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From the Fires by Greta Van Fleet Album Songs (8)

No Title Artist Time
Safari Song Greta Van Fleet 3:54 USD 0.99
Edge of Darkness Greta Van Fleet 4:28 USD 1.29
Flower Power Greta Van Fleet 5:12 USD 0.99
A Change is Gonna Come Greta Van Fleet 3:17 USD 1.29
Highway Tune Greta Van Fleet 3:00 USD 1.29
Meet On the Ledge Greta Van Fleet 3:49 USD 1.29
Talk On the Street Greta Van Fleet 4:08 USD 1.29
Black Smoke Rising Greta Van Fleet 4:19 USD 0.99

From the Fires Album Reviews

I Love BUB

:))))))))))  I Love BUB  5 star

A sweet album full of sweet jamzzz :)


Sorry Josh.  8  4 star

The music is great! Unquestionably it does have the inspiration of Zeppelin and rock blues. It’s awesome how some young men have picked up on some of the best rock ‘n’ roll groove every made. As far as the vocals, sorry Josh, please tone down the high pitch almost screaming vocals in some of these songs. Don’t get me wrong. You have an unbelievable voice! Awesome!! But for example, Edge of Darkness, song 2, very annoying high pitch screaming, in my opinion. But this is y’alls first outing and I’m sure album 2 will be better and as y’all grow, hopefully we all will enjoy your music for many many years to come. 🎼🎼THANK YOU FOR YOUR MUSIC!🎼🎼


Rock n roll rose back from the dead  Beatlesfab4  5 star

Rock n roll’s got a bright future after all, keep up the good work!


Led Zeppelin?  Instinct4life  5 star

This sounds too much like Led Zeppelin it’s good


70s Rock Reborn  Cadecolorado  5 star

These guys are amazing. They truly bring the old rock feel with a new spin.


Great EP  jdatzw  5 star

While I do wish there were more than four new songs on this album, the other four seem to have been re-recorded and not just re-mastered which makes the album more than worth it. The new songs are excellent and their talent is even more obvious. While comparisons to Led Zeppelin are easily made, don’t mistake this band for a Zeppelin tribute or anything like that. They have their own style & sound and are worthy of listening.

Fifty Three

F'right!  Fifty Three  5 star

thank someone that the younger genration finaly gets it. Old school rock wasn't "stale or boring" was REAL rock music. These guys rock on their own merit but even if they do mirror the great Led Zepplin, they still OWN it. They ar one of the first bands to bring back Zep's early raw sounds. They are truly amazing. cannot wait for more music!


Amazing rock band  JeFfYP74  5 star

These young men are amazing! This album is solid. Wish they had more... in all due time they will and it will be great.


Greta  mets20  5 star

Ladies and gentlemen I would like to introduce “ The next big Thing “ we’ve been waiting a long time.


Audio Perfection  Rockerchik124  5 star

Seen em live twice, and they’re amazing!! Take the Black Smoke Rising EP and mix the four new tracks, wow. “Talk on the Street” is a great song.

T-Dirtydraws loves these guys!  T-Dirtydraws  5 star

Thank God for these fellow ‘mercans !! WooooooooooDawgies!!! I hear a little Axl Rose, some Triumph and Bonham on percussion. Very pleased with this work.


12/10  jlhickman  5 star

So amazing! Hope these guys hit it big

Creed Fan

Refreshing twist on 21st century rock  Creed Fan  5 star

In an age where so many rock artists sound the same Greta Van Fleet has found a way to channel that old school more classic rock sound. 2 thumbs up, you won’t be disappointed!


Rock Revolution!  ArrS0n39  5 star

This band is going to blow sh*t up! The world needs pure rock to counteract all the pop and fake hip hop! Well done fellas!


KICKASS  AustinandIvanInc  5 star

Another smash hit for these rock revival pioneers.


Amazing  I'mablinkfan  5 star

Nothing else compares to Greta


Powerful Youth  rscalive  5 star

Great collection of just the beginning I would imagine for this sibling laced passion!! A definite beyond weaving classic like the inside twist where it all started a continuation of art❤️


Rock isnt dead, and Led Zeppelin is alive in this band!  SpeedyPete🎸  5 star

This band is great!! Just purchase this and you'll never be disappointed. Great band, great music. Just beyond phenomenal!


Real Music!!!  Bret14  5 star

This is what music should be!!! Best rock band to come out in a while. See ‘em live!!!


BUY THIS !!!!  JDEBERLE  5 star

Stellar!! Amazing talent! Some say original, real rock n roll has long been dead. These guys just resurrected it. My faith in the younger generation has been restored. Yes, I’m old, but i got to see all the really cool bands. These guys will be stars and will fill arenas. See em now while you can in the smaller venues. You won’t be disappointed. Josh’s vocals are amazing, and Jake’s guitar and Danny’s drumming are also quite polished for as young as they are, but Sam’s bass playing is phenomenal. Be sure and listen for his flawless runs and impeccable timing. He’s the unsung hero of this band in my opinion. 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

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