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Catie DeFlumericatiedeflumeri3 star

@muhcoochee: pee after sex or else you’ll get another U2 album automatically added to your phone.


Jenna ❣️jennnaaaoneilll3 star

@muhcoochee: pee after sex or else you’ll get another U2 album automatically added to your phone.


JorgeDamnit_Jorge3 star

@muhcoochee: pee after sex or else you’ll get another U2 album automatically added to your phone.


The Entire Album Sounds Like The Same Song for 67 Minutes  artguru62  1 star

What happened to that innovative band we all fell in love with in the 80's? The Edge can't be happy with the direction of this band. The guy came up with the most creative guitar sounds of any band. This rubbish is so far removed from the heartfelt Achtung Baby and the passion of Joshua Tree. Wealth always kills the creative hunger.

The Musicman 37

Musicman37  The Musicman 37  5 star

U2 is back and relevant as ever! Mixing Hip Hop Rhyme, Rock & Roll, and American Soul combining all to stay a top the heap, surfacing just at a time when this fractured World can join together and identify with these great tracks of music from all genres! Say what you want but Bono & the Boys did it again! Tremendous to have them back!


A complete record in 2017?!?  u2jtc  5 star

Breath of fresh air - almost forgot what it was like to be able to listen to an entire album from beginning to end with no filler!


Love U2 !  KJG2012  5 star

In no particular order, the songs I enjoy the most are: You're the best thing about me, Get out of your own way, landlady, lights of home (string orchestra) and The Little things that give you away.


Simply Amazing!  Saali007  5 star

The best band in the world. A lot of great songs. I love the fresh sound of this album!!!


U2 - still rocks with style  Klajdo  5 star

I have been listening to these guys for more than 20 years and i was impressed at this album. So much creativity. Bono’s vocals are perfect.

Limp Richard

They need to scrap it and start over  Limp Richard  2 star

I have been a U2 superfan since the early 80's. This is soulless, uninspired pap. The melodies are boring, Bono seems to have forgotten how to write lyrics without tossing in lame and ponderous platitudes, the Edge's, well, edge is gone. Adam is still Adam, at least there's that. They sound so AFRAID on this record, so timid. There isn't a brave sound on it. They have no faith in themselves anymore, so they try to make songs that sound like themselves. They have to take their own advice and get out of their own way.


Book of Your Heart is worth price of album  vibradot  5 star

and more!


More awesomeness from U2  Jettgirl1  5 star

I’ve been listening for several hours. Love the songs & sound.

That One Guy!

The Kiddie-Pop Production Sound Is HORRIBLE  That One Guy!  2 star

I’ve been a U2 fan since I was a little kid in the 80s, and I own every U2 album and almost all of their rare stuff from 1978 to 2014. Well, I’ve heard this whole album a few times now, and if U2 is happy with their new sound, then that’s good for them. I’m sure they’ll gain some new fans. I respect their effort to experiment with new sounds. It’s what makes them great. With that said, I do applaud the lyrical stand-up against the Trump Administration, but Songs of Experience (as a whole) just doesn’t do it for me musically, and sadly, it may be the first U2 album that I don’t own - at least not until I find a discounted copy for half price or less, or if somebody gives it to me as a gift. The overall production sound is absolutely horrible! I probably would have bought this album at full price if it had a raw rock n’ roll sound that naturally resonates instead of being smothered out by that bubblegum pop sound. That kind of sound works for dance songs, but (usually) not for rock n’ roll songs! U2’s music has been suffering heavily from this problem since 2009’s No Line On The Horizon. “Best Thing” actually sounded good on The Late Show, because it was just raw rock n’ roll (and the different pitch it was played in was much better also). In my opinion, Songs of Experience should have been the free album. I would have bought Songs of Innocence back in 2014, because most of the album is good (and I actually did end up buying the Japanese version of it later just for the 12” version of Crystal Ballroom). I do like some of the songs on this album, but there aren’t enough of them to make me want to buy the album. I’ll just spend a few dollars on the few songs that I like, and hope that a "Songs of Experience +" album comes out later (like they did with SoI) with a raw-sounding mix of these songs, along with some good out-take songs. :( Song Ratings: 1 Star - Love Is All We Have Left; 3 Stars - Lights of Home; 1 Star - You're the Best Thing About Me (Late Show version - 4 Stars); 0 Stars - Get Out of Your Own Way; 0 Stars - American Soul; 4 Stars - Summer of Love; 3 Stars - Red Flag Day; 4 Stars - The Showman (Little More Better); 3 Stars - The Little Things That Give You Away; 4 Stars - Landlady; 3 Stars - The Blackout; 1 Star - Love Is Bigger Than Anything in Its Way; 1 Star - 13 (There Is a Light); 1 Star - Book of Your Heart.

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