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Amber is the sixth studio album by American rock band Breaking Benjamin, produced by lead singer and guitarist Benjamin Burnley. It was released on April 13, 2018. The first single, "Red Cold River", was released on January 5, 2018. Four additional songs were released prior to the album's release, including "Feed the Wolf", "Blood", "Psycho", and "Save Yourself". A music video for "Torn in Two" was released on the same day as the album.

Ember by Breaking Benjamin Album Songs (12)

LyraBreaking Benjamin 0:29USD 1.29
Feed the WolfBreaking Benjamin 3:18USD 1.29
Red Cold RiverBreaking Benjamin 3:20USD 1.29
TourniquetBreaking Benjamin 4:09USD 1.29
PsychoBreaking Benjamin 3:20USD 1.29
The Dark of YouBreaking Benjamin 4:12USD 1.29
DownBreaking Benjamin 4:02USD 1.29
Torn in TwoBreaking Benjamin 4:17USD 1.29
BloodBreaking Benjamin 3:09USD 1.29
Save YourselfBreaking Benjamin 3:06USD 1.29
Close Your EyesBreaking Benjamin 4:01USD 1.29
VegaBreaking Benjamin 1:22USD 1.29

Ember Album Reviews


the best  Alexdel1ad  5 star

i have been a fan for years and i have to say this album is one of my favorites yet. every song in this album is awesome


Love it!  amandaairf  5 star

Feels like Ben is really exercising his voice and the band is displaying their musical talent to the fullest! They have long been my favorite since Polyamorous because they can be so heavy and yet up lifting. Great album start to finish, they’ve done it again!!


Melodic Heavy Grooves  Crosslay  5 star

I’m impressed with this latest album. It shows a great progression of the band musically. The songs are a little heavier and a little darker. Shaun Foist behind the drums is paying off with his complex off beats and double bass prowess. I find myself not skipping any tracks on this album and that says a lot in this day and time of being able to buy individual tracks. The whole album is good!


Awesome album  Jeremy_Rad  5 star

Top to bottom, this is a great album. A little heavier with more screams than some of the recent Breaking Benjamin albums but still keeps the great melodic choruses. Great work!!


Love it  Starkiller101576  5 star

Best album yet. It kinda has a Demon Hunter vibe to it.


One of his worse albums  Bitcoin1985  1 star

This album felt disjointed and way too much of screaming. It is like he is trying too hard to go deep into pain that isn't there anymore. Doesn't feel authentic like his past albums.


Phenomenal  Worm1989  5 star

This new album is beyond my expectations! #BreakingBenjaminForever


Best rock album of the year!  Nathanlee1602  5 star

I’ve been listening to ‘Ember’ everyday since it was released last month. it’s a masterpiece!


Breaking Benjamin's BACK!!!  SilentSoldierYT  5 star

Without fail, Breaking Benjamin has released yet another EPIC rock album! If you are a fan of Breaking Benjamin, you'll love this album! They are showing no signs of slowing down!


Very unimpressed  Ticklstik  2 star

You know the old saying “you’ve heard it once you’ve heard em all?” That’s this album. Because it sounds like the album before it and the album before sounds like the album before it...etc. But hey. Whatever works for these guys to sell albums

Knox rockstar

Each album gets better and better!!  Knox rockstar  5 star

From Saturate to Ember, Breaking Benjamin continues to deliver again and again!


🤟🏼  Browniverse  5 star



Absolutely fantastic!  MBtripples  5 star

Obvious roots going back to the first few albums that made them a rock sensation. You got to love it!


Literally not one bad song  Michael3498  5 star

When you look through albums you always expect to hear that one song that you don’t like too much. Every song on this album is very high quality. I still would’ve bought this album if it was $30.


Hype  *McKrackle*  5 star

Like trap music for rock fans.

Southpaw moshpit

Another solid BB album  Southpaw moshpit  4 star

Saw these guys 2x's in support of Ember, they are very very good live& haven't lost a step. Ember 4*'s baby!!!


Short, But Great.  B.French7  5 star

My only complaint is that I wanted more! Not enough songs! Still, this Might be my favorite album so far.


Thank you!  kmorris917  5 star

Amazing! B.B. has been my favorite band since 2002ish and I’ve never been disappointed in anything that they have done. Even converted my husband the rap listener to you guys! Keep it up!


Nice  ryanmetallica  5 star

Good stuff


General Zod  mysevens  5 star

All I can think of with the picture of the band above is General Zod from the original Superman with Christopher Reeve! Great album by the way!!!

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