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Safari SongGreta Van Fleet 3:54USD 1.29
Edge of DarknessGreta Van Fleet 4:28USD 1.29
Flower PowerGreta Van Fleet 5:12USD 1.29
A Change is Gonna ComeGreta Van Fleet 3:17USD 1.29
Highway TuneGreta Van Fleet 3:00USD 1.29
Meet On the LedgeGreta Van Fleet 3:49USD 1.29
Talk On the StreetGreta Van Fleet 4:08USD 1.29
Black Smoke RisingGreta Van Fleet 4:19USD 1.29

From the Fires Album Reviews


It’s Tasty  Mojotun  5 star

You would not expect anyone under 50 to be making music like this anymore. The influence is unmistakable. The iTunes description is apropos, except for the “slick polish” comment. It’s rough, gritty. They need some road miles, an experienced manager, and an an old school producer. But it’s a great sound; there’s some raw talent there. Give them major props for having the rocks to make this music in this day and age. Keep at it guys, the old metal turtle will be listening.


Do you Believe  two55771  5 star

This has to be the rebirth of LED Zepplin they sound so similar and they are 100% original.


LED Van Fleet  Scooterhel  5 star

Awesome 70’s style rock. Glad a band today recognizes what good music is AND PLAYS IT! Definitely buy this!


Yes! Wow! More please.  Gerety69  5 star

Zeppelin’esque? Big time. And totally awesome too! Rock and roll is alive and well, thanks to bands like Greta Van Fleet and others (like Tyler Brandt and The Shakedown) I finally have new music to look forward to again.

Pony Love

Great album, just not original  Pony Love  3 star

I would be more impressed if these young fellas didnt completely highjack you-know-who's style. I suppose it is a good thing for Rock-n-Roll, I just have more respect for bands that have a unique sound all of their own.

Rock'N Roll Rebel

10 STAR AMAZING!! 🤘🏻😎🤘🏻  Rock'N Roll Rebel  5 star

When is the next album?? Wish I could play guitar with you guys..


Great Tunes  15jedi309  5 star

Great vocals with great riffs!!!!! 8 songs and you don’t have to skip any of them... So rare these days. Good work


Rockville 2018 Jax, FL  lycankind  5 star

Saw this band at Rockville and was blown away. The lead singer or shall I say vocalist was very impressive. They remind me of zeppelin, rush and the black crows. I expect great things from this band. Can’t wait for their next album.


🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻  Sammix27  5 star

Just what the rock n roll scene needed 👏🏻

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Hell yea  113456789 qwyt  5 star



They are going places  4,68'ptesxjrwhjl  5 star

If you love classic rock in any form you will find the application here. BUY THIS ALBUM!!!!


Simply Amazing  Azphadel  5 star

This album is amazing every song on it is well written, beautifully played, and addicting.


PERFECT  Mammoth13  5 star

Zeppelin!! Um I think yes!!


Blown Away  AnthrosAllure  5 star

These guys bring me to my happy place. Great album to rock out to any time of day or night. Merging their own musical brainchild with those great classic rock vibrations, it's enough to send chills down your spine. This band is the rebirth of good ole rock and roll.


Rock has returned with vengeance!  fitsound  5 star

Best thing I’ve heard in years! Can’t stop listening.


Who says zeppelin wouldn’t like it  kwconch7  5 star

They got the seal of approval from plant himself! Can’t wait to see these guys


Great  Swagreninja  4 star

Sounds just like Led Zeppelin, but they forgot the organs. They are extremely important if you want to replicate that 70s sound.


Masterful Work  GamerArchry  5 star

Don’t take me saying this was a masterpiece lightly. I haven’t heard ANYTHING recently that I’ve been too impressed by. But this, has absolutely blown me away. Zeppelin is one of my favorite bands of all time, so to hear a band almost 40 years later sound so much like them amazes me. It’s fresh, but a blast to the past at the same time. I sincerely hope there is more to come of this excellent work, keep it up Greta!

Real Rock and Roll

C’mon man  Real Rock and Roll  1 star

Haha if I was zeppelin id beat em up, straight up back alley style so they can maybe learn their own sound. Posers

Olivia V.G. :)

10/10  Olivia V.G. :)  5 star

SO AMAZING! rock and roll isn’t dead.

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