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Great Album  NaderPasdar  5 star

Like most, I have been totally tired of U2 after beeing a big fan for over 20 years. Having said that this album radomly and slowly (after I fell in love with one song) has been growing on me in totality. I love Love is All we Have Left, Summer of Love, Blackout and the rest. It really is a nice album. Give it a chance. Like most albums it requires a few listens. It will grow on you. Enjoy.

Brian Keith Turner

Best album in years!  Brian Keith Turner  5 star

Great album from an amazing band! I wasn’t really into their last album but I’m all in for this one! Give it a chance. Even if you have never really been a fan of theirs, give this album a chance and it will not let you down.


Where did U2 go?  SkipVonMaster  2 star

It continues to sadden U2's original fan base as this iconic band is in steady decline. As U2 pushes further into the world of "Pop" not "Rock" it would be nice for them to return to their creative past and show this new fan base what a great and better band U2 use to be.

Jessie Daniel

U2 songs of experience  Jessie Daniel  5 star

Grammy #23

Nino Lopez

con·ta·gious  Nino Lopez  5 star

Very Effective Songs always with the Magic touch of love. Amazing album


Even better than the real thing...  pwongster  4 star

Pleasantly surprised. Not blown away like Unforgettable Fire, Achtung, or Atomic Bomb but wasn't expecting another reinvention either. U2 has definitely settled for more Elevation as their signature sound at best and formulaic at worst. They are still a consequential band in their fourth decade but definitely in the legacy phase; i.e. their fan base is not growing but getting older.


Strings!  blakekanicka  5 star

Masterful string arrangements by Brandon Collins taking some of these tracks over the top.


Finally! A album worth listening to!  musicfish  5 star

Okay I admit when the album firist came out I gave it a very quick going over. I thought um I don't think I like this very much. Now that I have actually been able to listen to it entirely I can honestly say that it is very impressive. I love it! The boys have put much more effort into this album compared to the last 2 albums,which I hated. My favorite song is The Book Of Your Heart. My boys do still have it! Thank you U2!

Rocket XYZ

Another awesome album from U2  Rocket XYZ  5 star

Another great album by one of the greatest bands of all time. U2 continues to produce albums that speak to the heart and inspire. There is no equal.


Gone??  Cooley#47  2 star

Where did Edge go?????? Can someone please find him and bring him back please? Searing guitars are no more..............sad!


U2Achtung.comU2Achtung_3 star

Voici un aperçu de la nouvelle application lancée par U2 pour la tournée ! #U2 #U2eiTour #U2experience #U2AR…


lisa has a levels soonkenmoos3 star

@bangtanism89: "THEY" 👉 Group? "BIG" groups who have never performed at the BBMAs ▪BTS ▪Migos ▪U2 ▪21 Pilots Note that Migos and U2…


皆月翔(試運転)u2_mnzk_bot3 star



Book of Your Heart is worth price of album  vibradot  5 star

and more!


More awesomeness from U2  Jettgirl1  5 star

I’ve been listening for several hours. Love the songs & sound.

That One Guy!

The Kiddie-Pop Production Sound Is HORRIBLE  That One Guy!  2 star

I’ve been a U2 fan since I was a little kid in the 80s, and I own every U2 album and almost all of their rare stuff from 1978 to 2014. Well, I’ve heard this whole album a few times now, and if U2 is happy with their new sound, then that’s good for them. I’m sure they’ll gain some new fans. I respect their effort to experiment with new sounds. It’s what makes them great. With that said, I do applaud the lyrical stand-up against the Trump Administration, but Songs of Experience (as a whole) just doesn’t do it for me musically, and sadly, it may be the first U2 album that I don’t own - at least not until I find a discounted copy for half price or less, or if somebody gives it to me as a gift. The overall production sound is absolutely horrible! I probably would have bought this album at full price if it had a raw rock n’ roll sound that naturally resonates instead of being smothered out by that bubblegum pop sound. That kind of sound works for dance songs, but (usually) not for rock n’ roll songs! U2’s music has been suffering heavily from this problem since 2009’s No Line On The Horizon. “Best Thing” actually sounded good on The Late Show, because it was just raw rock n’ roll (and the different pitch it was played in was much better also). In my opinion, Songs of Experience should have been the free album. I would have bought Songs of Innocence back in 2014, because most of the album is good (and I actually did end up buying the Japanese version of it later just for the 12” version of Crystal Ballroom). I do like some of the songs on this album, but there aren’t enough of them to make me want to buy the album. I’ll just spend a few dollars on the few songs that I like, and hope that a "Songs of Experience +" album comes out later (like they did with SoI) with a raw-sounding mix of these songs, along with some good out-take songs. :( Song Ratings: 1 Star - Love Is All We Have Left; 3 Stars - Lights of Home; 1 Star - You're the Best Thing About Me (Late Show version - 4 Stars); 0 Stars - Get Out of Your Own Way; 0 Stars - American Soul; 4 Stars - Summer of Love; 3 Stars - Red Flag Day; 4 Stars - The Showman (Little More Better); 3 Stars - The Little Things That Give You Away; 4 Stars - Landlady; 3 Stars - The Blackout; 1 Star - Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way; 1 Star - 13 (There Is a Light); 1 Star - Book of Your Heart.


Zzzzzzzz  marshjvm  1 star

What the hell happened to this band? They've been dead for decades! This album is forgettable garbage! Honestly, this band hasn't had a great album since Achtung Baby....26 years ago!


Excellent!!!  drvertigo  5 star

An eclectic mix of sounds from U2 where there is a good song for any music fan.

M Wheaton

Too Many Mediocre Ballads, Too Long  M Wheaton  2 star

There are too many ballads and pop songs on this record. Why release 17 tracks- This album could use some serious editing? The Remixes are the best songs on the album. Songwriting here is not nearly as strong as on 'Songs of Innocence'. Best songs on this record: You're the Best Thing (Kygo RMX), Lights of Home ( Strings Remix), The Blackout, Ordinary Love and Get Out of Your Own Way.


Love it!  Reenrox  5 star

I can’t stop listening to “Get Out of Your Own Way”. Love it!


A great U2 album  ananamus  5 star

I was a bit worried from the songs that were initially released: You're the Best.... and American Soul are probably the weakest songs on the whole album, and here they were 50% of the early-release songs. The Blackout is solid, but Get Out of Your Own Way for me was in some purgatory.....OK I guess, but not signaling to me that the new material was going to live up to decades of expectations. Little did I know that the rest of the songs are gold! The album is book-ended with slow, atmospheric, and emotional songs. Upon first listen, I was dismayed by the re-use of entire chorus from Song for Someone (from 2014's Songs of Innocence) on the newer 13(There is a Light). However, the moment the words "someone like me" are sung, it totally works in a different (and better) way than the former song. There are many great songs on this album: I'd rank Lights of Home (both versions), Summer of Love, and Red Flag Day better than anything since Achtung Baby, and better than most of that albums songs. The LIttle Things That Give you Away is simply their best song since 1991...maybe 1987. The lyrics for nearly all the songs are expertly crafted, and those with political commentary are disguised well enough that the casual listened wouldn't even notice. I took me reading the liner notes to fully understand Summer of Love and Red Flag Day. Normally, albums take time to grow on me, and I feel that I'm often let down by recent releases from bands I've long-followed. U2's No Line on the Horizon felt flat to me, and still does. Songs of Innocence has some good songs and was a solid effort. Having listened to Songs of Experience around 10 times so far, I'm comfortable ranking it in a high position among their albums: probably #3, maybe even #2; it's that good.

Brianna Leccese

U2  Brianna Leccese  5 star

Such a great album! Definitely love all of their music ❤️!


U2 finally did it again...  Euroboy23  4 star

Best U2 album since Achtung Baby in my opinion. So far love almost everything on it. For me U2 is reborn and Rocks again after so many years of good but not greatest as they used to be. Great album!

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