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My Dear Melancholy, is the first extended play by Canadian recording artist The Weeknd. It was released on March 30, 2018, on XO and Republic Records.

My Dear Melancholy, by The Weeknd Album Songs (6)

Call Out My NameThe Weeknd 3:48USD 1.29
Try MeThe Weeknd 3:41USD 1.29
Wasted TimesThe Weeknd 3:40USD 1.29
I Was Never ThereThe Weeknd & Gesaffelstein 4:01USD 1.29
Hurt YouThe Weeknd & Gesaffelstein 3:50USD 1.29
PrivilegeThe Weeknd 2:50USD 1.29

My Dear Melancholy, Album Reviews


Sophomore slump just hit  Beauner_601  1 star

Yikes, we need to give Rick a listen. He would have said, do over.


Love it  LookTino  5 star

It’s crazy when you think about the fact that his sadness produces art. Great album, made me wanna get into a relationship just to get dumped so I could really experience this album.


I love it!  Niki1179  5 star

No need to skip any tracks!


SRSLY  galacticgalll  5 star

we don’t deserve the weeknd. classic after classic


XO GANG!  lupitabatana  5 star

I love the Weeknd since the album trilogy, He never fails to impress me. This ep is so amazing! I love all the songs but my favorites are “Try Me” & “I was never there”. Love you Abel ❤️👏🏻


I absolutely love this Melancholy Masterpiece  Dlnrl77  5 star

I have played this daily since it was released. It’s much like the beginning Abel, but even better as he has more experience as an artist now. If you’re a fan from the earlier days you know what to expect as far as language. He is quite explicit for those who don’t. They do have a clean version available though. He has the same exquisite light voice with a darker emotional undertone in the songs. Definite Trilogy vibes, much less mainstream than the Starboy Album was considered by some, not myself though. I like the collaboration on a few of the tracks as well. The one wish from me is that it was longer. Well done and Bravo!


Old Vibe; Not enough soul  HaileyPocs  3 star

I’m so happy listening to this. It definitely has the vibe of trilogy, the noise, beauty behind the madness; which I love. But those were just so much deeper. He’s on the surface here. Privilege is oh so close. I honestly hope he puts his all into the next album with this vibe. I miss The Weeknd

Nurse Monique

Love it !!  Nurse Monique  5 star

Yess WEEKEND!!I can relate to his lyrics.. Relationships “ his music 🎶 soothes my soul . Always Another Grammy hit !!

Richard Cromwell

Kissland Feelz  Richard Cromwell  5 star

To this day, Kissland remains my favorite album due to its darkness and lamentations. MDM comes close if not passes it as an album about the bitter truths of love and loss.

la brooklynham

❤️  la brooklynham  5 star

love love love love love

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