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This isn’t rap  Phenommm  1 star

Fake Rap


Love it!  ctcollier5  5 star

Jam it everyday


NF on the Rise!  SkunkyM0nkyOO7  5 star

Still Real music, need more like this! One of the greatest lyricist out there!


The Man  DJ CHEETO  5 star

Nf in the house All the rappers bout to be doused

Texas gladiator

Love you  Texas gladiator  5 star

NF is one of my favorite artists, and this album is awesome just like the last two!! My fav songs are If you want love, Lie, Let you down, Green Lights, Intro III, and Dreams. Can't wait for the next album!


🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥😭😭😭😍  Calilayla  5 star

Love all his music


Best album yet  Cazper12  5 star

This is a must own start to finish excellent cd. Got my tour tickets already. NF is the best rapper out there right now!


Real music  jscalese  5 star

relatable and great bars🔥🔥


Eh  wjshipman  1 star

Ya need to humble yourself and find ya way back to God


Love!  C_Brit  5 star

Love this guy. I found him on Pandora about a year ago while looking for workout tracks. I sent almost every song to my brother because I loved them all. Then one day I heard him on the radio and was pretty stoked! Hope he goes far; seems like he has a lot of heart. Btw- I’m a 32 year old mom of 3. 🤗


ないとふぉっくす(旧ペコンヌ)NF_72653 star



👽👽👽isa_anamia3 star

Não sei se vai rolar terminar o nf de vinte quatro horas


محمد بخشHmodySaodu13 star

@tato_nf كم. سعرها


waaaaat?  xeldomx2  1 star

this guy sounds like a really angry version of TØP

Swag money love life

Wow  Swag money love life  5 star

There aren’t any bad songs and that’s crazy


Thank you  AngrySpongeCraft  5 star

Thank you Nate. Honestly, your music has been helping me out... It seems weird, but a lot of your music has calmed me down and just comforted me. The first song I ever heard from you was Mansion, before I actually Knew it was you. My favorite song is Let You down But I love you music and just.. thank you for making this. I don’t usually write reviews, but I had to now to tell you this if you’ll maybe see it. Keep being you and doing incredible music.

Em 🦄

Let you down !!!!!  Em 🦄  5 star

The best song in the album!!!! #LoveIt


Trash  guccimane2:33  1 star

Rip off of other rappers flows

Diamond Durby

Garbage  Diamond Durby  1 star

Rip-off eminem.


\ \ R E A L / /  livin'leanne  5 star

Your music is so real and relevant. I have such a similar story and can relate on deep levels. I have been inspired by you and now write my own in deep expressive ways. Thanks


Amazing  Dawg76  5 star

Great beat, thought provoking too.


NF TAKEOVER  Se136428932$346735$!  5 star

I love nf I relate to his songs so much and it helps me

Connor Worsham

Undeniable  Connor Worsham  5 star

How is it possible for so much raw emotion to exist in an album? Intro III is one of the most bone-chilling songs I have ever heard. This album is remarkable and the fact that he doesn't care if we like it or not just makes it that much more amazing.

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