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Revival is the ninth studio album by American rapper Eminem. The album was released on December 15, 2017 through Aftermath Entertainment, Shady Records and Interscope Records. Production for the album took place during 2016 to 2017 at various recording studios. Production was handled by various record producers, including Rick Rubin, Skylar Grey, Eminem himself, and executive producer Dr. Dre. Revival features guest appearances from artists Beyoncé, Phresher, Ed Sheeran, Alicia Keys, X Ambassadors, Grey, Kehlani, and Pink.

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Revival Album Reviews

karipillisuma diell

Garbage  karipillisuma diell  1 star

Total Trash


Still a fan  Crisa88  5 star

Fan for life and being honest this is Verbally more tolerating than half the rap that’s out there!


Trash  Dtddhjyf  1 star

We know you can do better Em, don’t worry about your relevancy. Just make good music and you’ll stay relevant


Very honest opinion  Chin.diancarlo  3 star

There's about 5 songs that were either bad or boring or even felt like they were left off mmlp2. But once u get past them the album is ok at best.


Ok...  pauliep83  2 star

I still believe Em is on of the GOAT, if not the, but this one is too poppy and politically charged for me. Recovery was phenomenal and LP2 was great but I can’t get down with this one.


His worse album.  XSeandonX  1 star

Terrible. Not a single good song on this album.

Bring Back Slim

Falling off.  Bring Back Slim  1 star

Trash lines, trash flow, trash content. This is trash. Eminem fell off his throne. Sad.


Eminem🤟🏻  Mart1n32  5 star

Great album .


Legend returns  Tiq-N'  5 star

Real hip hop, incredible Marshall. This album is better than ever was.

Eleptic V

Last good album was Recovery.... falling wayy off.  Eleptic V  1 star

You should stop rapping. I never thought I'd say this to. YOU.


Good  JakeIsLive  4 star

Some of the songs on this album are really good, some are just mediocre

Joe Currier

What happened to the free flowing fire spitting lyricist.  Joe Currier  3 star

Sounds like Em is reading from a paper in half these songs. Weakest album ever.

Doing Geometry

Not enough...  Doing Geometry  1 star

I appreciate Em releasing a new album, but with all the anticipation built up for its arrival I was easily let down. To be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect from it. I mean... it’s alright, but doesn’t succeed any of his previous ‘good’ albums (i.e. X’ing out that weird phase). There’s a blandness in the whole package. The songs are all so... the same. For a guy who makes use of his access to a crapload of producers, he’s sure lacking variety on this one. I’m talking a lack of those dramatic shifts... It’s the same ol’ stuff. More importantly, it’s all too political. The events leading up to it especially: making a disrespectful call out towards the president. Are you serious!? Talk about an abuse of social power, because all your idolizers are gonna be totally spoon fed with that. I don’t care if they’re full of it; you gotta be a man and be diplomatic about it. Eminem drew the line, and I decide against him. To me, Eminem’s been real un-American, and to top things off, he puts the flag on the album cover. That just... ticks me off. Now way!!! There’s many WAY more qualified to do it than eminem. Sorry, but not sorry. I’m done with you.


He is amazing!!  Regan_West223  5 star

These songs are inspiring and make me think about my dad who recently passed away, and me and Marshal grew up in a very similar way


ill err time dope  babskhantae  5 star


Julius Borris

The worst album in the world!  Julius Borris  1 star

I love Eminem and I listened all his album. I like all of them except for this one. Ugh! His voice changed and I hate it! Believe is what I called a trash song because OF HIS VOICE. I want the real slim shady to come back. Not this fake slim shady.

dill miles

Weak  dill miles  1 star

I’ve been an eminem fan since the slim shady LP but this album is weak. Half the songs have a girly sung chorus, and the songs that have good raps like “believe” lack flow. Eminem also ruined several songs by getting political. I almost didn’t buy the album because he disses republicans non stop, even though they are the majority of his fan base. Democrats are much too sensitive for his lyrics. Advice: Let DrDre make your beats, work on making your raps less choppy, get rid of all the girly sang chorus because it doesn’t go with the raps and quit getting political you don’t know what you are talking about.


First album I regret buying  Tieranasazi  1 star

I am always listening to music and have never regretted buying any albums before this one. I just could not enjoy music that is so politically motivated. Surprised to see Eminem trying to be politically correct. Too much of this album is dedicated to politics and pushing white guilt. If that is what you want from music, it is for you. I personally don’t care for music that is so political, especially this Emotional Politics bull. I want a refund.


Still there  VEGASCRIPT  5 star

It is different. Definitely not old Eminem but what do you expect? Still fire.

black dath

Believe  black dath  5 star

Eminem is the best rapper ever

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