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CLASSIC 80'S sound with...  Xelahgohn  5 star

...a little touch of evolved new wave. Great album! Only song I didn't like was "American Soul". Kind of strange. The rest of the songs were great! Even Sounds of Innocence was a great album. Both of these brought back the classic sound of U2 back from their earlier albums. Great job!!!


Strange pop songs  Amdrone  1 star

After poor last album I thought they would improve the next one , but this album is just as bad as previous one


U2 is the greatest band on earth  Bonou2130  4 star

My heart is happy, can’t stop listening !! “The Little Things” is my favorite


Propaganda Piece for Forced Equity  a.trane.blues  1 star

New U2 album is pure unabashed Leftist dribble from a tax dodger worth over a half-billion dollars whose starting ticket prices for the nose bleed section are $375.00. It is a preachy reflection of the socialist grip on the current world order that is corrupting man's heart and mind & destroying the individual soul. It sounds like an old fogey trying to stay relevent with the millennial generation for more sales. Ridiculous sham and inauthentic! Free your minds from the current world malaise & Leftist lies that this album continues to spread. It is a mockery of individualism. Propaganda piece for the false promise of Forced Equity, which is unAmerican, anti-indivualism & a lie. Remember what actually happened to sailors who fell prey to the Siren's call.... Saw U2 multiple times in 1983, 1987, 2001 & 2005 - With this album they do a diservice to the God they claim to follow! The theoretical Virtues and Free Will are further lost in the destruction of the individual soul!


Song for song one of the best U2 records ever  JerryDavison  5 star

I know the haters are out there. Used to be U2 could do no wrong with these folks; now they can do no right. But if you let go of your preconceived ideas of who you think U2 ought to be and what you think they ought to sound like, and just listen to this record for what it is... what it is is brilliant! "Summer of Love," "Get Out of Your Own Way," "Red Flag Day," "Lights of Home" are strong cuts, destined to be regarded as classics alongside the best of the band's earlier material. I've had it on repeat for weeks now and it gets better with every listen.


Songs of Experince  Ggthecrazed  5 star

Amazing ❤️❤️❤️


Better than their last two!  MRDAVIDCPA  4 star

This is growing on me, I think it is a good CD ( I could do without the spoken word rap, however)


They Still Got It!  satch_boogie  5 star

Such a great album, top to bottom. First listen, I thought it was really good, but second time through, I absolutely love this album. You could insert every song from this album into almost any previous U2 album from its first 10 years and it wouldn’t be out of place. Bravo!


Nice but...  Celticsalmon  3 star



Absolutely Amazing  MajinNina  5 star

This album is absolutely completely amazing, and it’s one of their best. So much love for it


津田るみbottdrm_bot3 star

るみるみ「いや~ん♡でも、津田ちゃんさ、この後出て来るけどさ、今回もソロ曲もの凄いカッコ良かったね。あれは鼻血だよ。もう鼻血だよ」 2013/11/6 ごらく部☆なちゅまつり コメンタリー ゆるゆりI♡U2/2


attilio🇮🇹attirockk3 star

@cristian_paroli: #Salvini ha contro: #Junker #Macron #Merkel #pdnetwork #Mattarella #Eurocrati. Non metto tutti perché non ci stan…


نبض قلبهـu2_hanan3 star

أنتَ أعجوبة زماني وأنتصاري الوحيد فيـہ.!


I Love You  stevha  5 star

What happened to "I Love You" which was played at some Joshua Tree shows? The 4 released songs are very good. Update-It is a apparent they are not trying to attract people under 30. I agree with another reviewer who said The Edge is hidden. There is nothing ground breaking about this album. But after a few listens, I am starting to enjoy it. It's growing on me.


Lack of quality control  jpmusic  2 star

U2 need someone to tell them that they are capable of so much more. They've become an adult contemporary pop band. I would love to lock them in the studio and tell them to call me when they come up with something as good as "Wire". U2 should quit trying to save Rock and Roll, because right now it's the only thing that's capable of saving THEM.


Very Disappointed  grouch59  3 star

I purchased this with the anticipation of getting U2. I wouldn't know it was U2 without Bono's Vocals. I put this on the level of the album they gave away in 2014, not ver "U2 ish" . I long for the U2 of the 80s and 90s. You have to hunt to find The Edge's riffs. Just not up to par of the old U2. As someone said earlier "meh"


They’ve done it again  Crooks2002  5 star

From opening to close, this album is full of songs that sound great on the first listen and I know will sink their teeth into me the more I keep the album on repeat. Thank you guys.

Coach Lonster XVIII

They Keep Getting Better  Coach Lonster XVIII  5 star

This album is amazing. The Little Things - one of their best songs ever.


The Entire Album Sounds Like The Same Song for 67 Minutes  artguru62  1 star

What happened to that innovative band we all fell in love with in the 80's? The Edge can't be happy with the direction of this band. The guy came up with the most creative guitar sounds of any band. This rubbish is so far removed from the heartfelt Achtung Baby and the passion of Joshua Tree. Wealth always kills the creative hunger.

The Musicman 37

Musicman37  The Musicman 37  5 star

U2 is back and relevant as ever! Mixing Hip Hop Rhyme, Rock & Roll, and American Soul combining all to stay a top the heap, surfacing just at a time when this fractured World can join together and identify with these great tracks of music from all genres! Say what you want but Bono & the Boys did it again! Tremendous to have them back!


A complete record in 2017?!?  u2jtc  5 star

Breath of fresh air - almost forgot what it was like to be able to listen to an entire album from beginning to end with no filler!


Love U2 !  KJG2012  5 star

In no particular order, the songs I enjoy the most are: You're the best thing about me, Get out of your own way, landlady, lights of home (string orchestra) and The Little things that give you away.


Simply Amazing!  Saali007  5 star

The best band in the world. A lot of great songs. I love the fresh sound of this album!!!

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