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Eat the Elephant is the fourth studio album by American rock band A Perfect Circle. It is their first album release in fourteen years, after 2004's Emotive. While early work on new material traces back to as early as 2008, years of slow progress would ensue due to issues between the band's chief music writers, frontman Maynard James Keenan and guitarist Billy Howerdel, largely stemming from their commitments to other projects and inability to come to an agreement on the direction to take the band.

Eat the Elephant by A Perfect Circle Album Songs (12)

Eat the ElephantA Perfect Circle 5:13USD 1.29
DisillusionedA Perfect Circle 5:53USD 1.29
The ContrarianA Perfect Circle 3:58USD 1.29
The DoomedA Perfect Circle 4:41USD 1.29
So Long, and Thanks For All thA Perfect Circle 4:26USD 1.29
TalkTalkA Perfect Circle 4:15USD 1.29
By and Down the RiverA Perfect Circle 5:04USD 1.29
DeliciousA Perfect Circle 3:49USD 1.29
DLBA Perfect Circle 2:06USD 1.29
HourglassA Perfect Circle 5:14USD 1.29
FeathersA Perfect Circle 5:48USD 1.29
Get the Lead OutA Perfect Circle 6:40USD 1.29

Eat the Elephant Album Reviews


Beautiful, thought provoking and haunting  nalden45  5 star

The first time listening through the album there were only a few songs that really stuck out. Talktalk and The Doomed immediately drew me in, but most of the other songs didn’t initially stick with me. After leaving the album to play and listening to the depth of the music and poetic lyrics I became completely drawn in. Wonderful musical compositions and excellent lyrics to accompany. Maynard sounds great! Thank you for this wonderful gem of an album. This will be played many times in the near and distant future!


Rock is dead  Tuckkkkk  1 star

This album is balls compared to the rest of APC! There is no way in hell rock is going to make a come back with bands releasing symphonic crap like Eat the Elephant. Experimentation is cool and all, but if you're gonna do it you gotta take lessons from the metallers spearheading it in 2017 and 2018. Metal is alive and well, rock however ceases to prove me wrong.... Hopefully the new TOOL album changes my perspective.


Meh!  Sacopapa  3 star

As a big fan of MJK and APC throughout the years, I find this to be very average. Bands evolve and one cannot expect another Judith, Orestes, Gravity, etc. This album has nothing memorable or overly unique to bring me back to it like their other albums.

The destruction of a classic

Whatever  The destruction of a classic  1 star

A total disappointment! Long time Tool/APC fan and unfortunately this is not up to par with former releases. The first two were amazing and never seem to grow old on me. Its almost as though the writing is lazy and a bunch of rough ideas that they made an album out of. Overly simplified melodies that go nowhere. I cant say why but its as though Howerdale’s writing was completely ignored and Maynard took over with an out of tune piano and a processor. Maynards an amazing singer and writer of vocals/melodies; leave the music to the musicians. Will second guess any future releases. Two good songs..the rest is a waste. Go buy the new Tesseract and save your dough with this one. Still love Tool and Maynard, always will. This is simply weak and powerless; no pun intended.


Isnt it obvious  Slothkick  5 star

I must say, like most of the people here, i am very pleased with the album. I might also add, APC has always portrayed the softer side of, Maynard. That having been said, this album is not only rocking, it is as if it washes that, "Hard to reach" part of the soul, you know? But, I suppose all APC albums have that affect, in one form or another.


Garbage  xX METAL Xx  1 star

Don’t quit your day job Maynard. Continue making wine, and your weak martial arts skills, you tub of lard.


Great and different  rzrbladekiss  5 star

Very melodic. I for one love this style.

The 1st JTK

People are idiots  The 1st JTK  5 star

People are crying about this album being anti-crist and it is about how people are way to involved with technology instead of each other. So, all you cry babies out there, go back to eating your tide pods and snorting your condoms while crying in your safe space.


soup to nuts  Comatosegohst  5 star

Delicious. To be enjoyed from beginning to end. A masterpiece.

The Bigger Ryno

Meh  The Bigger Ryno  2 star

They’ll never be Tool but I guess this is close as we get since they can’t seem to put out another album.


Mod Snapmodsnapradio3 star

A Perfect Circle - Disillusioned


wiper.sss_wiper3 star

く〜るだうん p_- 💀🎶 a perfect circle ⌘THE PACKAGE Music Video


The Perfect CirclePerfectCircleFL3 star

Just posted a video @ The Perfect Circle Fitness Studio


Worth the wait  morningmusicAB  5 star

I really enjoy this album in its entirety. For the past couple of days, I have been listening to it while starting my day.


Meh  Sunbum17  1 star

I wanted to like this album; but struggling... I think many are so desperate for good music that their acceptance is greatly skewed. Alternative and rock music is dead. Hopefully TOOL can resurrect these dying genres as APC has failed.

Harry Vickers

Not bad, Maynard is pretty hypocritical  Harry Vickers  3 star

I actually kind of like the change of pace with this album. However, MJK is a prime example of a hypocrite. He rails against Christ, yet he embodies the Logos more than most Christians (i.e. not being materialistic, living in the moment, connecting on a spiritual level with others, being self-reliant, I could go on and on...). Get over your self-righteous indignation and maybe you’ll find there’s a lot more divinity in the human development over the course of the last several hundreds of thousands of years. Other than that, not a bad album at all, it’s quite enjoyable. Can’t wait for the next Tool album, God bless.


Top of their game  Binderwind  5 star

A Perfect Circle is one of those bands where no song sounds the same. Every song is unique in its own way. Eat The Elephant follows this fashion to a T. The vocal range Maynard has on this album is phenominal. He encapsulates the feel of every song. This album was well worth the wait. I recommend this album to anyone and everyone who needs something to listen to on repeat.


Nothing is perfect  Thisismyriflethisismygun  4 star

What have you done with your life? Have you ever done something that changes peoples lives for the better? Created some form of change? Have you ever picked up an instrument? Have you ever tried to make music? Have you attempted to try to create the one piece of art that is for our ears? I understand taste and perception exist but my God the times have changed drastically. They aren’t where they were in 1999, 2003, or 2004 with previous albums. An image was put on them that they should put out something that’s like old material. Every band has this misconception. Once they build a sound they are expected to put out similar sound. Take it for what it is: hard work put into an album for enjoyment. Yes, it’s different I get that. That’s all it is. It’s not perfect. It’s not the worst thing ever made. It’s just different. But trust me, it’s better than anything this downward spiral of a culture listens to. Now, be good little children and go back to sleep.


disappoinated  Ryantheblazed  2 star

I was so excited to see a new album! but then put to sleep by the boring somber songs, I just cant get into any of them, which is sad i figured there would be a few songs where Id have to download them because they are so good, this is just not the case, their older albums are better. I pray that the new Tool album doesnt go in a similar direction.


Experimental  Akzoso49  5 star

This album is epic in my opinion. This album is very experimental it’s atmospheric and Avant-garde, from the synthesizers to the piano etc...I see comments they want the old APC, get the f outta here, this album is FRESH and something NEW. Anyways epic album I love it something to spark a doobie and chill too.


More great APC, just let it play!  clegarreta  5 star

There is not enough of this kind of musical brilliance! Too bad the wait for new material is so long but I will forgive you cuz you brought it!


So excited for this album!  Ihatespamiam  5 star

Such a good album. I find something new to love everytime I listen to it. They don't dissapoint.

Poot Bisquit

Definitely different but not in a bad way.  Poot Bisquit  5 star

This album is impressive. It still has some of the raw but is more refined in composition. 13th Step was not like mer de noms but both are great albums. Yes this album is a bit slower but it’s not like there were a ton of songs that were hard and fast on 13th Step. This album has a lot of jazz influence and under tones while still providing a rock element. It may not be what we are used to but to say this is garbage is not nonsense. It might not be for you, not it’s far from garbage. It’s well written with and beautiful to listen to. I appreciate what’s going on in this album and am glad they did something different when everything out there is more of the same nonsense.

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