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From A Room, Volume 2 by Chris Stapleton Album Songs (9)

MillionaireChris Stapleton 3:30USD 1.29
Hard Livin'Chris Stapleton 2:59USD 1.29
Scarecrow in the GardenChris Stapleton 3:20USD 1.29
Nobody's Lonely TonightChris Stapleton 3:26USD 1.29
Tryin' to Untangle My MindChris Stapleton 3:14USD 1.29
A Simple SongChris Stapleton 3:36USD 1.29
Midnight Train to MemphisChris Stapleton 3:42USD 1.29
Drunkard's PrayerChris Stapleton 4:07USD 1.29
FriendshipChris Stapleton 4:25USD 1.29

From A Room, Volume 2 Album Reviews


Great Country is what Stapleton is!  1_country_boyBRS  5 star

He will go down in my opinion as one of the greatest country artists of this era and I'm 20 years old going on 21! Keep up with the great albums Mr. Stapleton!


One of the best!!  BuffaloGirl1959  5 star

Can not get enough. Missed real country music.

Robin F 56

musicmakesme happy  Robin F 56  5 star

Love love love it. It makes me happy !!

Appalachian Blue

Appalachian Blue  Appalachian Blue  5 star

Chris Stapleton is a REAL ARTIST! He is the BEST! An awesome combination of country, southern rock and blues! He's the whole package! Keep it up Chris! You ROCK!!!


Real Country Music  Dj_DeeZal72  5 star

Chris Stapleton is what country music has been desperately seeking for a long time. In this day of "pop country", country music fans have been getting the cold shoulder, but Stapleton is changing that. FAST! From his bluegrass roots, to his new home in country music, Stapleton is masterfully delivering what we crave, and that's simply good music. Buy the album, you won't be disappointed.


So good  DanielleFan25  5 star

I mean.... what do you expect from Chris Stapleton?? Another smash success


The King  Alecasam  5 star

Another amazing album!!


Amazing from track 1 to 9  Cajuntrucker  5 star

Stapleton has an amazing singing voice. I enjoy the way he can play a slow song, Millionaire, and then switch gears to Hard Livin. Then he turns his old Steeldrivers tune, Midnight Train, into an edgy version of itself that is amazing and raw. Fans of traditional country, rock, blues and even slow ballads will love his stuff. I have both Steeldrivers albums, his Jompson Brothers one and his two previous solo selections. The man does not put out anything less than amazing total albums.

Aurelia #26

Worth it  Aurelia #26  5 star

Looooooove this album


Awesome  AlexFrankJavier  5 star

Chris is just pure art! Love his music! The best country I prefer to listen to! Loved Volume 1 and this is just as good! 🎼🎤


IRA Mock BotIRAMockBot3 star

. is a disaster, but it would be nice if #CMAFest included Sturgill Simpson, Chris Stapleton or Hank 3. But that do…


donald hillDonaldWayneH3 star

Chris Stapleton - Tennessee Whiskey (Audio) via @YouTube


IAmTOMMY, Proud DeplorableFedUpSpeakinUp3 star

@FedUpSpeakinUp: @foodandwine Justin Timberlake & Chris Stapleton: Tennessee Whiskey / Drink You Away (Jack, Jim & All of their friends)…


Bring that same amazing sound  VTczech08  5 star

One of the things I love about Chris is that he doesn't sound like the "standard" artist. He has his own sound and style. Its unique and ALWAYS quality, and his live shows are equally as amazing! I cannot wait for this album!


Voice that transcends genre and race  Pinkicet  5 star

It simply does. It sounds country but soulful but bluesy...I’m usually a female pop vocalist lover but I could listen to him sing for hours. Can’t wait!!!


Another home run so far!  ~Clarissa~  5 star

Love, love, love the first song. Agony waiting for the rest! Dancing music, gravelly soul, & blues - Chris Stapleton has it all!


Great artist!  Andyb27  5 star

Cannot wait for more music, keep it coming!!!!! The only good country music out right now

Gypsea Girl

Love it!!!  Gypsea Girl  5 star

He just keeps getting better! Can't wait for this. Incredible.


I LOVE CHRIS STAPLETON  Whatchulookinghhhh  5 star

I cannot wait for this album he’s amazing.

Ruff hen

Amazing!!  Ruff hen  5 star

Not like any of this BS country on the radio


Meh  tarheel2008  1 star

Meh meh meh


Want it now..... dammit  Devilswhisky  5 star

Keepin coming Chris.. with you and bob seger, who needs anything else


Country's Best  TonyB1969  5 star

Can't wait for this to drop. This is what country is supposed to sound like, not that same sounding pop country.

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