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Camila (formerly titled The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving.) is the eponymous debut studio album by Cuban-American singer Camila Cabello. It was released on January 12, 2018, through Epic Records, Syco and Sony Music. The project was initially announced as The Hurting. The Healing. The Loving. but was later changed to simply Camila. Primarily a pop record, it incorporates elements of Latin music and R&B.

Camila by Camila Cabello Album Songs (11)

Never Be the SameCamila Cabello 3:46USD 1.29
All These YearsCamila Cabello 2:44USD 1.29
She Loves ControlCamila Cabello 2:57USD 1.29
Havana (feat. Young Thug)Camila Cabello 3:37USD 1.29
Inside OutCamila Cabello 3:02USD 1.29
ConsequencesCamila Cabello 2:58USD 1.29
Real FriendsCamila Cabello 3:34USD 1.29
Something's Gotta GiveCamila Cabello 3:56USD 1.29
In the DarkCamila Cabello 3:39USD 1.29
Into ItCamila Cabello 2:55USD 1.29
Never Be the SameCamila Cabello 3:47USD 1.29

Camila Album Reviews


Goodmusic100  goodmusic100  5 star

Love your voice!!!


Amazing!  Arianatorxo  5 star

There’s not one song on the album that I dislike! I love how she taps into her Latina heritage in songs such as “Havana” or “Inside Out”!


Never be the same  giraffeperson  3 star

It’s good but a bit too breathy at high parts


LOOOOOVVVVVEEE  Edouglas1106  5 star

amazing album


It’s alright  dnycool57  3 star

This album is okay but mostly boring. The majority of it is weak. SHE CANNOT SING and the auto tune is very noticeable in every song. She Loves Control is great, it’s the only fast upbeat dance song on the album. Havana is the best even though I ignored it at first. Real friends is very acoustic and nice to listen to. The other tracks I skip. Hopefully they will grow on me. Inside Out is the worst. Her first song Crying In The Club isn’t on here it should be because it’s a great song.

mlg gamer 123

Review  mlg gamer 123  5 star

Awesome!!!!! 😜😜😜😆😺😂


Full of filler tracks  Ducky_134  1 star

There one or two songs that are okay. The majority of the album isn’t too great.


ART  Lizzybarajas  5 star

The best song I’ve heard in a while


Yassss  Witchgirl84  5 star

when I first heard it was bawling!! It so emotional and empowering!!


HATERS GONNA HATE!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!!  Sarahmariiieee  5 star

Haters gonna hate!!! Gotta admit she is way better on her own than with 5H !!! Keep it going Camila!


🌸 | joss; VI A NIALL | 🌸JossftRubius3 star

@powerfulcabello: cierren los ojos y escuchen lo hermosa que es su voz #MTVHottest Camila Cabello


mirupoesykarlas3 star

dios quiero seguir viendo ariana grande y camila cabello funny moments pero me levanto temprano prefiero dejar d respirar


annoyed lisi🦋camilasvvay3 star

@CAMILASMlLE: Den si no los sigo. No se porque deje de seguir a todos. #MTVHottest Camila Cabello


camilas album is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥  teasleydale  5 star

this album is so amazing !!!!


Beautiful  Xavi2113  5 star

Honestly amazing work! Love the songs. They’re so relatable and it’s just an overall great album.


Awful  QueenCucakKe  1 star

One of the worst female albums I’ve heard in a while. Fifth harmony’s self titled was better than this goat sounding talentless girl and that’s saying a lot


I'm soooo Into It!!!  jeni75211  5 star

It's been a long time since I've loved every song on an album, but I do this one! Besides being an excellent singer, songwriter and perfomer, she's funny, beautiful and an inspiration. She's got it all and I'm obsessed!

Sexy lil thang

😍  Sexy lil thang  5 star

Such a great album. I really got into Camila’s music through the intro and song “crying in the club” and “I have Questions” which I am absolutely in love with and “Havana”. When I heard her new song “Never be the Same” I just knew I had to buy the album. I’ve only owned it for 2-3 weeks now but I couldn’t pick a favorite if I wanted to. It’s great as a whole. A mix of slow and fast and so many instruments. I know each song by heart and haven’t listened to a different CD since I bought “Camila”. It’s a must have if you ask me. She is incredibly talented and I cannot wait to see where she takes this career! ❤️😍🙈


album of the year  FifthHarmony💘  5 star

this album saved 2018

Theodore Dude!

🤨🤨🤨😏  Theodore Dude!  5 star

Did anyone else notice that every song was about relationships


🤤🤤😍😍  10132011  5 star

LOVE IT 😊 ❤️


Love it  Dustbake  5 star

Love her voice

David RX

Yaaaaaaasssssss  David RX  4 star

“Never Be The Same” is stuck on repeat...

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