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By The Way, I Forgive You by Brandi Carlile Album Songs (10)

Every Time I Hear That SongBrandi Carlile 4:01USD 1.29
The JokeBrandi Carlile 4:39USD 1.29
Hold Out Your HandBrandi Carlile 4:22USD 1.29
The MotherBrandi Carlile 3:16USD 1.29
Whatever You DoBrandi Carlile 4:07USD 1.29
Fulton County Jane DoeBrandi Carlile 4:43USD 1.29
SugartoothBrandi Carlile 4:28USD 1.29
Most Of AllBrandi Carlile 3:51USD 1.29
Harder To ForgiveBrandi Carlile 4:06USD 1.29
Party Of OneBrandi Carlile 5:48USD 1.29

By The Way, I Forgive You Album Reviews


Excellent  mnblue  5 star

The first four songs show off her amazing musical range. The rest of the album really showcases her excellent song/lyric writing. I’ve been a super-fan since 2006 and love all of her work. This one ranks up there among her best but I think if I try to rank her albums they all tie for first.


Amazing  Kjh1313  5 star

If you don’t know Brandi Carlile get to know her now! This album is just amazing! The lyrics are so beautiful and meaningful. If you ever get a chance see her live, her and the twins are wonderful!


Gets Better Each Time  LBurns7  5 star

Every album just gets better and better. This album hits close to home and has some of the most beautiful and honest songs I’ve ever heard. What an accomplishment by Brandi and the twins.


Never disappointed  ujujbjenn  5 star

Brandi and her band brings their “A” game every time. Never disappointed!!


Best lyric and storytelling yet  jakenic94  5 star

Some of the best music Brandi and the Twins have ever released. The Joke and Party of One are reason enough to buy this incredible album. Love it! This and Firewatcher’s Daughter are Brandi finally embracing Brandi. So much heart. Nothing held back.


They keep pulling on my Heartstrings  Clmbrchick  5 star

I’ve been infatuated with BCB since the first time I heard them 13 years ago. It’s been an exciting journey to watch and listen to them grow together musically and as a family. If you enjoy this album check out others like Give Up the Ghost and The Story. They do not disappoint.


Hazel-Ra  PierreZboop  4 star

Brandi I figured it out! The Joke is about the rabbits in Watership Down “I have been to the movies and I’ve seen hares!!!!” Most of this record is what we’ve come to expect from BC...until we’re suddenly soaring, spirited to new heights! Kaboom and congratulations on a stellar piece.


Beautiful - lyrics, music and vocals  Andy18765488  5 star

Party of One is haunting. So many feels.


Great Album  Lukeygaga  4 star

Just discovering her. This is a solid 8/10. Love it but it’s not perfect


I could not possibly love this album more than I do  Riely111  5 star

Seriously. It kills!


albiziac_b_g_3 star

Petite cover du soir de The Joke de Brandi Carlile en ce #pridemonth, à écouter si tu te sens parfois ni aimé.e ni…


pauuupaulinaosoriooo3 star

@MiPatanFavorito All I want -Kodaline Brillas -León Larregui Heart’s content -Brandi Carlile


doordash delivery driverthirstbicth3 star

when y’all mfs gonna start stanning brandi carlile


Album of the Year  jboicourt1  5 star

What an incredible album. As if Brandi and the twins hadn't already found their footing as a trio, this record solidifies their placement among the best singer/songwriters of this generation.


Classic Carlile  TennDJ  5 star

I got my autographed hard copy and have listened to the entirity about ten times. This deeply personal glimpse into Brandi's life is shown by her strong, songwriting abilities. As she matures, so does her storytelling and epic vocals and harmonies. From angelic highs to pounding rhythmatic anthems, this will be one of Carliles best efforts to date. She really does "Give her love away." Thank you, Brandi.


Brandi Carlile band rocks!  JESH108  5 star

This is the best! Even though I love all of her music, this is amazing! there is no one like them!


Gold  moowithmeelphie  5 star

Wonderful per usual


She did it again 🙌🏽  Jockno5  5 star

I preordered this album and was loving the songs that were slowly being released ahead of time while waiting for the official release but finally got to listen to the entire album and it’s magic! Brandi Carlile is amazing! ♥️


Perfect  yengkangvang  5 star

Beautifully written songs. This album sings to the soul


Powerful  Playa307  5 star

Nothing is held back in this album! The lyrics cut straight to your soul and the musical arrangements carry you even further. The first time you listen to this album you should probably be alone because you are going to feel all of the feelings! Absolutely beautiful!


Brandi Bae  HPJoker  5 star

Brandi knocks one out of the park again. Every album has a unique sound and she doesn't disappoint here. Incredible.


Another Amazing Album!  Khabita  5 star

Listening for the first time. Wow . . . the music is amazing, the writing is tight, the whole thing is so well put together! Brandi just keeps putting out quality music. Love it!


Their best album yet  itz42  5 star

So much more than just songs. I’ve had it shuffling since I downloaded it.

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