see you guys live to just preform song on the last album to here u guy sing scream I gave away my VIP pass and ticket away for your next show near me

robzlost - Wow

Album of the year! Great work!

JerrB3AR - It’s good

I love both the songs can’t wait for it to release!!

Metalsinnermaster - Awesome

Best since shogun!! Great stuff!! See u on the road!!

TRiVTOM - Another amazing album

Every album has been gold to me. But something about this one has me speechless. Matts vocals, the sick riffs. Of course the intense drumming. I don't see how this could've been better

Bee'xouu - Good adaptation

Listened a couple times through now. Good adaptations, definitely heavy, matt sings more, which I can definitely dig w some screaming. Can't wait to give this album more listens. A must buy if you're a long time trivium fan. Can't wait to see some songs live nov 11! \m/

Tidel wave - Masterpiece

I never thought I would say this but this album has topped shogun and I love it tons

Bloodruby66 - vote for TRIVIUM 2017-18 for album of the year

i listen to the album before so i dont have to buy the album but i did on Itunes so 😍🤑🤘🏻 buy the album really did it this time

kevinpettigrew7 - Worth it

I have been a fan since the beginning and have enjoyed all of their albums, yes even though there are haters on some of their albums, but I think this one is even better than Silence in the Snow, which was good, but this is awesome. The riffs are awesome and has a mix of singing and screaming. If you are for bands trying new styles from time to time then try this. Sever the Hand is amazing song off this album.

oldschoolheadbanger73 - Thanks for the Birthday gift Trivium

Great album released on a great day!!! My birthday!!!

Bloodspill77 - Great album!

This is a very good album. A nice mix of clean vocals and extreme as well. Also, more creative than the last few. It be nice if people did not do album reviews based on hearing a single or two, before they even buy it.....idiots!

as metal lays dying - Yeth!

From what I can tell, this album is a huge step in the right direction. Old Trivium fans can be excited about this one.

JRGTV - for richer or poorer

still not liking the direction they're going . fire the producer once again . i don't blame them for expanding they're fan base because they have bills to pay and mouths to feed . still a highly respect band in my book but ya the last 3 albums 👎

Mascara Extrano - Amazing

It’s AWEOSME & HEAVY as heck!!!!!🤘🏼

MichianaMan - Absolute Masterpiece.

Absolute Masterpiece.

Mike1495 - Just listen.

You'll understand

rexfirefighter - Another great album

Not many bands can create multiple albums in a row that are as incredible as what Trivium has done. This album takes their sound back to the the In Waves and Shogun era for a lot of the vocals. The guitars and drums appear to be in Ludicrous speed for a good portion of the album from what I have heard so far.

frankwoods1999 - BEST ALBUM OF THE YEAR!!!


Wholelottawater - Amazing

i cant wait to see these guys live again.

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