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Marathon 🏁🔥  Goldenboyrickkky  5 star

Nipsey went out on this album ! 🔥 True def of rags 2 riches ! Keep on grinding!


Rap Album of the decade  JohnRigney  5 star

I don't think I've ever written a review for an album on iTunes. I moreso just look at the reviews so I can get a feel for where the music industry is at along with where consumers are at as a aspiring musician myself. But I've been rocking with Nip since 2010, and since then he's been one of my favorite rappers. I was heavy in the underground scene and I considered Nip to be one of those artists that has mad respect in the underground but who would never get that "mainstream" success that was totally seperate from the underground scene at the time. But with timing and steady progression, I see now that Nipsey Hussle was waiting for the right time to strike with this gold, or should I say soon-to-be platnium, album titled Victory Lap. THIS IS WHAT RAP NEEDED. LISTEN TO THESE LYRICS. These are lyrics to live by my friends and that is why I logged into my account to write this review, that is why I call it the rap album of the decade Bruh. All money in, no money out folks; you know what time it is. It's all love from the Westcoast, Bay Area to be specific. Thank you Nipsey, Thank you!


West Coast Classic  jp_81189  5 star

Even though Neighborhood Nip has been rapping for well over a decade; this is his official debut album. And let me tell you it’s a classic. No disrespect to K-Dot, but I believe Nipsey has dethroned Kendrick Lamar as the current king of Los Angeles hip-hop. Nip has always been underrated and I think more folks will know who he is now with this album. It’s fire from beginning to end. You can tell he put in the time and effort to make this album perfect. He’s spitting truth and real life experiences in Victory Lap. He put his heart and soul into this project. I also like that each song is unique and each song makes you feel different. Some songs will make you think, some inspire, and some just make you get turnt. But they all go hella hard. That’s what makes Victory Lap so special. It definitely ain’t generic, boring, or repetitive like hella rap nowadays. Nipsey Hussle deserves to be nominated for every Grammy Award that he’s eligible for with Victory Lap. On a 1 to 10 scale, I’d rate this album a 100. It’s an album that all rap fans I think would enjoy and appreciate; from the old-heads to the youngins. So if y’all like rap I suggest you buy this album because it’s worth it. There hasn’t been a debut album that was labeled a banger and a classic since 50 Cent’s “Get Rich or Die Tryin’”- until now. Nipsey Hussle if you’re reading this, I just wanna say thank you making Victory Lap; your dedication, hard work plus patience, the sum of all your sacrifice payed off for sure!


Great Album Nipsy  FaceShotTheDon  5 star



S/o Neighborhood Nip 🙏🏿  ShareexMedia  5 star

So grateful for this body of work. #Classic


Trash  obsidian1381  1 star

Repetitive trash


Great Album!  RAWLO949  5 star

The production is on point and I like his flow , this album made me a fan ! WESTCOAST

The Vasyl

Just Became a Nipsey Fan last Month  The Vasyl  4 star

From the tracks i've listened to so far, I like what i've heard. I have yet to go through the whole album to give a thorough review, but I feel it will not dissappoint. By far my favorite track is, "Double Up" i get lost in that song, it takes me places.


Victory Lap!!!  twhit29  5 star

Rap needed this!!!!


🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥  JOZIUH  5 star

This album took me back to a 93’ west coast mind state. I needed to hear something like this again.


Playboi BartiKingOfThe2173 star

@HotNewHipHop: Lauren London & Nipsey Hussle didn't actually get married


717 Radio717Radio3 star

Nipsey Hussle Feat. TeeFlii - Keyz 2 The City 2


HotNewHipHopHotNewHipHop3 star

Lauren London & Nipsey Hussle didn't actually get married


Hvrvvh guv cr  gvdgttrpvyztvyryyegvuyyjyyyv  3 star

Ru just tEtt for the first v dgiguy verve the good fnight gvyv yygtygggggvvcvg


Nipsey’s best work!  Balldinho  5 star

These tracks just roll on and on so easily, absolute FIRE!


Real Music  Sneakfeind  5 star

If you want that Hip-Hop underground vibe, then purchase this real music. This music makes up for the stuff we hear on the radio today! Thank you Nip.


It's his best work yet!  Ccj-2  5 star

If you are a Nip fan, you will be in 'Hussle's' paradise! If you are a hip hop head, but not really into West Coast gangsta rap, you will respect his lyrics and flow. If you are not a fan of this art, this aint for you! Keep it moving! Hope this helps!


🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥  teespoonkaboom  5 star

Man this album is truely Amazing Got the chills listening to this project (loudddddddddddd) It will take u on a ride Thas fasho It touched me close Coming up from the neighborhood 🙏🏿


-ODDMANOUTMUSIC-  jhollsol  5 star

Great job Nipsey. This is probably one of your greatest bangers. Neva Loose. DOPE!!!


Trying ugly  vfufdydbezhitffg  3 star



Album is FLAWLESS ‼️  MYF4  5 star

Nipsey is the definition of inspiration, motivation & dedication all in one ‼️ well worth the wait! Real fans know! Thank you ‼️ Marathon Lifestyle ‼️ Victory Lap 🏁


Nipsey doesn’t disappoint  323Drew  5 star

Feel like this album was announced like 8 years ago, but its finally here and it was well worth the wait. Great samples


Sounds good  066764,&&6yvdjju  5 star

I’m liking it so far

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