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Eat the Elephant is the fourth studio album by American rock band A Perfect Circle. It is their first album release in fourteen years, after 2004's Emotive. While early work on new material traces back to as early as 2008, years of slow progress would ensue due to issues between the band's chief music writers, frontman Maynard James Keenan and guitarist Billy Howerdel, largely stemming from their commitments to other projects and inability to come to an agreement on the direction to take the band.

Eat the Elephant by A Perfect Circle Album Songs (12)

Eat the ElephantA Perfect Circle 5:13USD 1.29
DisillusionedA Perfect Circle 5:53USD 1.29
The ContrarianA Perfect Circle 3:58USD 1.29
The DoomedA Perfect Circle 4:41USD 1.29
So Long, and Thanks For All thA Perfect Circle 4:26USD 1.29
TalkTalkA Perfect Circle 4:15USD 1.29
By and Down the RiverA Perfect Circle 5:04USD 1.29
DeliciousA Perfect Circle 3:49USD 1.29
DLBA Perfect Circle 2:06USD 1.29
HourglassA Perfect Circle 5:14USD 1.29
FeathersA Perfect Circle 5:48USD 1.29
Get the Lead OutA Perfect Circle 6:40USD 1.29

Eat the Elephant Album Reviews


Great and different  rzrbladekiss  5 star

Very melodic. I for one love this style.

The 1st JTK

People are idiots  The 1st JTK  5 star

People are crying about this album being anti-crist and it is about how people are way to involved with technology instead of each other. So, all you cry babies out there, go back to eating your tide pods and snorting your condoms while crying in your safe space.


soup to nuts  Comatosegohst  5 star

Delicious. To be enjoyed from beginning to end. A masterpiece.

The Bigger Ryno

Meh  The Bigger Ryno  2 star

They’ll never be Tool but I guess this is close as we get since they can’t seem to put out another album.


Disappointed  Fisherman6969  1 star

Never written a review before but this album is awful. I have hundreds of hours listening to APC and this is terrible, If I wanted a Puscifer album I would have bought one. I can't eplain how let down I am. Maybe I'm not hip enough to get it or something but I've never shut off an APC album and i had to out of disgust. Hope the new TOOL is better.

Kris Dog Heffer-mcbutterpants

Love this fun  Kris Dog Heffer-mcbutterpants  5 star

Dark and awesome

xenoc 157

disappointing for a Maynard project  xenoc 157  3 star

Maynard may be the Mozart of our times: Puscifer is hugely entertaining, Tool may be one of the best bands of the two last decades and APC had some pretty strong earlier work. But Eat the Elephant is not on par with this other work. Frankly its a bit boring with overwroght vocals and lyrics and a heavy reliance on synthesizers with none of the brilliant bass work, interesting guitars and complex song structures in these other projects. If you like pop, perhaps this is fine but if youre a big Tool and/or Puscifer fan, this is likely to be a let down.


Not looking forward to the new Tool album  Tooltomus  2 star

After it took years to get this new APC album, I can't imagine how bad the new Tool album will be. This is so disappointing. Weak and uninspired.


Snooze fest  moog317  1 star

I wish iTunes had a refund policy. 14 years and this is what we get?

Seth Premo

Far under par  Seth Premo  1 star

Uninspired music, containing none of the complexity or hooks that once loved about them; Undeveloped and de-poeticized lyrics that border on mundane, or that allude to simple ‘complaint rock’ social commentaries... APC is little more than a ticket sales project now.


NIMO THE DIREWOLF 🐺nimookami3 star

Día 2: Una canción que te guste con un número en el título. 3 Libras de A Perfect Circle


🧸Fauna🧸Faunsie3 star

Pros of wearing big chunky bangle bracelets: I just now used one as a guide for drawing a perfect circle


Professor SkillzArthurRFagundes3 star

big tit goth gf's top 5 artists this week: A Perfect Circle (105), Tool (75), Epica (40), The Beatles (39), Bullet Bane (26) #jotafm


Experimental  Akzoso49  5 star

This album is epic in my opinion. This album is very experimental it’s atmospheric and Avant-garde, from the synthesizers to the piano etc...I see comments they want the old APC, get the f outta here, this album is FRESH and something NEW. Anyways epic album I love it something to spark a doobie and chill too.


More great APC, just let it play!  clegarreta  5 star

There is not enough of this kind of musical brilliance! Too bad the wait for new material is so long but I will forgive you cuz you brought it!


So excited for this album!  Ihatespamiam  5 star

Such a good album. I find something new to love everytime I listen to it. They don't dissapoint.

Poot Bisquit

Definitely different but not in a bad way.  Poot Bisquit  5 star

This album is impressive. It still has some of the raw but is more refined in composition. 13th Step was not like mer de noms but both are great albums. Yes this album is a bit slower but it’s not like there were a ton of songs that were hard and fast on 13th Step. This album has a lot of jazz influence and under tones while still providing a rock element. It may not be what we are used to but to say this is garbage is not nonsense. It might not be for you, not it’s far from garbage. It’s well written with and beautiful to listen to. I appreciate what’s going on in this album and am glad they did something different when everything out there is more of the same nonsense.


What a disappointment  Mr_Fatlip  1 star

I was so looking forward to this album. I listen to them all the time when I work out and was gonna be great to have a new album to motivate my workouts. But then I heard this and was so let down. It almost put me to sleep. Shameful!!!


Staci  iCats23  5 star

Love it!


Let's Hope The Next Tool Album is Much Better  ledge55  2 star

If this album didn't have Maynard's now expired reputation with Tool in tow it would be paid no attention. So many aimless and more importantlly rockless tracks. We can only hope the next Tool effort is far more focused and something resembling rock.

Jason Pruitt

Incredible album  Jason Pruitt  5 star

Love this album so much. Production and engineering is flawless, something often lacking nowadays.

Megan 0571

boring  Megan 0571  1 star

more crap from the mass production muzik machine...


Is this really it after all the waiting???  MUFC1458  1 star

After all the years of waiting for new material, is this really the best they could come up with? Its painfully obvious that no one took this album seriously in the studio. What an Opportunity missed!! It's such a dissapointing album. Let's all wait for another 10+ years for new material.

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