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Logic plan and simple  Riggirigs  5 star

This is what I wanted Everybody to be. But I’m glad he got that album out of his system and now we got this masterpiece. There’s only one song, State of Emergency, that I didn’t really care for too much but really all the tracks are sick. Wizard of Oz is a personal favorite and Wassup is also dope.


Sounds like Travis Scott🤷🏾‍♂️  Kolbey🌊😈  3 star

It’s good but it’s sound like he trying to hard to be mainstream.


Young Sinatra 🔥🔥🔥  Cgomez324  5 star

Logic will go down as one of the greatest artists ever

AT40 Fan

Not worth one cent of my money  AT40 Fan  1 star

He must be getting paid for each swear word. Sad that this is popular. No morals anymore.


Back to Back to Back to Back  D.Rubio  5 star

Logic been 🔥🔥! Been a fan since 2014 and he’s never disappointed me with any project that he’s dropped. Always bringing knowledge and positivity to world that needs it. Thanks Logic!!


Wow... just wow  CmonMan52  5 star

Logic’s best album to date. He’s the man. Do yourself a favor and give the album a listen. Wow.


8/10  ImMichaelJr1  5 star

Very good album.


Need I explain?  $LEEPY_K  5 star

It’s LIT 🔥🔥🔥

Barca fan_11

FUEGO  Barca fan_11  5 star

Download if you want your ears to burn cause it’s straight fire 🔥🔥


🔥🔥🔥  LilBoat22222  5 star

This album is great 🔥


RoseTeddyshouse2II3 star

@kthalps: It’s almost as if these “I don’t get it!” attacks against Ocasio were coordinated and disingenuous. But in case they’re organi…


ChrizJnrChrizJnr3 star

@_faridft: This kind of logic


별가루Star___box3 star

僕は笑っていたいんです 저는 웃으며 지내고 싶어요 泣きたい時は泣きたいんです 울고 싶을 때는 울고 싶어요 いつだって自然体でいたいんです 언제나 자연스럽게 있고 싶어요 [No Logic]


Bobby Tarantino vs. Everybody  Nemesis2103  5 star

I will say he has outperformed Everybody by far and this mixtape we kinda get a Young Sinatra throwback. It was for sure needed. I enjoyed all of it because I know he's making the music he loves. Overall to me I think it's worth a listen and you'll find a track you can bump to.


LOGIC  NorCalJon  5 star



Wow  itseverynightsis  5 star

This is just incredible logic is amazing I love him

b kray

Bad  b kray  1 star

How do people like this wanna be black guy


Mixtape Logic  lav7dallas  5 star

Is better


Pretentious and recycled lyrics  redaxel96  1 star

I can’t stand Logic. He just recycles lyrics other rappers have used before, he just says them in a different ways. He’s also quite pretentious, and he used suicide as a way to get to the top of the charts. “Who can relate, wooo!” Nobody who’s experienced suicidal thoughts or suffers with depression likes that song. His virtue-signaling is very annoying.


Slap 😩 👂👋🏻  GuyThatReviewsDopeSongs  5 star

Y'all lying if you say your ear drums aren't sopping wet after hearing some of this good good


Great  Blirm💥  5 star

Love it


Great  Bitesizeval  5 star

Logic is soo up there n da industry doesn't wanna let him rise!! He's one of da realest


ok at best  elliottyoder  2 star


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