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Fire  spazarella  5 star

Great album Grammy worthy


Love!!!!  spark4505  5 star

I have been a migos fans since no label. I do miss those old migos songs but they have really matured and have been producing fire hits. Narcos is def my fav


Ewww not them🤢  Benavidez01  1 star

Go listen to The Weeknd he has real music not this (stir fry) of piece of junk songs.


I avoid people just to blast this in my ear buds  Jhaurd  5 star



Fire🔥  Andrick2.0jet  5 star

Culture II 👌🏼


Terrible  000000056781234  1 star

Since when did they start to call stuff like this music? This album is so full of mumble rap. Very little talent is invested into this. This is worst than trash, it’s burning trash. Whenever I hear “stir fry” on the radio, I get a really bad headache.


Awesome  rap4251  5 star

Love stir fry and walk it talk it and all the other


Hilariously bad  shadows428  1 star

Sounds just like a Dr Sues book...XD


Its Really Good  Xt4950  5 star

If you like migos style you will love this. So many great songs that you’ll like the more you listen to them.


FIRE  Bobby21212121212121  5 star



Amazing Album  nico_chapenguin12  5 star

Might be the best group of songs in an album I’ve ever heared


Disappointed  SNACookie69  1 star

This album not only sounds un inspired and rushed, but is so basic and bland that the entire 1 hour and 40 mins listening to it feels as if it is the same song, too much quavo you can barely hear offset or takeoff, beats aren’t bad but their performance is, the migos is not a lyrical group but they have some really corny lyrics such as “all i want is nachos”, the hooks are them saying the same thing over and over, the feautures are all wasted opportunity’s and they put 3 of their features on one song and the group consist of 3 members therefore the song has 6 people on it, this album is very disappointing and started 2018 off on a bad note


Underrated.  Lukex0811  5 star

I feel like people giving this bad ratings r over comparing it to Culture. This is a good album


SO GREAT!!!!!!!  Amar2B  5 star

a very beautiful album..... so much inspiration.... Migos the best rappers in the game


Migos  Ahall2001  5 star

Best rap group of the nation. Keep it comin Migos💯


Eh  Mikabtohoab  3 star

Not as good as Culture


Migos is a cancer on the music industry  Kris561_  1 star

Absolute repetitive crap. That they are popular is a reflection on how much we have deteriorated as a society in 25 years.


LIT🔥🔥🔥  jaretzie  5 star

it’s fire

No kci and jojo?

Weak  No kci and jojo?  1 star

Fell off


🔥🔥  sport48  5 star


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