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From the Fires by Greta Van Fleet Album Songs (8)

Safari SongGreta Van Fleet 3:54USD 1.29
Edge of DarknessGreta Van Fleet 4:28USD 1.29
Flower PowerGreta Van Fleet 5:12USD 1.29
A Change is Gonna ComeGreta Van Fleet 3:17USD 1.29
Highway TuneGreta Van Fleet 3:00USD 1.29
Meet On the LedgeGreta Van Fleet 3:49USD 1.29
Talk On the StreetGreta Van Fleet 4:08USD 1.29
Black Smoke RisingGreta Van Fleet 4:19USD 1.29

From the Fires Album Reviews


Good Songs  Soulballer101  5 star

They’re great once you realize they’re not Zeppelin. And when I say great I mean amazing.


Dancing Days Are Here Again  Deezy956  5 star

I’m hoping this band has Led Zeppelin as an inspiration. Because they remind me so much of them. I had just about given up on any new band out there, in the rock category, ever sounding so great. They will definitely be on my concert list. Lol if they come to Indiana.


Bringing back real rock n roll 💃🏻  msactor13  5 star

They’re amazing, nothing to not love!!! They’re bringing rock n roll back from the 80’s into the modern era and it’s awesome

MMA Gamer guy

Love it  MMA Gamer guy  5 star

Great old school vibes


Excellent  Jarl_of_tech  5 star

The revival is brought by the boys of GVF. Continue on your path boys

Raun Burgundy

Soulfelt  Raun Burgundy  5 star

Was blown away after less than a minute. This album is worth every penny! If you like music with soul and class, buy it, you won't regret it.

bs hmidt

😝😝😝😝  bs hmidt  5 star

They are amazing


Led Zeppelin Wannabes.  Stonerbeachbum65  1 star

C'mon people Greta Van Fleet are merely Led Zeppelin wannabes. Nothing on this cd impresses me. No originality at all whatsoever.


Awesome!  Natedawg234  5 star

Being a millennial, It is about time my generation put out some good rock. Love these guys!

Ms. Bee Darling

Amazing  Ms. Bee Darling  5 star's all I can really say. This album is amazing! My next road trip album for sure!


mickeyslutaku3 star

@frozenyves: stop saying greta van fleet is a rip-off led zeppelin, led zeppelin WISHES they could do this


jackyjackuhline3 star

@frozenyves: stop saying greta van fleet is a rip-off led zeppelin, led zeppelin WISHES they could do this


Ginger Headed Bitchkateroni973 star

@frozenyves: stop saying greta van fleet is a rip-off led zeppelin, led zeppelin WISHES they could do this


Amazing  Stormcreator777  5 star

I’m just 15 and I love this entire album, but most people haven’t listened to it because of trashy pop and rap song that aren’t good at all, those people have basically no talent (some do, but whatever), more people need to know about this. I love to listen to this album whole sometimes and it’s great to hear something good instead of today’s radio hits. I want more from Greta... MORE

Redeye Rock

Shut up and take my money. Please!  Redeye Rock  5 star

This is the best new rock in decades. Great job guys!!


The Modern World Needs This  #GodsNotDead  5 star

Keep the sound up it’s amazing especially Highway Tune and Safari Song. It’s bringing the past to now and it’s amazing


How did Led Zeppelin get mislabeled?!?  Treyh9  3 star

They really need to carve out their own sound. They simply sound way too much like Led Zeppelin. There's just no twist, angle or reinvention. Talented kids but they lack their own voice, which is the very thing that makes bands great. It's ok to be influenced or borrow from your influences but not just from one source. The singer wears the open vest and does Plant's hand gestures. The bassist plays barefoot and also hops on keys, like John Paul Jones and the drummer plays a kit just like Bonham's. It's all just too much. Why not just listen to Zeppelin?


GRETA IS AMAZING  katek347  5 star



Led Zeppelin Ripoff  Luckwhat  1 star

Highway tune is just The Rover by Zeppelin with different lyrics. My best guess is this band started out as a Zeppelin cover band and morphed into writing cheap knockoffs.


Safari song and album  Thohow12  5 star

You guys knocked it out of the park kudos


WOW!  AugustlaySleeper  5 star

Enough of the whole, "they sound like LZ", these guys are amazing. I seriously cant wait to hear new music from them. The entire album has brought me through an emotional journey and thats exactly what I want from a band! Great Job GVF keep it up


Hell yeah!  Chloe_Chaos_  5 star

FINALLY! A band that can make me have some faith in real music again! Keep it up guys!


Welcome Back Rock  walzy7  5 star

Not one track to skip! Set it and just Rock Out. Thank you Greta!

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