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dont smile at me is the debut extended play by American singer and songwriter Billie Eilish. It was released on August 11, 2017 through Interscope Records. 2 were written by her with the help of her brother, Finneas O'Connell. "watch" and "ocean eyes

Dont Smile At Me by Billie Eilish Album Songs (9)

CopycatBillie Eilish 3:13USD 1.29
IdontwannabeyouanymoreBillie Eilish 3:23USD 1.29
My BoyBillie Eilish 2:50USD 1.29
WatchBillie Eilish 2:57USD 1.29
Party FavorBillie Eilish 3:24USD 1.29
BellyacheBillie Eilish 2:59USD 1.29
Ocean EyesBillie Eilish 3:20USD 1.29
HostageBillie Eilish 3:49USD 1.29
&BurnBillie Eilish & Vince Staples 2:59USD 1.29

Dont Smile At Me Album Reviews


my favorite album ahhh  anajananana  5 star

she just has this voice that’s so unique and soothing that you have to keep listening ya know


Y E S ! !  Techdude1  4 star

I'm always here for Real Artistry... with a Twist... that Billie Eilish Twist.


Amazing!  chewycaty  5 star

My friend recommended Billie to me, and so far, I’ve loved her. Her genre is so unique, and different, giving me a break from all the same rock songs, pop songs, electronic rock, etc. My friend mainly recommended Bille to me because of her lyrics, saying that she could care less if the music was different. I agree, although I like the music, so, yeah...

billie is gay

Billie is gay  billie is gay  1 star

She is so annoying and these little kiddos are annoying

Billie Eilish.

I LOVE IT  Billie Eilish.  5 star

I LOVE BILLIE and her music is amazing and so is she i cant wait for her new album!!!!!!!!!


SHES SO GOOOD LIKE I-  $lickki$abellaaaa  5 star

her voice is so beautiful and it makes me feel calm and her voice is just so ughhhh. she’s so beautiful and she’s only 17 and doing big things i hope her life is the greatest💖


It’s grrrrreat  kimmmyyir  5 star

Billie Eilish’s songs are always great because they’re unique in the way in which her voice makes it sound different from what you usually hear nowadays


Whole album is perfection  ONIKATANYAMARAJ!!!!  5 star

Love this album so much each song is amazing


billie bob  focusonmyluv  5 star

yeah she went tf off 😌 period!


Billie Eilish Is Pure Talent  katie_carlson8326  5 star

omlll i wish i could be as talented as billie eilish. Im like 74% sure i have depression. so i understand her songs. and i can relate to it. well. anyways. my favorite song was "idontwannabeyouanymore" That song is sooo iconic. its amazing. Anyways. overall, the whole album was great. i didnt really want to buy the album with ocean eyes on it but. y'know. i kinda had to if i wanted to save some money. follow me on ig ;) @katie_carlson8326 💕🍯💋💋

Meme Kween3737

Billie Eilish is the new teen pop star  Meme Kween3737  4 star

All her songs are catchy and haunting, with somewhat dark lyrics. Very emotional and deep. No swear words, but mature topics like heartbreak, suicide, and murder. Possibly the best artist of the late 2010’s.

Queen Satan

❤️  Queen Satan  5 star



Quizlet  hkkghjtfnbcvjygnjh  5 star

Rill Beautiful album


This is amazing!  XGreenieX  5 star

This is cool!


eh,  beccarøse  3 star

it’s okay..


yesssss sirrrrr🥰  Kklilwatts  5 star

I LOVE THIS ALBUM SO MUCH. she is so young and to have accomplished so much is truly a gift. she has a beautiful voice and well written songs with a actual meaning!!❤️


One of my favorites  Abbbeyyys  5 star

One of my favorites the deep lyrics to the beats to everything else I finally just had to breakdown and buy it .


Love🖤🖤  xourtneyy  5 star

Billie never falls short of amazing🥰🥰

❣️in love with billie eilish

In love 😍❣️  ❣️in love with billie eilish  5 star

I love her voice and I can relate with her songs I just love her


PERFECT  Jack2251  5 star


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