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From the Fires by Greta Van Fleet Album Songs (8)

Safari SongGreta Van Fleet 3:54USD 1.29
Edge of DarknessGreta Van Fleet 4:28USD 1.29
Flower PowerGreta Van Fleet 5:12USD 1.29
A Change is Gonna ComeGreta Van Fleet 3:17USD 1.29
Highway TuneGreta Van Fleet 3:00USD 1.29
Meet On the LedgeGreta Van Fleet 3:49USD 1.29
Talk On the StreetGreta Van Fleet 4:08USD 1.29
Black Smoke RisingGreta Van Fleet 4:19USD 1.29

From the Fires Album Reviews

D Pott

Led Zep Tone  D Pott  5 star

The first time i heard Safari Song i thought it was led zepplin. Great sound guys!


BEST EVER  lovexosarah  5 star

Okay so like they are my favorite and I love them and their music with all my heart. Amazing album and such cool young musicians, I’m so happy to see people around my age bringing good music back


Finally good current rock n roll  johnnyred777  5 star

About time a good current band came out, new favorite band.


Dynamite  WykNWoll  5 star

Im hearing a bit of Geddy Lee in this set of pipes too . Great Stuff !

Big Fan in Texas

Funny name... Serious music.  Big Fan in Texas  5 star

These guys are talented,intelligent,and humble,far beyond their young years.


Young  Tacocheede  5 star

It's insane that they are only nineteen!


Gvf  Themadhattie  5 star



MONSTERS!  JimmyLee69  5 star

Gonna get a beaten for ripping Led Z. But! So what I see lots of original sounds here! You guys are a breath of fresh air! Very good CD!


Fantastic!!!  DistantSun119  5 star

As Elton John said himself, these guys are the best thing to happen to rock in the last 20 years. I absolutely love their sound, real groovy, can’t wait to see them live.


True music has been dead since the 90’s ... it’s back!  DON KINN  5 star

These guys are the real deal... IF they can keep it going for a multitude of albums like the ones who inspired them did... the one thing I will say is that I am a die hard Zeppelin fan and have been my entire life... and these guys are the next in line IF (like I said before) they can have the same type of longevity these other bands did... one thing that I will say and this is KEY... this WHOLE album is amazing start to finish literally... there is not one song that I skip... THATS AMAZING... most great bands that come out with great albums your lucky if you love 2 maybe 3 songs... and that’s on a really good album... most of the time it’s one really good hit song and the rest kind of just gets muffled in the background while your doing something else... not this one... start to finish Amazing! Like I said I just hope they can find the longevity... also, not that they need it from a nobody like me, but if I could give these guys one piece of advice, give a little bit of thanks/ credit to the ones who inspired you... I guarantee that it will help you in the long run and probably solidify your future even more than you already have...

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