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Warmer in the Winter by Lindsey Stirling Album Songs (13)

Dance of the Sugar Plum FairyLindsey Stirling 2:39USD 1.29
You’re a Mean One, Mr. GrincLindsey Stirling 2:48USD 1.29
Christmas C’mon (feat. BeckyLindsey Stirling 3:50USD 0.69
Carol of the BellsLindsey Stirling 2:48USD 0.69
Angels We Have Heard on HighLindsey Stirling 4:22USD 1.29
I Saw Three ShipsLindsey Stirling 2:35USD 1.29
Let It SnowLindsey Stirling 2:53USD 1.29
Warmer in the Winter (feat. TrLindsey Stirling 2:55USD 1.29
What Child Is ThisLindsey Stirling 3:19USD 1.29
All I Want for ChristmasLindsey Stirling 4:05USD 1.29
Time to Fall in Love (feat. AlLindsey Stirling 2:56USD 1.29
Jingle Bell RockLindsey Stirling 3:48USD 1.29
Silent NightLindsey Stirling 3:54USD 1.29

Warmer in the Winter Album Reviews


OMG I LOVE IT  Omglolttyl123  5 star

This has changed my view on Christmas carols forever in the best way imaginable! Can't wait to preform these with my friends for Christmas I have already started figuring out carol of the bells and sugar plum


Finally Christmas comes early  VoellerMac  5 star

Great Work girl.

Joanna Booth

Professionally AMAZING😍  Joanna Booth  5 star

Lindsey kills it with the mesh between her violin and the other instruments! It's perfectly Christmas, seriously! The saxes, the cellos, and the occasional voice make it sound well-rounded. ❤️❤️ She misses nothing in this album: voices, just violin, accompaniments, upbeat, soft and slow. Even her own vocals for the title song😻 Once again Lindsey, your technique, passion and excitement SHINE THROUGH BEAUTIFULLY😘


Love it  CashCutie  5 star

It's awesome


😲  B.L.ob  5 star

Defiantly different Yet It keeps the fundamental theme going


amazing!!!  Twins143461  5 star

this is a awesome christmas album Lindsey hits a christmas homerun

Mockingbird Inc.

Lindsey's Best? No. Amazing Album? Yes.  Mockingbird Inc.  4 star

For Lindsey's standards, this album hasn't really been her best. A lot of the songs were a bit too jazzy, had a slow tone to it, or didn't feature enough violin. However, as a Christmas album - man, this could be one of the best I've ever heard. This is downright amazing! Even the slow and dull songs had a certain charm and enjoyment to them. Even on Lindsey's standards this album is pretty good, and those are quite high standards. I would definetley recommend this album to anyone, whether they want orchestral, Christmas music, electronic (for a couple tracks), or of course, violin. Here is every track reviewed [the spaces between paragraphs may only appear on some devices]: | 6/10 Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy - Surprisingly, I don't really like this one. I feel like she tried too hard to appease the listeners who prefer more hip-hoppy and EDM-like stuff by putting in the hip-hop drum beats and noises. Personally, I don't think it needed it - the violin supported the track on its own. However, the more I hear it, the more enjoyable it seems. This is pretty good. | | 8/10 You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch (feat. Sabrina Carpenter) This is a quite queer carol to choose. At times it sounded a big gross or weird, considering the weird - the song is nothing short of quirky. However, all things considered, this is a pretty greatsong - Lindsey's violin carrying the tune sounds great. I've been hitting replay on this one a lot. | | 9/10 Christmas C'mon This is excellent! I love the Christmassy sound to it! This just sounds like an instant classic - this is one of my new favorite Christmas songs! | | 10/10 Carol of the Bells Pure perfection! I've thought hard, and this cover is the best Christmas song I have ever heard. The song was all ready one of the best to begin with, but Lindsey's violin playing it just sounds too amazing. The dubstep bass mixed witht eh violin just sounded really amazing. It kind of sounds like something from her first album, except it's just more amazing. I just love this one so much! | | 7/10 Angels We Have Heard on High For Lindsey, this song wasn't anything too impressive, yet the orchestra really helped carry the violin, and this has a very peaceful and enjoyable feeling to it. This is one of my favorite arrangements of this classic carol. | | 8/10 I Saw Three Ships The original song is pretty good and mellow. Whatever cover was originally considered to be the best cover, it was knocked out of the park - this is AMAZING. This song sounds both like a celtic jig and a song from Pirates of the Carribean, yet still manages to capture the necessary Christmas vibe - just perfection! Love this! | | 6/10 Let It Snow This sounds like a more classic carol but with a violin doing the vocals, and that's really what it is. The backbeat is jazzy with several trumpets and trombones accompanying the violin, which, as always, sounded great. I, personally, don't like jazz that much, so the appeal isn't as large, but it's still good. | | 8/10 Warmer in the Winter (feat Trombone Shorty) LINDSEY YOU NEVER TOLD US YOU COULD SING. This sounds like a classic carol, and a great one at that! Sure, the tone is jazzy, but it's very fun and enjoyable. It's a very good song. There was very little violin in this song, yet it still sounds fun - how did she manage to do that?! | | 7/10 What Child Is This At first, this sounds like another slower track just to blend in with the others, but the orchestra begins to pick up a very slight and mild feeling of tension in the song. It sounds both merrily Christmassy, yet a mild spookily Halloweeny tone abounds. Pretty amazing. | | 5/10 All I Want for Christmas I'll be honest, this track doesn't really feel that fresh whatsoever. Just about ever cover had a new spin on them, yet this just felt, well, like the original with a violin instead of vocals. Don't get me wrong; I love the violin, yet the resemblence to a song we've all ready heard fifty times is just a bit too close for me. I'd still recommend you take a listen anyway; it's a quite fun song. | | 8/10 Time to Fall in Love (feat. Alex Gaskarth) The lyrics make it seem like a better title would be "Time to Flirt." Otherwise, this is actually a very fun carol! This has a very happy tone to it; it sounds like one of those happy Christmas songs on the radio or in a holiday compilation of a good Christmas movie. This is a very enjoyable song! | | 5/10 Jingle Bell Rock I've previously declared I didn't like jazz too much, so this one doesn't appeal to me too much. Lindsey's violin still sounded great, though. However, one of my largest greivances against the song is that from 1:35 to 2:05 there was no violin - a whole thirty seconds! It may not seem like much, but that just seems wrong in a Lindsey song. Lindsey had said she wanted to experiment with multiple styles, and I can definetley hear it in the varying tones of this one. It's still very Christmassy, however, and I prefer it over many other covers of this song - so I guess it's all right. | | 5/10 Silent Night A very nice and soft song with a light chorus. The song is very mellow, relaxing and charming. It's a bit too slow for me personally, but it's still a well-conducted song. | This album has been nothing short of amazing; I will be listening to it all throughout the rest of the year. I highly recommend you purchase this; every track is worth its weight in gold.


Another awesome album from Lindsey!  AgentBB007  5 star

Just listened to it this morning and love it! So far my favs are Angels We Have Heard on High and Carol of the Bells, so good!!


Incredible!  Brookiebee0303  5 star

Beautiful as always. I'm so excited to listen to this this holiday!


Lindsey is Amazing!  Ωιλλ  5 star

I love her Christmas album. I’m listening to it all winter!

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