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Stop hating  MarcusS93  5 star

Let the young boy live. Y’all been hating this man for 2 years. Funk Flex stop hating, y’all can too.... Oan, Fire album! 🔥🔥🔥


KingBoat🚨  apclay  5 star

I REALLY SPENT 160 on 2 watches 💯🗣❗️🚨🔐🔋 NOcap

Surly Dwarf

Bland, short songs that are unoriginal  Surly Dwarf  1 star

Title says it


Billboard Review  Cp3pointguard902.0  5 star

Not the greatest album, but the cover is dope so we giving him 5 stars on this one.


Get out  KanenBlue  1 star



Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha  cfarm8503  1 star

All I can do is laugh. The sounds these fools make.


Garbage.  Turlutututiti  1 star

What’s worst than one star? This.


I don’t get it  Ddogg80865  1 star

How can anyone say this is straight fire, or GOAT, these guys make albums so often how can anyone like it, this kinda music is so easy to make, they barely say any words, what happened to music with a purpose, a story to tell


🔥🔥  Yaboybigsmooth  5 star

Lil boat bringing the heat 🔥🔥⛵️⛵️


4/5  Stevemps  4 star

No bad


Duhhh EricEricVides283 star

@pIaythishiphop: Projects Confirmed To Drop In October: Mick Jenkins - Pieces of a Man Curren$y & Freddie Gibbs - Fetti Tory Lanez -…


🌹tyler_wayne993 star

@RapHubDaily: Projects Dropping In October: Curren$y & Freddie Gibbs - Fetti Mick Jenkins - Pieces of a Man Tory Lanez - Love Me Now…


Dylan SchembriDylansshembrizy3 star

@XXL: Who's ready for this?


Hot trash  Rayriceisaboss  1 star

Yachty is trying way too hard to fit in with this hard-mumble rap genre...he should stick to what he did with his early sounds...this new stuff is wack

Dj jencjejckvn

1 star  Dj jencjejckvn  1 star

It’s trash. He puts no emotion into any of his songs. 90% of then could be the same song. Nothing distinguishable. Lyrics are awful and half don’t even make any sense. Thought I liked a song but realized I only liked the beat. lil pump was the best part of this entire album. Lil pump outplayed him on a 30 second feature

Latrell Cooper

LIL BOAT  Latrell Cooper  5 star



Fuego🔥🔥  Meg91001  5 star



get money bros goes in  Finessun  3 star

i don’t listen to yachty but this alright

Grant Steenholdt

Not good  Grant Steenholdt  1 star

Was hoping to have a better project from yachty after his last album but this album is very boring with rinse and repeat rhymes.


👌  Incinerationist  4 star

Got some 🔥

Chile Habanero

🔥🔥🔥🔥  Chile Habanero  5 star

lil boat went off!!! Who different approach on his part 🔥


Trash  Rb1134  1 star



Expected better  Quincy1209  3 star

Had higher expectations. Teenage emotions was better

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