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Rearview Town by Jason Aldean Album Songs (16)

Dirt To DustJason Aldean 2:48USD 1.29
Set It OffJason Aldean 2:50USD 1.29
Girl Like YouJason Aldean 3:12USD 1.29
You Make It EasyJason Aldean 3:16USD 1.29
Gettin' Warmed UpJason Aldean 2:55USD 1.29
Blacktop GoneJason Aldean 3:26USD 1.29
Drowns the Whiskey (feat. MiraJason Aldean 3:22USD 1.29
Rearview TownJason Aldean 3:03USD 1.29
Love Me Or Don'tJason Aldean 3:13USD 1.29
Like You Were MineJason Aldean 3:12USD 1.29
Better At Being Who I AmJason Aldean 3:19USD 1.29
I'll Wait For YouJason Aldean 3:18USD 1.29
Ride All NightJason Aldean 2:56USD 1.29
Up In SmokeJason Aldean 3:05USD 1.29
High Noon NeonJason Aldean 2:54USD 1.29

Rearview Town Album Reviews

Cali Country Boy

FIRE!!  Cali Country Boy  5 star

This album rocks!! You done did it again Jason!!


Same as last time...  ICEMAN1040  2 star

I’ve been a Jason Aldean fan for a looooong time but lately his music seems like he literally sits in a liquor store to write his music. Get back to (Wide Open) and steer clear of this country pop/rap Florida Georgia Line crap. There are far more things to sing about then liquor drinks and dirt roads.


Awesome!  cL383  5 star

I haven’t been too big on the past few albums but this one definitely reminds me of his style from his earlier work and I think thats awesome.

Jason Aldean Fan!

Love Jason Aldean!!  Jason Aldean Fan!  5 star

Love this new album! Knocked it out of the park again!! Can’t wait to see you on tour!!


Apple drops music out of your library.Surpise!  YoDeeHoo  5 star

Suddnely everything I bought on iTunes has disappeared. Now Apple wants me to go on a wild goose chase to figure out how to get it all back. And you want me to pay for you STREAMING SERVICE. Not a chance!

River Spur

Ew  River Spur  1 star

A cowboy hat qualifies you as a country artist in the past ten years. May as well be the (male?) version of Britney Spears singing with an accent that real country folks might use to make fun of a Broboy... “Which it is.” -Anton Chugurh from No Country For Old Men


Another Hit album  tammytowner  5 star

From start to finish this album doesn’t disappoint. It’s simply one hit right after another. Job very well done Jason. This is a must buy for sure.


Lit🔥🔥  alexroten05  5 star

Bye this album I pre-ordered it it’s lit


Jason ALDEAN  brandon.2018  5 star

Jason has outdone himself! Best album by far


Ignore 3< Wacko Reviews from MARCH  sbogs27  5 star

This is Aldean at his finest! Rearview town mostly ditches the gimmicky computerized sounds that all of mainstream flirted with in years past...and this album is like the best of Jason Aldeans growth over his career all blended into one album. Some songs make me think of “the truth”, some remind me of “night train”—it’s just an awesome blend of great stories, unique sounds and melodies, and overall terrific country music. 😎👍🏼


Mark[REST]swiftophrenic3 star

@TasteOfCountry: Top 5 Songs On Country Mediabase This Week: 1. “Sixteen” @ThomasRhett 2. “Girl Like You” @Jason_Aldean 3. “Burning Man”…


Humberto Munoz ✌🏼munozhumberto343 star

But on the real tho I’m tryna go see Jason Aldean and Kane brown in salt lake 🤪


Kaitlyngordo14kaitlyngordon143 star

@Country_Words: I’ll see you when I see you, and I hope its someday soon. -Jason Aldean


🔥  zacho98  5 star

Big time Aldean fan .. honestly best album since My Kinda Party .. very impressed


So good! ♥️  _eyahlee_  5 star

I love you Jason! ♠️

iam mac mcclung

Typical  iam mac mcclung  5 star

Typical Aldean album. An album filled with future #1’s. Dude has consistently been killing it 2005, so why expect any different? New songs, same/better ole Jason


Love  Jsugamecock  5 star

Love the song with Miranda! Queen! #drownthewhiskey


Really?  hoppermc1  1 star

You have to give him credit for being Nashville’s number one puppet....right? At least Luke Bryan dances onstage like an out of sync pop star. Aldean hides behind a hat and guitar so you can’t see how disconnected he is from the songs someone else wrote. He continues to be an example of what someone will do for a buck. It’s pathetic to label this as country music and not for what it truly is.


Kinda new to country  spytur  5 star

Honestly I've always liked country here and there,not always liked every song by any given artist,I'm mostly into rock,but when I tested the sample of this album,I instantly bought it! I can't believe what I've been missing! Incredible!

Dally Sally

I don’t even listen to country  Dally Sally  5 star

But somehow I know a lotta country songs but anyway not bad ...


Ride all night  JasonlBryant  5 star

One of the best songs Jason Aldean has produced!!!!!!


JA  amandaconley7707  5 star



Welcome back, Jason!  rungirl10  5 star

If you’ve loved Jason from the beginning like me, you’ll be thrilled that he’s returned to ‘him’. Hard hitting anthems with a side of rock and roll, it’s a whole album of his song ‘Night Train’. There is an eerie, edgy element to this record that is just so dang cool. Nearly every song on here gives me goosebumps. His best album in YEARS!

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