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By The Way, I Forgive You by Brandi Carlile Album Songs (10)

Every Time I Hear That SongBrandi Carlile 4:01USD 1.29
The JokeBrandi Carlile 4:39USD 1.29
Hold Out Your HandBrandi Carlile 4:22USD 1.29
The MotherBrandi Carlile 3:16USD 1.29
Whatever You DoBrandi Carlile 4:07USD 1.29
Fulton County Jane DoeBrandi Carlile 4:43USD 1.29
SugartoothBrandi Carlile 4:28USD 1.29
Most Of AllBrandi Carlile 3:51USD 1.29
Harder To ForgiveBrandi Carlile 4:06USD 1.29
Party Of OneBrandi Carlile 5:48USD 1.29

By The Way, I Forgive You Album Reviews


She speaks to my heart  Erin&Jada  5 star

It's pretty rare that I buy an album and like all the songs. This is that rare occasion. I have been waiting for this album to be released for months now and it for sure does NOT disappoint!!! It has been on Shuffle/Repeat since I purchased it. Bravo, Brandi, bravo.

Belle Michelle

By The Way, I love YOU  Belle Michelle  5 star

When Brandi sings she tells you a story and she reels you in with every word sung. This record is filled with these beautiful stories and she blew me out of the water again and again. Wishing she'd come back to LA for a concert with this album! You are amazing Brandi Carlile!


Beautiful, raucous of foot-stomping, joy!  silversquirrel  5 star

I have been following Brandi Carlile since I saw she & the twins open for Marc Broussard at The Blind Pig in Ann Arbor, Michigan back in 2003. I took my whole family to see Marc, a friend from Atlanta - but Brandi and the Twins blew the roof off. This album is beautiful story telling, heart thumping, raw love, harmonies that will fill your house, your car, and your heart with songs that wil make you think of your stories, triumphs, and growth. Life is hard, but beautiful music can come out of it. This album reminds me of the past 2 albums, but more indepth in terms of personal growth. Keep digging you guys - it only gets better. xo


Beautiful  Amba8  4 star

Well done, loved it.


Keeps Getting Better  mmmred19  5 star

Great lyrics and beautiful harmonies as per usual. These songs are for anyone and any relationship, now or ago. I thought Firewatcher's Daughter was haunting, but this one is so raw, real and vulnerable. Brava!


Every time I hear her voice  Kirblet  5 star

I get chills. I love every single album by Brandi and the Twins so far, and once again they did not disappoint. There’s something so raw and honest about this album that really resonates.


Fantastic  Lee567  5 star

I’ve been a Brandi Carlile fan for a long time and the last few albums have been good (still like the first two best) but this one is great...and I enjoy it from beginning to end.


The Joke is masterpiece!  mikespopworld  5 star

The Joke is an anthem for our era about never giving up or giving in. It is a masterwork of songcraft, equal to and maybe better than The Story. Brandi's soulful voice turns verses into vibrato filled landscapes that explode with emotion in the last chorus as her poignant singing becomes a crescendo of plaintive howls accompanied by soaring violins that together magnify the song's emotive energy tenfold. Kudos to the late Paul Buckmaster for the wonderful string arrangements that perfectly blend with Brand's voice.


Holy cow!  epoelzl  5 star

Love, love, love this album!! Thank you, Brandi!


Great  D_Ed  5 star

I'm a simple person, if Jackson the Space Dog says it's good, I buy it.


Linda Ashokthebluelimit3 star

@athikers_bob: Listening to a mix of Neko Case tonight. Thinking I would give my heart and soul to the singer/poet/songwriter. She invok…


SkoolSucksSubParHusband3 star

@mileskahn I went to high school with Phil and Tim Hanseroth and saw them perform at venues including a Mountlake T…


Bob W Garner-just bob-Spaceman Spiffathikers_bob3 star

Listening to a mix of Neko Case tonight. Thinking I would give my heart and soul to the singer/poet/songwriter. She…


Love.  CarrieAnne77  5 star

Sugartooth just solidified my love for Brandi!


Love  Jbosch  4 star

So good so far. Can't wait for the rest to be released. BCB Rocks. There is an issue with the sound quality of The Mother. It sounds super blown out/crackly, especially the vocals. I thought it was my headphones, but it's not.


Camila Cabello  Cash28383773  5 star

Anyone reading this please check out “Camila” the Album. She is extremely talented who work her butt off for this album. She is the one who sings “Havana”. The Album is up for preorder now, album is set to be release January 12,2018.


Wow  mishybeAR44  5 star

The first two releases are amazing! I can’t wait to hear the rest! February can’t come fast enough!


love  ;y;e  5 star

i love everything you guys do just amazing music everytime!


WOW!!!  iStace  5 star

The Joke is stunningly beautiful and all the things we love from Brandi and the twins - lyrics that are honest and gritty with a sense of purpose. And then there's the strings. Yeah, strings! This album is EPIC!

And you are?

Awesome!  And you are?  5 star

I love everything about Brandi, the twins are the secret ingredient that makes her music that much more special! Her music has always pulled me through so much darkness and inspired me to create again. This song is a fast favorite!


Phenomenal  stuckify  5 star

Stunningly beautiful.

I love you Caper

Original Art  I love you Caper  5 star

Would recommend


Best yet?  N156  5 star

I wouldn't be surprised. Brandi Carlile, and Tim & Phil Hanseroth make up the Brandi Carlile Band. One of those bands that grabs you and holds you closely. Pulls at your heart strings and brings you up out of the depths. This album will ignite, inspire, and engage. Stay tuned. They're making music mean more.

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