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Blessed  From2Damaris  5 star

Sing a new song to the Lord! You’ve done and been doing just that!! Thank you for keeping the gospel to be sung over the nation over and over again. Thank you for letting His word do His work, changing our lives, lifting us up, showing us who Jesus is, oiling us with His love. Keeping us the path. Looovvveeee youuuu! God bless you ALL!!!

Slob's Life

👌🏽🔥  Slob's Life  5 star

When the beat is dank🔥🔥🔥


Let's See What's "More" to Come!  EvanNovitzke  5 star

After listening to the first track "Who You Say I Am," I am absolutely stoked for what is "More" to come from the rest of this album. I believe there is so much more out there to God, to His plan for us, and to life. God is limitless and His goodness has no limit and there is no limit to what He can and will do for us! I believe the "There Is More" album is already starting to help me and many others to see and recognize this Truth more and more in our daily lives! After reading a little bit about the foundations of this new release of songs tied to the story in Genesis 32 when Jacob wrestled with God during one night and came out with a new name, I have connected with the message of this album on a personal level. This has been a very timely message to hear lately in my life. Recently, I have seen how God can intimately change us through our deep continued seeking of More of Him and His working in our lives and how He can flip-flop our ordinary into extraordinary through just one experience with Him! God says to us as a promise in Matthew 7:7, "Seek and you will find," and I'm excited for what is next for us to find. Thank you Hillsong Worship team for putting this together and all the details you crafted to make this album what it is! Blessings on all of you for it! Praise Jesus!


Inspiring!  Guilst  5 star

Hillsong has been instrumental in my walk with Jesus. Always writing songs that become prayers for the soul that longs to be in communion with God. I can’t wait to listen to all of the songs. Thank you Hillsong!


Ugh  ccall  3 star

Will they ever just do a studio album! Tired of it always being live


same thing  none12-2  1 star

everythign sounds the same

B H Smith

Great Song  B H Smith  5 star

Who you say I am is a powerful song with beautiful lyrics. I absolutely love the song and can’t wait to hear the rest of the album!!!


Gives me Goosebumps  LijepaLah  5 star

Haven’t heard a song I don’t like ! Completely and utterly talented and Blessed ❤️


No talent available  Sam3105  1 star

They can’t sing but think they can.


oh man...  andrewgriggs  5 star

i am literally SO excited for this album. also, thank you for adding the (live) versions of “so will i” and “seasons”!! 🙌🏼😭 can’t wait for this to release!!

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