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Creative Hiatus

Phenomenal  Creative Hiatus  5 star

👌🏻 fire


Embarrassing  BradleyPlausse  1 star

As someone who doesn't listen to that much rap, even I can understand that this isn't very impressive rapping. Each line is packed with syllables, but typically ends with a one syllable rhyme. I wonder if without the music, and if he spoke the lyrics a little bit slower, you could even tell that it's a rap. That's how sparse the rhyming is. Speaking of the music, it is very empty. Sure, you've got the big kick and clicking hi hats that are a staple of rap. But where the hell are the melodies? The mixes feel so empty. Last thing I feel is worth mentioning is all the credit that people have been giving the song Let You Down. It's not the best song on the album. It's one of the worst. It sounds EXACTLY like the song Let Her Go by Passengers. Maybe NF hasn't personally heard the song, but someone who heard this thing before they released it had to have noticed and just not cared. So lazy. I expect that the people who like NF don't listen to a lot of rap in general. Not only because anyone with a tertiary knowledge of rap knows this guy is an Eminem imitator to an obnoxious degree. But diehard rap fans expect more than this. Congrats on being Tobymac for a new generation.


Epiphany was dope  Teylan  5 star

And so is this album


Amazing album  qwertyuio0987654  5 star

Love all of the songs in this album. I listen to it 24/7. So talented.

Father J W

The king of hip-hop  Father J W  5 star

Here I was thinking that he couldn't do anything better than Therapy Session! This is one time that I am glad to be wrong!

Daniel Hildebrant

This is what I needed  Daniel Hildebrant  5 star

I have never heard of NF until my friend showed my his works. NF your music is exactly what I need to keep my faith strong. Thank you so much for what you do.


Real Talk  Danny_Boii_2  5 star

In this album NF goes over some real stuff. Things like emerging as an artist & what the fans expect from him. But namely the things he talks about here is what he’s fighting in himself with killing his fear, leaving his own prison, and dealing with his parent. He put out a great product with this album. I would suggest it for people that enjoy diving into albums and digging into the lyrics of a song over multiple listens.


Consistent  Scal21  5 star

Every song. Every Verse. Amazing. Well done


WOO !!  cynerzz  5 star

This Content Is 🔥 💯 No Doubt About It !


Best album of 2017  ChrisV2121  5 star

This album is the definition of a CLASSIC!! Song after song of greatness. Diversity, passion, intensity, lyricism is all there. And this album sounds great sonically too! Great production and overall a masterpiece. This will be the gold standard album for NF going forward. Well done NF!!


The cringe is real  [email protected]  1 star

Just another low budget corny Christian rapper.


BEST NF ALBUM EVER  Kingdarius12  5 star

Literally every song is amazing Meaningful lyrics and cool style One of the best rappers rn


Amazing music and totally real! ❤️  rshaffer20  5 star

I love you man since the day I heard your first song (2 months ago) and now I’ve purchased every song you ever made! Thank you for it

Strict review specialist

NF THE G.O.A.T!!!  Strict review specialist  5 star



Excellent  Catsarebaeforlifejustsaying  5 star

Very good

Dependable Reviewer

How quick a great talent becomes a caricature of his own music  Dependable Reviewer  2 star

Therapy Session and Mansion are genre-defining completely original albums. On NF’s third, he was afraid to take any risks and thus the album sounds like the leftovers from the first two. On top of that, his whole suffering thing, well it’s getting old. Here’s some news - the vast majority of us have also suffered greatly in this life. The constant “me” and “I” lines with the constant references to “fans” and “you don’t get me” lead me to believe that we get you all too well and that it’s you who needs to broaden your horizons. Therapy Session and Mansion are profound masterpieces and if I hadn’t been so into those for so long, well, I may have loved this one - but there’s no edge, we’ve heard it all before, the same beats, the same lyrics and the same angst. NF, is it time to grow up? Yes, it is.


Stop playing with NF  Lion_O  5 star

Nate the great bro! Y’all stop playing with this man new album is 🔥🔥🔥🔥

12yearoldNf fan

NF is the DUDE  12yearoldNf fan  5 star

I listened to Mansion,therapy session, but this I feel is the best and I am only 12


My buddy showed me this guy  Ggahftt  5 star

I have never heard of NF till my buddy showed me NF when he put out his new album I’ve been hooked ever since🎤😊 perception every day.


Amazing  cjar0910  5 star

Best album of 2017

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