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Safari SongGreta Van Fleet 3:54USD 1.29
Edge of DarknessGreta Van Fleet 4:28USD 1.29
Flower PowerGreta Van Fleet 5:12USD 1.29
A Change is Gonna ComeGreta Van Fleet 3:17USD 1.29
Highway TuneGreta Van Fleet 3:00USD 1.29
Meet On the LedgeGreta Van Fleet 3:49USD 1.29
Talk On the StreetGreta Van Fleet 4:08USD 1.29
Black Smoke RisingGreta Van Fleet 4:19USD 1.29

From the Fires Album Reviews


The comparisons are deserved...  martimer  5 star

I wanted to write a review that somehow did not compare this band with early Led Zeppelin but I could not figure out how to do it and GVF justice. They really sound like an early Led Zeppelin. That is okay, I LIKE Led Zeppelin. I also like Gret Van Fleet, so all is good.


Imitation Is The Finest Form of Flattery?  BenDognobi  1 star

If I want to listen to Led Zeppelin then I’ll listen to Led Zeppelin. A band called Kingdom Come attempted this in the late 80’s and I wasn’t impressed then either. Write your own music. Find your own identity. Don’t steal the identity and sound of legends. You’ll realise one day that you have zero credibility.


Amazing  SRT-TV  5 star

Finally a record to truly rock out with


Monsters of Rock  Blutopoliss  4 star

Total Kingdom Come rip-off.


Amazing Band!  Jsnugglz  5 star

These guys rock! Am I the only one who thought “Safari Song” was by Jack White? If you are a White Stripes fan, this band is for you.


Simply Amazing  rychous  5 star

Rock and roll is in good hands. The only thing better then this album is seeing them live. Yes they sound like Led Zeppelin but so what. They also have their own sound. I am looking forward to more from this band .


Amazing!!!!!  Lubbbbaaaarrrrr412  5 star

All of my music idols are no longer touring, senior citizens, or dead. The singer reminds me so much of Robert Plant. I have found a new favorite band❤️

Homer vargas

About Time!  Homer vargas  5 star

Best rock music in thirty years.


Very impressive  JustLiftJr  5 star

It’s like someone copy and pasted Led Zeppelin! These guys have an almost identical sound, just with a slight twist


Great Rock - So Refreshing!  Tejon1337  5 star

Amazing music! Every song is great!


Future of true Rock-N-Roll  dlenigan  5 star

If this is was the young people are listening too, bring it! Likens back to the days of old Led Zeppelin blasting old school riffs/ Power vocals. To you older peeps it will feel familiar, very. To you younger peeps, this is how it’s done. Don’t believe me, go listen to any Led Zeppelin album 1-4. True Rock is back and not this [email protected]@y stuff. They can’t keep shows from NOT selling out here in Nashville night after night. I’m in!

Zombieeater 269

WoW!  Zombieeater 269  5 star

These guys are fantastic. I thought this rock was gone. Thank you guys for bringing back memories of me working with my dad, wrenching on cars. Keep up the great work! Looking forward to future albums!!!!!!!!


Awesome!  Yrigollen96  5 star

He’s got the voice similarity of Robert Plant from Led Zeppelin which makes it awesome! And they got the 70’s tune to their music and I love that cause of course Led Zeppelin is my fave! But ima keep listening to these guys cause the music is great 👍🏼


Wow!!!  ducky20  5 star

This guy stole Robert Plants vocal chords lol this is amazing!!


Great Album  ComannderKarnes  5 star

Every song on this album rocks! Haven’t heard a whole album that I liked since Kaleo.


Hell Yea!!!  6stringmike  5 star

Authentic Rock & Roll has been resurrected!! Amen Greta Van Fleet. "Oh Mama" is back in the lyrics.


Great First Album!  erinwallruss  5 star

I love listening to this album! The first time I started it, I listened to the entire 30 minutes with out stopping.

The smallest of peoples

Please press on Vinyl!!  The smallest of peoples  5 star

This album is just simply rocking, and who doesn’t love to rock. Y’all should definitely press your album on Vinyl for Record Store Day or something!!


Holy [email protected]!  YaFave310Girl  5 star

I am BLOWN AWAY by this band. As a lifelong rock and Zeppelin fan, I can honestly say they’ve totally exceeded expectations. The hype is no lie!!


Have I heard this Before?  Mikesr1963  3 star

Wow! Way to channel your inner Led Zepplin.

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