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Gravity is the sixth studio album by the Welsh heavy metal band Bullet for My Valentine, which was released on 29 June 2018 via Spinefarm Records, their first album under the label. It is the first album with drummer Jason Bowld who joined in 2016 to replace founding drummer Michael "Moose" Thomas.[3] It is also the first album to feature bassist Jamie Mathias as a contributing member. Gravity represents a signficant departure from the usual metalcore sound of their previous releases.

Gravity by Bullet for My Valentine Album Songs (11)

Leap of FaithBullet for My Valentine 3:19USD 1.29
Over ItBullet for My Valentine 3:47USD 1.29
Letting You GoBullet for My Valentine 3:43USD 1.29
Not Dead YetBullet for My Valentine 3:21USD 1.29
The Very Last TimeBullet for My Valentine 3:57USD 1.29
Piece of MeBullet for My Valentine 3:26USD 1.29
Under AgainBullet for My Valentine 4:10USD 1.29
GravityBullet for My Valentine 4:00USD 1.29
ComaBullet for My Valentine 3:33USD 1.29
Don't Need YouBullet for My Valentine 4:50USD 1.29
Breathe UnderwaterBullet for My Valentine 3:41USD 1.29

Gravity Album Reviews


One of my favorites  Leddman1136  5 star

I really love where they are taking this album. Great sound and amazing lyrics. Most of the songs hit me hard.

Heisenberg 152

Different but not bad  Heisenberg 152  4 star

I like several of the songs with Piece of Me, Under Again and Crawling (target exclusive) being my favorites. I wish there were a few guitar solos but it’s still a good album overall.


😣  PpMero  1 star



A grower  Nickplentzasmusic  5 star

That first listen was very shocking but then the songs Grew on me like wildfire I love it


What goes up must come down?  hedorah87  1 star

I wish the album had more high points then low. Venom was a comeback album and for them to put out this hot mess is really upsetting.


What happened to you guys?  BlackJesus89  1 star

This is... really bad man, like it’s like I’m not even listening to the same band anymore:/

Tim Simpkin

Vibe  Tim Simpkin  5 star

This album puts out a Good vibe and I like it


Awful  zoloniner  1 star

I love Bullet, but this album is easily their worst.


B4MV🔥🔥  Testydiagram57  5 star

Bullet is back with an upgrade😎


Why?  dajesussmiled  2 star

This would be a one star rating if not for two songs, "Letting You Go" and "Don't Need You." I was extremely excited for this release but after all the songs have been released my optimizim just crumbled. This album sounds more like a pop album than anything. The only reason this album has such high ratings right now is because no one had heard the rest of the album. If, like me, you were waiting on something that sounded like older BFMV then this album is not for you. This album is going to disappoint you as it did me. Every band evolves but when you change everything that made the band so amazing in the first place is gone then you have moved beyond evolved and into the realm of sell-out. So, so disappointed.


Its eh  Stken  3 star

Idk i know this is suppose to sound different but, I cant get over this feeling of im not listening to BFMV


Promising  nealcaffrey.  5 star

I like BFMV for songs like Waking the Demon and Your Betrayal. Stoked for Dont Need You but I got worried with the first two singles just being so different from style. Letting You Go sounds complex and melodic at the same time, so honestly I am just excited to hear where the whole album goes.


Why?!  Djm6577  3 star

What the heck happened to the killer riffs??And the solos that rivals any metal band out there? The drums sound like half a real kit and half electronic. What happened between this album and venom? It’s quickly becoming a pass.


Great so far but...  Craymayne  4 star

Great so far. Letting you go is my favorite single so far. However I do hope some of the other songs end up having some solos. I’ve been a huge fan since The Poison so I’ve absolutely loved hearing those killer solos from Padge and melodic harmonies with him and Tuck.


Who knows?  KillahCam00724  3 star

I have been a huge fan of these guys ever since the first album. But seriously they are slowing dying out with each album they come out with. I haven’t loved an album since Fever. And the singles for Gravity so far aren’t very promising.

not a metal elitist.

If the heavy stuff on this albums doesn’t rip, this album is gunna flop.  not a metal elitist.  5 star

Bullet needs to go back to their roots and bring back chugging, breakdowns, solos, and metal riffs. Not just simple djun patterns. They are capable of it musically, but don’t do it. This album is their last hope.


Great song  warlockwarp  5 star

Pride and great rock thank you guys nice work . I enjoyed your dedication and understanding we all love what you guys have done in history some day I’ll get to see you


Yes let’s go guys  LanceT17  5 star

Bro I’ve been waiting for so long dude

Rockman II

Awesome!!!  Rockman II  5 star

Love it so far!

Danger Noodles

Took you long enough!  Danger Noodles  5 star

My kings are back and better than ever.

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