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Man of the Woods is the fifth studio album by American singer-songwriter Justin Timberlake. It was released on February 2, 2018. The production of the album was handled by Timberlake, The Neptunes, Timbaland, Danja, J-Roc, Eric Hudson, and Rob Knox. The album's first single "Filthy" was released on January 5, 2018, followed by "Supplies" and "Say Something". Justin Timberlake will embark on the Man of the Woods Tour in March 2018. The album is named after his son Silas, whose name means "Man of the forest".

Man of the Woods by Justin Timberlake Album Songs (16)

FilthyJustin Timberlake 4:53USD 1.29
Midnight Summer JamJustin Timberlake 5:12USD 1.29
SauceJustin Timberlake 4:05USD 1.29
Man of the WoodsJustin Timberlake 4:03USD 1.29
Higher HigherJustin Timberlake 4:18USD 1.29
WaveJustin Timberlake 4:24USD 1.29
SuppliesJustin Timberlake 3:45USD 1.29
Morning Light (feat. Alicia KeJustin Timberlake 4:03USD 1.29
Say Something (feat. Chris StaJustin Timberlake 4:38USD 1.29
Hers (Interlude)Justin Timberlake 1:01USD 1.29
FlannelJustin Timberlake 4:49USD 1.29
MontanaJustin Timberlake 4:39USD 1.29
Breeze Off the PondJustin Timberlake 4:11USD 1.29
Livin' Off the LandJustin Timberlake 4:53USD 1.29
The Hard StuffJustin Timberlake 3:15USD 1.29
Young ManJustin Timberlake 3:45USD 1.29

Man of the Woods Album Reviews

Drummer B

The Evolution of a True Artist  Drummer B  5 star

This is probably my favorite JT album of them all. As a musician myself, I love to see artists grow and evolve, and that’s exactly what JT did on MOTW. The diversity in the sounds and creativity is amazing. I literally have this album on repeat. Great job Justin.


Fresh  dicknanagin  4 star

I really like the new themes. It has its flaws like filthy but it's really creative and new which is what mainstream music lacks: creativity.


I'm Lovin' It!  PatrickGSR94  5 star

I noticed that many people will leave a bad review after only hearing the first couple of singles. Please listen to samples of the whole album before being so quick to judge. It's a really great album! There are several love songs that you can tell were probably inspired by his current relationship. I find this album to reflect where he is in his life. It is different, but artists are supposed to evolve. I love it! 😍


Love  Munseys  5 star

This whole album is awesome!

wyte boy

very poopy  wyte boy  2 star

Stop trying to change what works.

A marked man

Boring and pretentious.  A marked man  1 star

Zzz. The album is all over the place. Neptunes and Timbaland dropped the ball on this project. He’s doing too much and it sounds like it was rushed for the Super Bowl. His worst album to date. For reals. It’s garbage. Man of the woods ripped off Johnny Osbournes -“ We need love”as well.


Trash  Phoenixx926  1 star

This album is Pure Garbage


😍  KassieH100  5 star

I love me some JT


Growing on me  JWerner56  4 star

Didn't love it on first listen, but that might have been the surprise of what is on here (several funk/disco tracks). It gets better the more and more I listen to it. Standouts include: "Man of the Woods," "Say Something," "Supplies," "Higher Higher," "Morning Light," "Young Man" and "Montana."


JT PERFECT AS ALWAYS  Lovesitbitches!!!  5 star

The best! Thank you for all your talent and for sharing it.


Filthy...  holliollie  5 star

In the best way possible! This man knows how to make a come back! Zero complaints this time around. Way to go, Justin. So real.


EHHH  Corey_Davis  2 star

Not really a good album. Seems like it was something rushed to put out and is very repetative. Hopefully he goes back to the old JT with a more pop vibe and more crips lyrics


Music?  Ffhkkgfghki  1 star

I feel like I’m being assaulted when I try to listen to this.


Intentional Hit job?  HCZXXII  5 star

This is JT's best album since Justified. Seems like the PC world/media wants to attack him for.....just being privileged, talented, heartfelt and dirty pop experimental? Hater's gonna say it's fake. Nah. So REAL.

jeff bilby

what was he thinking??  jeff bilby  1 star

Hard to believe nobody in his close circle didn't stop this, just corny, lame and a waste of his talents.


I don't understand the vibe of this album  Nelle128  1 star

Justin has great vocals but the album just seems to be trying too much to be "rugged" or sensual with the instrumental arrangements, the lyrics and the song titles. Maybe next album I'll vibe with it.


Joanne and ARTPOP are better albums!  spidersarehot  1 star

Buy Joanne or ARTPOP by Lady Gaga instead! This is worse than JT’s Superbowl performance!


Ehh  Alcas619  1 star

The music didn’t resígnate with me. There’s none that become your favorite


Not my Fav  Ozgener42  3 star

Love JT but this is just ok to me.


Not Justin Enough  SergioHKid  2 star

Few good songs he still got the vocals but the production really let Justin down this time you owe people another Album Justin

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