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From the Fires by Greta Van Fleet Album Songs (8)

Safari SongGreta Van Fleet 3:54USD 1.29
Edge of DarknessGreta Van Fleet 4:28USD 1.29
Flower PowerGreta Van Fleet 5:12USD 1.29
A Change is Gonna ComeGreta Van Fleet 3:17USD 1.29
Highway TuneGreta Van Fleet 3:00USD 1.29
Meet On the LedgeGreta Van Fleet 3:49USD 1.29
Talk On the StreetGreta Van Fleet 4:08USD 1.29
Black Smoke RisingGreta Van Fleet 4:19USD 1.29

From the Fires Album Reviews

Yeti Dogs

Great Music  Yeti Dogs  5 star

These young guys grew up listening the right kind of music (Zepplin, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Fleetwood Mac, etc.) and are the future of rock n roll. Can’t wait to see what the produce next.


Late to the party but  Bsised360  5 star

So glad I made it! Fn refreshing


The future of Rock N Roll  EvinTwin7780  5 star



sounds like it’s from the 70s  ehegegegehasdfgh  5 star

That’s definitely not a bad thing......

jamesw :)

A Band for The People. 2018 is looking up!!  jamesw :)  5 star

Just give them a listen and thank me later


Greta the Great  tbonejtownny  5 star

I love this album.


Amazing  Stormcreator777  5 star

I’m just 15 and I love this entire album, but most people haven’t listened to it because of trashy pop and rap song that aren’t good at all, those people have basically no talent (some do, but whatever), more people need to know about this. I love to listen to this album whole sometimes and it’s great to hear something good instead of today’s radio hits. I want more from Greta... MORE

Redeye Rock

Shut up and take my money. Please!  Redeye Rock  5 star

This is the best new rock in decades. Great job guys!!


The Modern World Needs This  #GodsNotDead  5 star

Keep the sound up it’s amazing especially Highway Tune and Safari Song. It’s bringing the past to now and it’s amazing


How did Led Zeppelin get mislabeled?!?  Treyh9  3 star

They really need to carve out their own sound. They simply sound way too much like Led Zeppelin. There's just no twist, angle or reinvention. Talented kids but they lack their own voice, which is the very thing that makes bands great. It's ok to be influenced or borrow from your influences but not just from one source. The singer wears the open vest and does Plant's hand gestures. The bassist plays barefoot and also hops on keys, like John Paul Jones and the drummer plays a kit just like Bonham's. It's all just too much. Why not just listen to Zeppelin?


jo march is a lesbianxmenrey3 star

led zeppelin was actually a greta van fleet tribute band


🌜🌹🌛Haidara_a_3 star

@E6jLy: 10月19日金曜日に発売される注目アルバムとEPです。 ・『Greta Van Fleet』 ・『MØ』 ・『Empress Of』 ・『Brent Faiyaz』 ・『Cloud Nothings』 ・『How To Dress Well』 ・『Nene…


Stacey WilliamsxxStacey8xx3 star

@Yozzerhuge Greta Van Fleet? Yep. o2 priority! You going?

Rob & Big are cool

Amazing  Rob & Big are cool  5 star

People can take their comparisons and shove em. This band is their own thing and it’s f*#%ing amazing!


An Absolute Flashback to the 70’s  TraxxAttaxx  5 star

Nothing else can be said: Great Van Fleet gives the greatest Zeppelinesque feel that makes almost all people from that generation reminisce. They’re truly something you have to hear to believe. Black smoke rising is a personal favorite. It has some hints of rush in the vocals as well in that song. Absolutely worth the money, and great debut album.

The Miracle Squeeze-Box

Thank goodness that REAL ROCK music is Back & it comes from the Motor City itself  The Miracle Squeeze-Box  5 star

Worth every listen, Greta Van Fleet delivers the kind of Great, No nonsense, Rock music that’s been missing for years; and on their debut release “From the Fires, this amazing quartet from Detroit Michigan pulls no punches For further proof listen to “Safari Song” & “Highway Tune”


The next generation  Romiemarie  5 star

The next gen of Rock and Roll. And everyone said millennials were good for nothing. Amazing sound that brings back the good ole memories of true Rock and Roll.


Mind blowing..  Selfstagram  5 star

I literally thought this was Robert Plant.. When I found out that it was a total other band, I was like bruh... This album has all the feels to enjoy this album and their gifted abilities. These guys are going somewhere and will be a huge success! Come to OKC please!!💜


Wonderful  Kaleemar2000  5 star

I find myself returning to this album over and over again. TALK ON THE STREET is absolutely the best. If these guys keep their heads on straight, they’ll go bigger and bigger.


SO SWEET SO FINE SO NICE!!!  ddmusiclover  5 star

Believe me when I say I've seen it all. These guys do it for me. It's about time. They have it all the sound the look. I see a lot of rock in their future. Ohhhh have fun guys!!!! WANTING MORE


They're doing something right!  Gjhgi  5 star

This band has potential to explode into a legendary band. This album is a great start!


The new Led Zepplin!!  alanpied  4 star

They just have that sound


Finally  Biker73Doc  5 star

I heard Led Zeppelin in the spring of 1968 in Ithaca, NY. ( on a record) They changed my life chemically and actually. This band “gets it”!!! Stay safe!!!!

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