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When Legends Rise by Godsmack Album Songs (11)

When Legends RiseGodsmack 2:52USD 1.29
BulletproofGodsmack 2:57USD 1.29
UnforgettableGodsmack 3:28USD 1.29
Every Part of MeGodsmack 3:20USD 1.29
Take It To the EdgeGodsmack 3:15USD 1.29
Under Your ScarsGodsmack 3:51USD 1.29
SomedayGodsmack 4:44USD 1.29
Just One TimeGodsmack 3:09USD 1.29
Say My NameGodsmack 3:38USD 1.29
Let it OutGodsmack 3:41USD 1.29
Eye of the StormGodsmack 3:21USD 1.29

When Legends Rise Album Reviews

Paul Maple

Goes back to the acoustic album!  Paul Maple  5 star

This album shows how Godsmack has evolved , and is not only showing your musical talents but Sully Erna showing once again he has one the best voices or the best voice in music.


A departure from what you think of as ‘Godsmack’  cedartree84  3 star

When I was a child, I used to play a game where I would identify what in a group of items doesn’t belong. Well in the group of prior Godsmack music, this album doesn’t belong. Is it is bad album? I don’t think so. However, if you are expecting a album like their debut (or even their most recent before this, 1000HP), you will be sorely disappointed.

Jared Shrout

They should always bring it - not mail it in like on this album!  Jared Shrout  2 star

Huge Godsmack fan, but very disappointed. Every song - except for Eye of the Storm - sounds like a cookie cutter effort. Let’s hope this is just a phase. If this would have at least been Metallica - Load, I could have accepted it, but it sounds like a band trying too hard - or maybe not hard enough.


Rocks hard!  Scotty2🔥  5 star

Love this new sound! They killed it with this new album!


Awful  cutz23  1 star

Doesn’t even sound like Godsmack, absolute trash. Just another generic poppy crap that’s on the radio.

Battery magic user #1

Yep  Battery magic user #1  5 star

I have not bought too many godsmack since 90s. This is an awesome! album. Impressed!


Simply Awesome!  Rocku4Life  5 star

Love the way this band is going!

Captain Doogles

Amazing  Captain Doogles  5 star

It takes a few listens and the album grows on you and is great. I have constantly been listening to the whole album. Tracks 1 and 2 are my favorite along with let it out. It’s not the hard Godsmack but the lyric are Amazing and feels like it fits with the way my life has been recently. I love Godsmack and this Album is worth buying.


AMAZING!!!!!!!!!4 STARS  FastEddieMedley  5 star

This an amazing album..welcome back love all your music keep em coming!!!!!!


What rock needs to get back in mainstream and on Billboard  donmills2  5 star

The Godsmack new album has restored my faith in rock and the chance to become mainstream again this whole thing is amazing. The progression of this band is fantastic. It’s as if the album was constructed for mainstream success. Thank you for finally putting a ballad on a rock album. Something I have not seen for over 25 years. From the song writing to production this is what Rock needed to get back on billboard and back in the mainstream.


Meh  Passlinebet  2 star

Derivative pop rock. I'm sorry to see a good band put an album like this out. Sounds like most other pop rock bands that get play on the radio now days. They used to have a distinct sound and style and this album does them no favors. Only fleetling glimpses and shadows of their sound and potential....


Maturing doesn't mean going soft  R_Simmonds  5 star

This album is a good selection of some new material from the boys from Boston. A good amalgamation of sounds obviously inspired by some of the classic rock greats as well as some of their own signature sound. Much of the guitar and vocals we're used to hearing are still there, but with a much more matured and composed sound. If you're exploring this album looking for some new heavy metal riff-o-rama, you won't find it here. But if you're looking for something that has a wide variety of sounds and emotions, with some of that familar Godsmack sound to it, this is definitely a great album to have.


WOW  METAL117  5 star

It is a bit more radio friendly, but the more I listen, the more I like it. The riffs are solid, and Sully as usually sounds great. Saw them on tour once, what an amazing experience, glad they’re still making good music!


Not fabulous.  Pyretta  2 star

I don’t mind that the sound is softer. But all the songs sound the same on the album. I keep falling asleep halfway through because it’s just monotonous.


Welcome Back, Rock n Roll!  Buckeye_Monster  5 star

They've taken a huge risk, and it paid off. This is a fantastic effort to make a new SOUND with the same FEEL. So few bands I used to be totally in love with have been worth my time or money over the last decade, but they killed it with this album. Thank you for rising again and bringing back that fire in my gut I used to get when I was 16 driving down the road, belting out lyrics to try my best to sound like Sully! It's an amazing feeling to have once again. Haven't felt this way about godsmack since Good Times, Bad Times was released!


Godsmack rulz  Evilspiritofgod  5 star

As usual Godsmack does it again. Been a fan from day one and will go to the grave listening to them. Their music speaks to me so much. Sully if the best frontman of all time. Keep rockin guys!


God awful is more like it  |~OM~|  1 star

How the mighty have fallen. Makes me sad. This is cheap radio rock with no edge.


Ew  Agreeadvs  1 star

Places stop


Godsmack or Shinedown?  Rocklander77  2 star

I have been a Godsmack fan from the beginning. This album does not sound like Godsmack at all. Did they fire Robbie Merill and get Shinedown to write for them?


Over Produced and Too Soft  LedHead80  1 star

If I wanted to listen Daughtry I would listen to Daughtry... Where is the aggression that Godsmack always brought? Every time a song has the chance to get “there” it fades off and we are left wanting.

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